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Studies Show That Parents Of Successful Kids Do These 10 Things

Every parent wants their kids to be successful. It is the purest wish a parent can have. Making this wish a reality is an entirely different matter. 133 more words


Oops looks like I'm responsible for Buddy's Potty Mouth!

I remember as a child the teacher telling us all to go home and ask our parents a list of things and then seeing if we could do them. 537 more words


Vol #1, Finale: A Few Questions that You NEED to Know

One of the greatest and most longstanding scientific debates revolves around human socialization and how much we can attribute to nature versus nurture. In other words, are we born with pre-existing dispositions to certain kinds of behaviours, attitudes and actions based on our genetic code/evolutionary past? 931 more words

Psych Your Mind

The Meaning of Christmas

Phritzy struggles to understand the meaning of Christmas.  

© Al Badger, ajbadger@pacbell.net 


Competitive Nature...

When I was seven, I walked onto a football field for the very first time to play in the game. It changed my life. It was half-time when they sent in the third string to play. 214 more words

Can you cultivate your personality?

Yes. A 2003 study suggests our personality is not set in stone by our genetics, as believed by some. We may be more malleable than we think. 249 more words


The Tempest

Title: The Tempest
Playwright: William Shakespeare
Published / Performed: 1611
Type of Text: Play

Main Characters: The mage Prospero who rules the island, formerly Duke of Milan, and his slaves: Ariel, a magical spirit, and Caliban, the deformed son of a witch. 1,023 more words

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