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Nature in Me

Sometimes I wish I was a bird,
A wild horse,
A beetle,
Or treeā€¦
So I could roam free.
I always felt weird being in a human body, 228 more words



The Humpback whales (kohola) are back on Maui. If I were to recap one of the most special moments in my life, it was one day back in 2002. 79 more words

Beautiful Life

A multitude of Blessings!

Dear Friends,

It’s a beautiful, sunny day in my neighborhood. In the distance,
I can distinguish the song of several species of birds (parrots,
oropendolas, flycatchers) and know myself to be blessed by… 339 more words


A little more...

To want something is quite natural. Although, what we feel and define as a need should be accurate, not everyone is aware of when they cross that thin line between the two and get all feelings confused. 240 more words

Daily Prompt.


There is No place like home – your own place, your sanctuary. Lets stop the felling of trees and exploitation of natural resources so that our fellow earthlings. 154 more words

Daily Prompt.

Like Glass!

It is sort of like glass just be careful unlike glass the reflections in this one can get distorted. Do you see yourself or someone you pretend to be? 48 more words

Daily Prompt.


One of the best states to be in is FullĀ Consciousness. In this state of self-awareness just about everything is deeper and slower because you comprehend more that what meets the eye. 124 more words

Daily Prompt.