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On Wisdom of Moderation

Sharing an inspiring story on knowledge versus wisdom.

In two independent houses,separated by a compound two people were living, in one a retired person and in the other a techie. 227 more words



Strings of melodies

Punctured by squirrel chirrups

Float on verdant ferns

The coppersmith in ernest

Watches over a full nest


New Survivors (AI Technology)

We have boundary conditions, but they don’t have because we make them and in our advanced technology, we never want to look back and proceed like a traveler who never wants rest as always be a restlessness. 283 more words

Meteorological Spring

Meteorological spring commenced 1st March (astronomical spring didn’t start until 20th March). Indeed at the beginning of March the garden had been showing signs of spring. 252 more words


உலக வானிலை தினம் 🌦️

இறைவனின் படைப்பில்,

மாற்ற முடியாததும்,

மாறிக் கொண்டே இருப்பதும்,


உலக வானிலை தினம் 🌎


Bible Birds - Quail Introduction

The Quail is a bird that is mentioned in the Bible in four verses. All the verses tell about the time when the Israelites, in the desert, complained about missing the things that they ate back in Egypt. 710 more words

Home School

The Importance of the Colour White in Iceland

Look, the place is nature, right? And that’s a painting genre and its cultural extensions, so you need white, to balance things.


White sheep to the left, white sheep to the right, and white hay up close. 21 more words