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Nature VS Nurture, Influences Good and Bad

First, if anybody’s reading me, then they know this is a theme for me, and probably also that I’m reading Pinker these days and he pretty much lays out the present state of our understanding of Nature and Nurture’s relationship status. 493 more words



I was born with ten fingers and ten toes and a stubbornness that will never die.

I was born with a tiny beige birthmark on my leg that I hated immensely until I learned to love myself. 70 more words


The Moment you Realize you are Sexist

Day #5 Saturday November 14, 2015:

I was at a family lunch at Paul in Korba. I heard my brother complaining and moving uncomfortably because there was a spider. 216 more words

What if I’m the Dumb One?

It was a funny tweet, a few or several days ago, I don’t remember who said it, I can’t give credit. It wasn’t me though: 482 more words

Nature VS Nurture

Who Made You This Way?

I read something today. It said “Who made you this way? Do they still matter?” It got me thinking.

There are countless facets of our existence, our personalities, our identities, which are formed by those around us. 352 more words

Mumbling Of An Imbecile

The Skinny on Fat

I have always steered away from talking about the ugly “F-word.” Yes, the word fat makes me cringe. I think of how it was callously thrown at innocent, overweight children on the playground during my grade-school days and I feel my heart fall in my chest. 1,465 more words

Women's Health

30 Days of Writing Challenge: Day 11

Day 11: Something you always think “What if” about?

I was suppose to be a twin and my mom miscarried.  I often wonder if I had a twin if they would have dealt with similar mental health issues.

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