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The Meaning of Christmas

Phritzy struggles to understand the meaning of Christmas.  

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Competitive Nature...

When I was seven, I walked onto a football field for the very first time to play in the game. It changed my life. It was half-time when they sent in the third string to play. 214 more words

Can people change their personality?

Yes. A 2003 study suggests our personality is not set in stone by our genetics, as believed by some. We may be more malleable than we think. 249 more words

Nature Vs Nurture

Brilliant, Broken Record

She was a broken record.
The repetition of the same stories
Over and over.
Her world was her lover.
Motivation came from
The end goal of marriage. 276 more words

Screen Culture and Selves - week 3

Are we born the way we are? With all the data? With morality, religion, character, temperament, inclinations, sexual orientation, affinities or are we shaped by the environment, society, family? 191 more words

Class Notes

Learning: Nature vs Nurture?

What is the role of nature vs nurture in how well people learn?

A 2015 U.K. study examined 12,632 twin pairs at age 16 to examine how much genetics and environmental factors affected standardized GCSE (Genera”l Certificate of Secondary Education) exam results. 500 more words


COULD YOU HAVE THE BRAIN OF A PSYCHOPATH/SOCIOPATH?(You would be surprised at the answer.) pt. II

I have always been curious about why people do the things they do. Why do they behave in certain ways? I have read books on behavior patterns specifically of criminals, since I was young. 624 more words

Mental Illness