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Looking for Pagan Supplies? Shop Local!

It’s “Small Business Saturday,” so I went to one of my favorite villages to support the local shops as I prepare for Winter Solstice giving. Supporting local businesses is so important when it comes to living more sustainably. 767 more words


Three Kindreds: Nature spirits

While for some Pagans, the term “Nature Spirits” refers to otherworldly or mythical entities like fairies and dryads, as a naturalist I don’t believe such creatures exist outside of the realms of story and dream. 409 more words


Reflecting on my Spiritual Practice and Growth this Past Year

As I write this, the year’s first real snowfall is blanketing the land. It’s a time of rest and introspection. Spiritually, it’s a new year. As with our secular New Year, it’s custom to reflect on various aspects of our lives, how we’ve changed, and where we’re going. 675 more words


Mourning for Trees

Last Wednesday I spent several hours crying over my neighbor’s trees.

I was fairly sanguine when they took the first tree around 8:30. I thought it was sad they were cutting it down, but I knew the branches hung over both our roofs, and suspected the roots threatened the foundations of both our houses. 332 more words


Talking to my cedar tree

Okay, I haven’t talked to the cedar tree next to our house yet. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t plan to go outside and say, “Hey, Cedar, how about this blustery weather or who do you like in the college football playoffs?” 267 more words


Faery Aura

Pranks, so playful, laughter that makes your stomach hurt. A menacing sense of humor that you might not find too funny. Wild, free, and totally untamed. 51 more words


The Challenge of Restarting

I’m not a fan of inertia. That doesn’t mean that I don’t respect it, but whenever I find myself doing things a certain way, simply because I always have, I find myself itching for change and exploration. 208 more words