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When Your Realities Prevent You from Being Good...

Yeah, yeah, who hadn’t heard THAT before??? This would be, a CLASSIC case of NOT taking ANY responsibilities for one’s own actions and blaming everything that’s happened that’s bad in one’s life on, someone else, and the circumstances!!! 205 more words

Experiences Of Life

Nature Vs. Nurture Vs. New Beginnings

It is pretty safe to say that growing up is tough. More than anything, the past two months of attempted adulting have taught me that it is difficult to maintain everything that once was easily integrated into your day to day life, while balancing who you are with you are becoming. 627 more words

College Student

Born This Way

I feel frustrated, unfocused and slightly anxious. My back and neck feel tight- my throat feels scratchy and tense.  I can’t concentrate, much less write. The words that once flowed smoothly from my lips hang like crooked paintings in my mind. 893 more words

Rants & Raves

Every Storybook Villain Has a Tragic Beginning

This is probably the L-A-W, of ALL stories!

Every storybook villain has a tragic beginning, otherwise, how do those villains become villains in the stories? You think that… 244 more words

Experiences Of Life

He’d Learned, at a Very Early Age, to Hide His True Self from Everybody

It’s not wrong, OR right, it’s, how he’d, survived!

He’d learned, at a very early age, to hide his true self from everybody, because, there was, just that once, he came close, to show his true self to the ones he lived around, and, they’d, LASHED out at him, told me “NO!”, and, what he got from that was: I should never, show my true self, or, I will, get, severely, disciplined by my elders… 263 more words

Experiences Of Life

Teaching the Bobo Doll

Anyone guess what I am teaching on Monday?? Yeah, ok, so the clue is in the title but still.  The Works had this in and I just couldn’t resist.  50 more words


An Invisible Child

Observations from life, translated…

There was, a pair of volunteer parents at my daughter’s school, everybody called them, “Daddy and Mommy Fei”, taken from their youngest daughter’s name, Fei has an older sister, Wen, too. 589 more words

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