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Every Path You Take: Journey of Abundance - Day 11

Welcome to round 2!

For those readers who are new to this, there are 10 Guiding Thoughts which we repeat, in four rounds, for a total of 40 days. 500 more words


Blame the Parents

In the early-mid 1900s, it became a popular belief that diseases in children were caused by the nurture of their parents, not nature. In 1948, Frieda Fromm-Reichmann wrote: 130 more words


Heritability: Videos

Do you want more information on heritability? Here are two short videos that explain it in more detail. The first video is composed of examples/pictures. The second video explains this concept with graphs and some math. Enjoy!



Mulcaster once claimed: “whereto nature makes him toward, but that nurture sets him forward.”

Heredity is the process by which an offspring receives traits from his/her parents that results in resemblance between the two generations. 294 more words



The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines nurture as, “the genetically controlled qualities of an organism” and “the inherent character or basic constitution of a person or thing.” 103 more words


The Beginning

Hi! In this section of my blog I will regularly be posting information and pictures/videos that I find on Nurture vs. Nature. I will hopefully properly explain both terms, as well as all the necessary background information needed to fully understand this complicated concept.

Shall we begin?