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Koi Ponds and Tropical Gradens

Something I’ve always loved was nature. I love plants, and animals and flowers and fish, and one thing, the only thing I ever wanted was pond. 79 more words


the poetry existing

puff white cloud blue scroll
of the sky’s dimension

sphere and orb
and doming over
green undulation

various green of paddock
and reed
and purple… 66 more words


Speculating Canada on Trent Radio Episode 31: An Interview with Marie Bilodeau About Nigh

In this episode of Speculating Canada on Trent Radio, I interview the wonderful Marie Bilodeau about her new series Nigh, a series about the Fairiepocalpse. In our conversation, Marie and I discuss the power of myths and legends about fairies, the relationship between the natural world and human occupation, the power of unsettling norms and expectations, and the nature of apocalyptic narratives. 118 more words


Somebody told me

Looking in the mirror and thinking about the future, my heart starts beating like a drum.

All About the Weather

Images! Third eye behind the lens, two eyes, one shut, focused  on the vision, the images.

Shutter closes, another permanent memory.

He ponders a lack of muse. 133 more words


Current Reading List

I read a lot of outdoor books, most notably by Jon Krakauer and Ed Viesturs.  Expeditions to the mountains, the success and the failures, have always fascinated me and kept certain dreams alive, and provided material for writing.   106 more words