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I took a walk to the cemetery to watch the mist roll over the headstones. I can’t help but imagine spirits migrating over the land when watching it. 151 more words


Tree Wisdom

Today I’ve been visiting one of my favourite trees, a mature and impressive beech tree a short drive from my home.  This tree has an interesting feature, a branch grows from of one of its numerous trunks and fuses with another trunk, creating a ‘brace’ or ‘bridge’ branch.  502 more words


Clouds ... by Alice B. Clagett

Published 11 March 2014

Dear Ones,

A few pictures of clouds for you…



In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars… 43 more words

Devas - Nature Spirits - Nature Elementals

The Devic Kingdom – what are nature spirits?

The Devic Kingdom – what are nature spirits?

In the following extract about the devic kingdom, taken from The Nine Freedoms (p.109-111), Dr. George King… 858 more words


Nature Spirits

I am in the process of re-reading ‘The Secret Life of Nature’ by Peter Tomkins, which was published in 1997 and which I first read probably in the early 1980’s. 540 more words


Dusting Off a Kindred Shrine

Confession time.  As a returning member of the ADF and a more serious practitioner in general after some time in hibernation, I looked at what used to be a shrine to the spirits of land and place and saw that we were storing dog biscuits and a little trash bag in order to keep it away from the dog.  190 more words

ADF Dedicant Program

In the event of a large fire, how do the plant spirits “view” that event?

Q: In the event of a large fire, how do the plant spirits “view” that event? Are they frightened by it, accepting of it and how do they cope with the end results? 214 more words

Nature Spirits