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Mystery, I seek refuge in thee.
Humanity has utterly disappointed me.


“I wish to supplement the warranted assertion that our experience of non-human nature is largely constructed by human culture, with an acknowledgement that human culture is itself structured and informed, in diverse ways, by the wider-than-human matrix of powers in which it is embedded.

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Kepsut, Turkey

The photographs below are from the following villages in the mountains of Kepsut, Turkey: Seçdere, Bükdere, and Gökköy.


Wordless Wednesday - Just a Few Things I'm Thankful For

While I could continue forever, I think you see what I mean :)

Beautiful Images found via Google & Pinterest. Credit acknowledged to the Original Photographers. Thank You!


“It seems to me that those of us who work to preserve wild nature must work as well for a return to our senses, and for a renewed respect for sensorial modes of knowing.

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