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Ok, weirdos.  We need to have a conversation about a topic that potentially affects MANY of us who love the outdoors and spending time in nature, the wilds. 2,015 more words


Sara Watchorn Interviewing Julie Morgan About Elementals and the Results of Humans and Elementals Collaborating.

Learn about Julie’s first encounter with an Elemental and what is possible when humans and Elementals collaborate. There is mention of The Findhorn Community, Dorothy MacLean, Ian White and Eckhart Tolle.

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Beasts in the Woods and Chives in the Garden

I was up too late last night. Don’t judge me, but I was reading a really compelling fan fic on my phone. Just like any good story, I couldn’t put it down. 515 more words


Mysterious Universe stories of encounters with gnomes, elves, leprechauns

Mysterious Universe has an interesting article:
‘Bizarre Real Encounters with Fairy Tale Creatures’
It has many stories of encounters:
America gnomes, elves & leprechauns,
Argentina duendes & gnomes, 66 more words

Nature Folks

Making a Flower Essence with the Nature Spirits .

Firstly it is to know that an essence is a vibrational frequency (energy )imprinted into water. Secondly to understand that water has memory and can hold an energetic imprint. 270 more words

The Light of the Curious Soul

This image came from a photo of a path into a forest.  It made me think of the unexplored places our soul can take us on life’s journey when the forces of curiosity are embraced and followed.

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