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How does someone become a tidy person? I wasn’t born this way. A photo of me in my room at age nine shows toys jumbled on the shelves in the background. 433 more words

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Small Cultures With Small People Part Two: Born to Love

In Small Cultures With Small People Part One, I talked about how we create culture as a means to organise human group behaviour. Now, I want to move on to the way that babies start to make culture.  2,644 more words

Culture Making

An Eclectic Understanding of Human Development

Much like the ongoing nature vs nurture debate (Pressley & McCormick 2007), development may best be understood through combining individual development (Medina 2008) within the context of generalized age-specific progressions. 361 more words


Nature Vs. Nurture in Education

H1 – Honor student diversity and development

Throughout my experience with both psychology as an undergraduate student and my new experience with education as a graduate student, human development has been a large part of my educational endeavors. 200 more words


Who Am I?

We seek to know; this is a God-given desire. One thing we want to know is about ourselves. Why am I so much like my mother? 644 more words

The Healing Journey

Epigenetics: When Nature Meets Nurture

We often think of the content of our DNA as the inevitable part of ourself, the things we can’t change no matter how much we try. 882 more words


From the Science Wars to political emotions: philosophy, biology and justice

by Fabrizzio Mc Manus

Nowadays, it is a cliché to invoke biology, psychology or the newest branch of cognitive science to defend the claim that there is such thing as a Human Nature. 3,592 more words