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Visiting the Source

Sometimes we have to take a pilgrimage to where it all began – to the source of our spirituality.  By that, I mean the places where we first felt the stirrings of spirits around us, observed the interconnection of everything, and where our soul first learned to dance.   374 more words


Animal Spirits: The Mockingbird

Lately I’ve been feeling and getting messages from Spirit that experiences in my life are coming full circle – coming to completion so a new cycle can begin. 583 more words


Belated Thank You!

Sweet reminders come to us throughout our life, of things that matter. Simple yet profound messages from those we had an effect upon. Usually we never have any idea of outcomes of the things we do. 1,170 more words


Water Spirit

I came across this image the other day and have no idea where I found it. But I could see a water spirit clear as day, so fiddled with the image a bit and here’s the final piece of digital art.  37 more words

Digital Art

Meditation Day 12-13

Timing 15 minutes.

Running into issues with being brought back from a semi-deep meditation.   I don’t know what I am afraid of, but I feel it.   67 more words


Embracing my Inner Bear

Earlier this year, I took to doing weekly omen drawings to gain insight into what would come my way. I recently started to do daily draws for similar purposes, but I use the ogham for that so that I can better learn that system. 351 more words


Meditation Day 10-11 Silent Meditation

Day 10

Timing 10 minutes

10 minutes of meditation only.  Felt out of sorts and grumpy and couldn’t relax.

Day 11

Timing 34 minutes

This was a long meditation, and I felt it.   373 more words