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New Oil on Etsy

I have a Door’s inspired (in name and spirit) oil called “Break On Thru (To The Other Side).” This oil will transform visions. It will make you have an intense experience with any type of divination, possession, dreams, and if used regularly, it will enhance your psychic abilities. 119 more words

Herbal Recipes/Magic

You're Not Alone

The forest was mystical this afternoon. When I arrived, I was immediately taken back by the utter stillness of it all.  There was barely any noise to speak of, just the occasional crow cawing in the distance, a solitary insect would chirp for a second or two, but perhaps frightened by the sound of its lone voice, it would cease almost immediately.   594 more words


Describing Yesterday's Enchanted 5-mile A.T. Fever Practice Hike

Describing Yesterday’s Enchanted 5 Mile A.T. Practice Hike

Appalachian Trail Fever!  I’ve still got it.  It was an enchanted hike. I’d gotten busy with life recently, but mentally I’d really not left this trail since the first time.   1,207 more words

Appalachian Trail

How Ancient Greek Literature and Yoga Helped Me With Ogham

Although my divination method of choice remains “The Druid Animal Oracle,” I’ve been working to improve my understanding of ogham.  Each day, after I perform my morning or afternoon devotional, I ask for an omen for the day and draw an ogham symbol from a muslin bag.   917 more words


Creativity: Finding the Elegant Solution . . .with Desire and Duct Tape

The pet door out to the back deck needed to be altered; its dog-sized, weighted flap being too heavy for my energetic but middle-aged cat, Ruby.   451 more words


Perception Makes all the Difference

A fellow blogger recently asked me to stop by her blog and comment on a video she posted. I was honored to do so and you can read her post and my comment(s) … 546 more words


Rowan Harvest

I harvested a lovely handful of rowan berries near the river this afternoon. Tomorrow I will thread and hang them to dry for magical talismans. I always look forward to rowan berries in August.