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Gardening - Week 4

How does your garden grow?

The sunshine continued throughout the week, though cloudy on Saturday it was  a welcome break to get in to the garden. 108 more words

Thankfulness Quilt

Simple Pleasures

When I was growing up Brownie and Polaroid cameras were common. Now we are fortunate to have cell phones to snap pictures at a moments notice. 365 more words


Life has given you many special gifts,
they are for your pleasure,

and so that you can have happiness in sufficient measure,

so cherish your share of nature’s special gifts, 55 more words


A Benefit of Sleeping In

It isn’t every day that I get to sleep in, but this morning as Bob left for work an hour earlier than usual he offered to reset the alarm for me. 140 more words

Life On The Farmlet

Stamped wreath & swag

Last Sunday afternoon while sitting at the walk-in clinic waiting for my son to be seen I sketched a wreath and practised some lettering in a sketchbook. 359 more words

Penny Black Stamps

Nature's Gifts

I had noticed earlier in the day that various items had been moved or knocked off shelves in the shed where the barn cats live. This was not unusual; there were often romps in the shed or things moved in the pursuit of prey. 344 more words

Watching and Waiting

My last visit to Walden was just over a week ago. The sun had gone behind clouds but the air was still warm when I stood behind the trunk of my car and shed my neoprene letting it fall, lifeless as a snake’s skin, on the asphalt. 481 more words