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The Lens Through Which You See the World

On an average day are you happy, sad, or mad?  I would say throughout my life I have been called a realist.  I remember being in my online high school and being one of the people personally responsible for getting our discussion boards shut down due to crushing what I felt were idealistic views of other people.   516 more words


Nature vs Nurture: IQ

As planned from my post on my general views regarding the nature vs nurture debate on this post, I’ll now proceed to discuss one of the different special cases that people discuss on the matter: IQ. 291 more words

Nature Vs Nurture

Nature vs Nurture: A Framework

I think I’ll begin my views with a discussion on this topic.

The nature vs nurture debate is the discussion of whether human behaviour and characteristics are a result of our genes and biology, or whether we’ve been taught to believe those characteristics, and so we become the characteristic we believe we should have and do the behaviour we believe we should do. 575 more words

Nature Vs Nurture

What the Google Memo is Really About: Hint it's Not About Biology

A recent news story about an internal memo at Google has exploded across the internet. Many were quick to condemn the writer and the content while some jumped to the author’s defence. 938 more words

DISCUSSION: Humans (2015), 1.01 - 1.03

If you read my live recaps of the first three episodes (1.01, 1.02 & 1.03) of the Channel 4 & AMC co-production, … 1,080 more words


Alternate Yous

I’ve got an article up on the HarperVoyager UK blog, entitled Alternate Yous, wherein I discuss our long-standing fascination with fictional clones, as well as our unending obsession with nature vs. 144 more words


Boogers: A love story

There are a lot of mysteries in this world we have yet to solve. Why do we all accept kale as food when clearly it’s gross? 595 more words