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Regrettably, I'm not a gardener, ...

…but thankfully my son-in-law is, and…

fortunately there’s no law that says I can’t enjoy his flowers. That is what I was doing today while Bob helped Alison adjust the new gate she designed and constructed to keep the Mabel and Cooper from dashing down the driveway, barking at people that walk past the house. 248 more words


The Island

Our yearly quick day trip over the bridge to Kent Island to gorge ourselves on Maryland Blue Crabs – Yummy –  was a success today. In spite of the ominous weather predictions of storms, thunderstorms, and more storms, we had picture perfect weather. 69 more words


Outrageous Raves

I doubt the opposite of bliss
could be hate,
for bliss blinds synaptic
and fast-fades ephemeral,
as if it too soon
had never been.

Hate broods and breeds… 177 more words

Falling Water

It’s easy to dream of going to far off places. Deserts, jungles, exotic animals, and languages I don’t understand all seem to call my name. But what about exploring close to home? 43 more words