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"Knock the Unicorn Off the Cloud"

From Rebecca, my new found firstborn daughter, in her own words:

What happens when the people that you MOST want to talk about your life and adoption with are also the people who might be the most confused and hurt by what you have to say? 1,002 more words

Mental Health

The "Nua" Normal

Pondering and prepping, I packed for my Saint Patrick’s Day weekend in Pownal, Vermont.

Anticipating reunion, I puzzled, Rebecca puzzled, and her children all puzzled over what to call me. 463 more words


An Alcoholic Riddle

If an alcoholic never takes that first drink, do they ever really become an alcoholic?

This thought has been hanging around in my mind the last two days. 121 more words


Can a Child Be Born Racist

You might have seen a post doing the rounds on social media about two little boys, both from different races who asked if they could get their hair cut the same in order to “trick their teacher”. 639 more words


On Volunteering...

I have been in a few debates with friends recently, where we have questioned what makes us humans altruistic.

Is alturism something innate in us? Are we are programmed to help others as a natural consequence of being alive? 454 more words


Nature vs Nurture. I'm going to toss a lot up to nature

Will the truth survive four years of this? Will we recognize it after it’s attacked day after day? I have no new insights, but I need to acknowledge the pile of poop in front of me before moving onto Baby Bop’s cuter, more manageable poops. 377 more words


The question of innateness

1. Introduction

Typically, we understand innateness as the opposite of learning. This idea is deeply entrenched in scientific practice as well as in folk biology. In biology, innateness is related to other concepts such as species, adaptive change, and evolution. 2,160 more words