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Stars Dancing with Naiads

This is pretty self-explanatory – the stars shining down to illuminate the dance of the naiads (water spirits) in the dark of the night. I like the idea of their mutual respect and reflection of each other.

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Magic in the Neighbourhood

I have mentioned a few times that I grew up in a particularly idyllic part of Canada, in Southern Quebec, an area known as the… 1,005 more words

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Rats, moles and yellow jackets, Yikes!

I hit a place this week, of feeling so discouraged by things happening in my garden and chicken coop that I had serious thoughts of quitting – giving up after more than 50 years! 960 more words

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Weaving a New Life with Pine Needles

I feel like I am weaving a new life as I create my pine needle basket from fallen pine needles outside my home. I feel the spirit of the pine merge with me in sweet gratitude as I weave in the tree’s essential nature. 876 more words

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The Origins of the Faeries

The website Ancient Origins have been kind enough to add me as a guest author. Below is a link to a new article The Origins of the Faeries. 198 more words


Do You Believe in Fairies?

Last week, I was delighted by this image of a fairy that appeared on my glass screen during my morning shower.

My first thought was that it was a Sylph… 491 more words


Well, Vacation's Over

Vacation (aka- “work-ation”) is officially done and over with. I spent most of it working and doing paperwork/classes and being sick, but there were a few fun points sprinkled throughout it so I can’t complain too much. 295 more words