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“There’s been another mass shooting in America.” So begins President Obama’s passionate and angry speech after the killing spree at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. 663 more words

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Some thoughts on Bisexual Visibility Day

I talk about sex, consensual and not. it’s not graphic, and it’s not the point of the post, but it’s referenced.  1,083 more words


Neuro biology and Social Work

  •                        The interaction with environment unfolds various genetic potentials.
  • The Physical and Functional parts of the brainimpact human behaviour

2 ways westudy the brain – PT scans and MRI… 584 more words

Are people secretly racist?

We’ve all heard the R-word. We all know what it means. But do we know what lies behind it? In this post, I’ll try to touch on this controversial topic by clarifying it for you and hopefully getting a step closer to understanding the truth about… 644 more words


The Runaway Gene

As our family continues to expand, we wonder, “Who will he/she look like, and will the new baby be a blonde, brunette, or, finally, a red-head like Grandma?”  But no one ever knew to ask the question, “Will they have the family runaway gene?” 1,000 more words


Family Album by Penelope Lively 2009

A large English family sufficiently well padded to go a bit eccentric comes to no great harm in Penelope Lively’s charming low-key novel. The snap shots start in 1960s and give up the ghost to digital devices in 2008 when emails begin to infiltrate the text. 516 more words

Literary Fiction

Surviving Steven Pinker – Abuse with an Excuse and the Blank Slate

Surviving Steven Pinker – Abuse with an Excuse and the Blank Slate

I’ve said many times that some folks could do with a better version of atheism, that the species of atheism I so often encounter online is weak and it’s the one the Church is happy to contend with. 1,521 more words