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Meditation Day 10-11 Silent Meditation

Day 10

Timing 10 minutes

10 minutes of meditation only.  Felt out of sorts and grumpy and couldn’t relax.

Day 11

Timing 34 minutes

This was a long meditation, and I felt it.   373 more words


Gratitude for Summer's Harvest

Ok, everyone, it’s officially summer in my point of view! Solstice be damned; the actual start of summer is when I taste my first, local strawberry. 239 more words


Connecting with Spirit: Part II

When you need to pray, go down to the sea.  Breathe with the rhythm of the waves. Become the sun, the surf, the sand.  And when you no longer know one from the other, let your hopes, your fears, your dreams, your very soul become one with the world, with the universe. 1,569 more words


Get Out and Enjoy the Sun on the Summer Solstice

Last night, I joined some of my grovies from Northern Rivers as guests for Kripalu Yoga Center’s Summer Solstice celebration. It was a very different and eclectic ritual style, but it was good-natured and fun. 515 more words


Rudolf Steiner on the Roots of Intolerance

At times like this, when nine people are slaughtered because of the color of their skin while praying in their church, words are hollow. But I remember fifty years ago when it seemed, from the outside at least, that light was being shed on the forces behind racism, and new understanding and acceptance were taking root. 1,456 more words


Pea Blossom

It’s amazing – and downright magical – how life emerges from a tiny seed and produces such beauty. After several weeks of waiting and tending, my peas have produced these beautiful blossoms. 123 more words