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Lived on His Own, in the Jungle, for Many Years Before...

He had, lived on his own, in the jungle, for many years before, and because there were, NO one else he could, interact with, he’d become, like the animals… 171 more words

Experiences Of Life

Philosophic Review: I Remember You

The short version: I Remember You is one of my favorite dramas to watch for philosophy. It gets a 4/5 on plot, a 5/5 on philosophy and a 6/5 on characters.  1,376 more words

Life And Love And Happiness


TIL that my life has been a lie. I have been breaking down my life into bits and pieces to analyze what went wrong and why I have become the way I am. 101 more words


Nature and Nurture

Nature and Nurture

Nature versus nurture
The great psychological conundrum
That we ask ourselves each and every day
While we confront the challenges and obstacles… 1,415 more words


Nature vs. Nurture

300 million identical seeds.

Each placed in unique soil.

Each grown to full fruition.

300 million seeds.

Is there any difference in their fruits?

If I say yes, would it matter? 8 more words

Day 13 - Thin Blooded


The doctor returned from the lab.
Picked up the receiver. Sighed heavy.
Dialed the well-worn numbers that rouse my phone.
Called to say I’m thin blooded, 247 more words

Creative Writing

As the Clouds Roll In, Let My Children Win

My kids mean the world to me. Even during the days when they are trying my very last nerve, pushing my buttons and testing the limits, they are and always will be the loves of my life and my top priority. 376 more words