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Nature and Nurture

A great amount of controversy revolves around the theory of Nature vs. Nurture. Many believe that the two are one or the other but in all reality, it should be known as nature AND nurture because they go hand in hand.   321 more words

Buttons without holes

Buttons in my head
All of them stitched without a unbuttoning hole

Stitched like a consolation for freedom
Stitched in bright blue shades of faded conditioning… 233 more words

"Reflect don't Neglect."

“Reflect don’t Neglect.”

Nature versus Nurture both equal contributors to the wholeness that we are. Time to get out in nature and nurture ourselves.

Let us take notice that ALL things great and small are sensitive and pick up energy. 128 more words


Hurt by Lonely...

I was, and you were too, hurt by lonely, guess, that was, what “brought” us together…

Hurt by lonely, we both were, growing up, we both had, NOBODY, we’d even, lost sight of our selves through getting older, and, as we got older, I’d, basked, in this lonely I was, born into, and, started, feeling comfortable, with it, accompanying me everywhere, while you, as you got older, you’d felt, that loneliness, gnawing at you gnashing its big teeth, ready, to take a HUGE bite out of you! 107 more words

Experiences Of Life

The Hard-Working Seventeen-Year-Old vs. The Lost Seventeen-Year-Old

Bad news, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Two seventeen-year-olds from Hsibei City, both from not-well-to-do backgrounds, one hacked someone, one was, hacked by someone, this was, a strong contrast. 482 more words

Experiences Of Life

So we should be happy, right?

Let’s imagine you and a hundred people are put through neurology tests that reveal how happy you can be. Doctors use a specialized radio ligand for neurotransmitters, C-DASB which binds to the serotonin transporter to measure the serotonin level and they collect cerebrospinal fluid, measure phenethylamine using urine samples…. 589 more words

Are Leaders Born or Made?

Many people ask me if leadership can be a learnt skill or whether it’s an innate quality that someone is born with – the age-old question of whether leaders are born or made? 907 more words