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A very long post about a post I read...

Yesterday, I read an interesting post over at Must Be This Tall To Ride, called I Guess I’m a Little Bit Sexist.

Now, the author, who I honestly think is incredibly talented, recently blew up on the internet for his post… 1,501 more words

Against the Blank Slate – Putting Pinker in Perspective

The Blank Slate was a fun book and a good idea, a good thing to know, the error and its dangers. He made solid points all around, but let’s face it. 2,023 more words

Richard Dawkins on "genetic determinism"

Some time ago, a year or so back, evolutionary psychology was established as a separate subject at the University of Turku. This immediately raised controversy, at least from a few people trying to shout loudly. 2,295 more words


How do your genes fit?

The age-old question of nature vs. nurture will never be answered to everyone’s satisfaction. Two children who grow up in the same household with the same biological parents can mature into exact opposites of each other. 480 more words


The Nature of Nurturing

This article was written as a feature for the Be Zine and will be published later today.

Spiritual Lessons from Nature #5

The great fur bulk lies supine, inert, warm, creating a sheltered harbor in the deep snow in contrast to the flat, icy landscape. 742 more words



Her mum had suffered “contagious blastments”. Chika came to that conclusion after reading the little red quote fastened to one of the large, grey, notice boards, at the end of the hallway on the second floor of the hospital. 362 more words


The Recap Part #1 – Parenting Might Not Matter

So I’m banging my head against this puzzle now for maybe half a year, since I read the Blank Slate, and more intensively since I saw the tweet and that article on Quillette – back at the end of November, not six weeks ago yet – 703 more words