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Perhaps you need there to be a reason

I like observing people. I love the witticisms that come from the mouths of strangers who I wouldn’t assume to be particularly clever based on appearance: skater boys, little old ladies, pretty girls. 997 more words

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Why Adverse Childhood Experiences Cause Later Physical and Mental Disease

Organizations like the Brainwave Trust represent a meritorious leap forward in the public face of science. Gone is the dogma of genetic determinism or the idea of a gene for this or that determining our fate. 2,983 more words

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Nature vs. Nurture

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They are born.

We pick them, we buy them,

we feed them, we vaccinate them,

we walk them, we play with them, 29 more words


Don't Fight Biology, Work With It

As a teacher it is critical to know your students so that you can differentiate instruction for them. Reading Medina (2014) and discussing his work on the biological facts related to the evolutionary development of the human mind has provided me with a foundation upon which I intend to build three classroom practices. 504 more words

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Reflection 2: Nature vs. Nurture and Information Processing Theory

This course has provided a plethora of interesting and pertinent information regarding theories of child development, which will surely have large implications for me as a future educator. 544 more words

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Cognitive Development Potential + Good Curriculum Design X Effective Instructors = Maximized Learning

Prompt: Over the past few weeks, we have been discussing nature vs nurture, the basics of biological development and a few different perspectives on cognitive development. 737 more words

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Nature vs. Nurture

Nature vs. Nurture is the age-old debate discussing whether our biology, nature, or our environments, nurture, have a greater impact on human development. Most have come to the conclusion that it is a mixture of both. 190 more words

Nature Vs. Nurture