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The People & The Man Who Killed Chomsky's Universal Grammar & What We Can Learn from Both of Them

Noam Chomsky has been revered as some kind of cultural and intellectual hero by many people and while I have admired some of his work, I see weaknesses in his thinking and plenty of unaware ego on parade. 1,482 more words

Aawara overturned

The great showman of Bollywood Raj Kapoor had made a classic movie – Awara (1951) containing an interesting and meaningful discussion about Nature vs. Nurture… 786 more words

Movie Review

Human Nature, Guns and Freedom

I have another blog for politics, and I don’t want to distract, but here’s a theory, straight out of antisocialization theory or game theory – 521 more words

How are the Dangerous Children Raised

Attributions of how Enzo Sun became, dangerous, it’s partially, his parents’ faults, or so, the writer of this article believed, and maybe, he’s correct, in that his parents NEVER steered him to the right directions of beliefs, from the… 481 more words

Properties Of Life

Cause of Our Problems: Nature or Nurture?

The 6th lecture in the course on Biblical Counseling from For the Mission Institute. In this lecture, Pastor Jon Mark Olesky​ approaches the universal duel problems of sin and suffering through the popular categories of nature and nurture. 127 more words

For The Mission

FMM 3 23 18 Mining your Life

“The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.”~ Mark Twain.

I grew up in a family that made a joke of everything. 922 more words


To Push or Not To Push?

I recently watched a social experiment conducted by mentalist and illusionist Derren Brown on Netflix called The Push. I’ve always been a huge fan of his because he, like myself, is fascinated in what it means to be human and how we behave in different situations but, unlike me, he’s doing something about it. 1,201 more words

Nature Vs Nurture