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My Autumn Harvest

Today is the Autumn Equinox.  It was chilly when I went outside to perform my morning devotional.  The leaves are changing.  Apples are ready to harvest in Upstate NY.   473 more words


we live in a faerytale setting

Every morning we work our booties off to get the cabins habitable, cut and trim overgrown paths and respectfully purge the many items that were left behind. 465 more words

Bought A Farm

The Spring in the Mountains

High in the mountains there is a spring, flowing wild and rushing through the rocks, changing into sparkling waterfalls and continuing as a wide river into the valley. 746 more words


On Blessing and Healing Gaia ... by Alice ..

Revised; originally published on 13 January 2014 

  • Video by Alice
  • Summary of the Video
    • The Story of Nuclear and Other Contamination Near Sage Ranch
    • Conversation With a Nature Spirit Guarding a Sage Ranch Oak Tree…
  • 810 more words
Prayers - Mantras - Affirmations - White Magic

A Tiny Song for the Elves and Faeries ... by Alice ..

Revised; originally published on 1 December 2013 

Dear Ones,

Such a chatty lot, those tiny elves and faeries. Full of good spirits, mischief, enthusiasm. What great singers they are, as well! 75 more words

Devas - Nature Spirits - Nature Elementals

A Children's Story: Elementals ... Wind, Water, Fire, Earth, Ether ... by Alice ..

Revised; originally published on 31 July 2014 

Dear Ones,

This video describes talks with the elementals … wind, water, fire, earth and ether. The wind was blowing steadily, so where the words are hard to hear, I added captions. 430 more words


The Coral

The Coral                                                                                                     The Big Island, Hawaii

I’m back in Hawaii, this time on the Big Island. My nephew Jack just graduated from high school and wanted to visit Hawaii more than any other place in the world, so we brought him here. 861 more words