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Life has given you many special gifts,
they are for your pleasure,

and so that you can have happiness in sufficient measure,

so cherish your share of nature’s special gifts, 55 more words


Nature's Gift: Myrrh


It is quite often that myrrh is mentioned in texts alongside frankincense, as both resins were highly sought after in the Middle East and North Africa for its medicinal benefits and religious uses. 416 more words


Nature's Gift: Frankincense


Frankincense is widely known as part of the traditional telling of Jesus’ birth. The Three Wise Men from the East arrived and presented the gifts of gold, frankincense, and… 284 more words


Nature's Gift: Grapefruit


Grapefruit (Citrus X paradise) is the hybrid between the pomelo and the sweet orange, making it a part of the citrus clan. The tart and tangy fruit grows on the tree in clusters, which resemble a cluster of grapes. 252 more words


A Benefit of Sleeping In

It isn’t every day that I get to sleep in, but this morning as Bob left for work an hour earlier than usual he offered to reset the alarm for me. 140 more words

Life On The Farmlet

Nature's Gift: Ylang Ylang


There are a few stories to the origin of the name Ylang Ylang. One of the most famous is a tragic romance. Legend has it that a young woman named Ilang, given to her parents by the gods, had fallen deeply in love with a young man. 340 more words


Stamped wreath & swag

Last Sunday afternoon while sitting at the walk-in clinic waiting for my son to be seen I sketched a wreath and practised some lettering in a sketchbook. 359 more words

Penny Black Stamps