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21- Spring is colourful/ La primavera es en color

I had a walk in the city center, they have already started the spring decoration with flowers. They always cheer me up, even in the times of more tension. 33 more words

Little Pleasures/Pequeños Placeres


The weather was fantastic, the first days of spring are coming and the plants start to come out.
Ha hecho un tiempo fantástico, llegan los primeros días de primavera y las plantas empiezan a brotar.

Little Pleasures/Pequeños Placeres

11- 5 minutes of silence/ 5 minutos de silencio

Walking in the forest we found this pagan idol that promised to grant us a wish if we were able to keep 5 minutes silent. Obviously, the wish of all parents was the silence during this 5 minutes. 35 more words


10- Yes it is a giraffe/Sí, es una jirafa

A bit far away, but I was not kidding. Today was really a day of finding all kind of animals in my walk.
Se ve un poco de lejos pero no estaba bromeando. 10 more words

Little Pleasures/Pequeños Placeres

In a galaxy (not that) far far away: The isle of Skye

Hello Travellers!

This summer I visited a place, which became now one of my favourite destinations ever. It is an island rich in magic landscapes, and has been staring major films as Prometheus, Flash Gordon, Stardust and (according to many rumours) Star Wars Episode VII. 1,500 more words


En una galaxia muy muy lejana: La isla de Skye

Que tal viajeros,

Desde el verano tenía pendiente escribir sobre uno de los lugares que hasta ahora me han cautivado más, una isla que ha sido escenario de películas como Prometheus, Stardust, Flash Gordon y supuestamente Star Wars episodio VII. 1,374 more words