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The Observation Stage and Brief Contact

In my free time, I try to walk around through the parks and other green areas in my city, putting out feelers for anything supernatural. 546 more words


Why "Devoted Heretic"?

I call myself “Christian” because I follow the God described in the Christian Bible. I’ve vowed to serve him in particular, he’s the one who has taken care of me my whole life, and he’s the one who has the final say in everything I do. 121 more words


Healing with a tree

When despair or sadness come over you, take a walk – find a tree and sit at her roots, lean against her trunk.

Now see yourself rooted deeply to the earth. 219 more words


Sylphs of the Air ... by Alice ..

This video was done on 9 April 2017

Image by Alice B. Clagett, 2017

Dear Ones,

Here’s a video showing sylphs of the air … 29 more words

Devas - Nature Spirits - Nature Elementals

What I do in My Own Words

Why I do what I do, in my own words.

Many of you may wonder about who I am or why and how I do what I do. 158 more words


The Redwood Trees

I am currently tucked away among the Redwood trees at a writers retreat in the hills above San Jose, California. Needless to say it is gorgeous here. 784 more words


Enhancing the chances - part 2 of Nature spirits

Let’s pretend you’ve warmed up to the thought that nature spirits exist, and you now want to attract them into your surroundings – because you like a touch of magic, enjoy the thrill of a possible encounter, or you want to enhance the energy of nature (any nature!) around you…or all of the above. 335 more words

Soul Path