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Walking in a Winter Wonderland 

An Cailleach is wide awake and busy! We woke to a winter wonderland.  My daughter got that excited, magical look in her eyes, and her chief goal for the day was go go outside and sled.  270 more words


Naughty Freda and the Dead Seals

A few weeks ago, we had the mother of all storms. Her name was Ophelia, and if she wasn’t quite a hurricane by the time she reached us, she made a pretty good show of it. 415 more words


Not Elves Exactly

Hey, welcome to Alfaborg, the mystical city of the elves in Borgarfjörðar Estri. The Borg in the west, was the city of men. Here, completely across the country, live the elves, in their own Borg. 236 more words


The Wild Garden

There’s a place in Scotland that I’ve written about before. It’s called Findhorn or The Findhorn Foundation if one wants to be formal (www.findhorn.org). This so-called ‘new age’ community first began (55 years ago this month to be exact) as a desolate spot by the sea where nothing grew. 941 more words


How Nature Spirits and Devas Help Us ... by Alice B. Clagett ..

Revised; originally published on 12 July 2014 

  • How Nature Spirits Take Care of Human Beings
  • How We Can Care for Our Nature Spirits
  • Devas
  • Devic Council…
  • 1,202 more words
Earth - Gaia

#Halloween: Spot the Sprite

Is this the little entity that was mucking about with my broadband connection last week?


Ley Line Questions

 Over the years The Nature Spirits have answered questions about the many different things that occur in and around our planet and how they’re connected. Since I’m again in Scotland and the subject of Ley Lines has once again become a topic of interest I thought I’d go back to what the Elemental Kingdom had to say a few years back. 1,879 more words