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White Cloud, Blue Mountain

These are the times, the moments, when I have wondered the most. When I have wondered, what it is has really made its way, and how, invisibly now, into this silver-bright world, with its seeming-dense obscurity, which in truth conceals an unrealized grace. 97 more words


Spring is coming to Spain - 12 Photos

The Spring is now visible in Spain. When I walk with Odin, I see new signs every day, like these Almond Trees, as you see here. 136 more words


Fuzzy Jumper

I’m not feeling super talkative today.

Here is a picture of a kangaroo. :) Why? Because he is cute, and who really doesn’t need more cute in their life? 17 more words

Eight interesting facts about blackbirds

1 The oldest ringed blackbird to have been recovered in Britain was more than 20 years old.

2 Blackbirds most often sing after it has rained. 161 more words


Yellow Clouds on Sunset - King Island

Coming Storm On Sunset

Yes, it really was this colour – yellow and a blue/purple reflected from the setting sun over the water.