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There is no Inevitability in Leadership

Recently I’ve been studying up on leadership in on of my psychology classes and I can’t help but to think how many times I’ve heard that TCKs often become equipped with incredible leadership skills. 352 more words


Screen Culture and Selves (L3)



  • Nature: eating, sleeping, breathing, going to toilet…
  • Morality? Born good?
  • Linguistic & Psychology
  • Structuralism (language & discourse centre)
  • Existentialism (human centre)


1) A breif overview of the aims and objectives of psychoanalyisis. 42 more words

Class Notes

WEEK 3 – Screen Cultures and Selves


Very particular debate and question: about us, you, me… it is about being human.

Nature vs. Nurture: are we born the way we are, with character, morality, love, hate; were we born the way we are or are we products of our experiences, backgrounds, family. 438 more words

Class Notes


Right now I am researching the effects of not having proper treatment in psychopaths leading to violent crime.  I am doing an interview, my research questions will be: 202 more words

Words on Ancestry

Day #18, post #18

This evening I was walking home listening to a very moving song that always reminds me of home (South Africa). It’s performed by a well-known local group and the distinctive South African style always brings me to tears. 333 more words


#SoCS - Screen

“Experience is the screen through which we see the world.” ~ Linda G. Hill

I just came up with that. Someone else probably has as well, but just in case I’m not subconsciously plagiarizing it, I’ll leave it up there all by itself. 252 more words