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It is not about you, it is about me

We come for the community. True. But what makes it a community worth joining is that it is based on freedom. Individual freedom.

When she stripped and leapt off one of the granite slabs that tumble into the lakes of northern Minnesota, she did it for herself.

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Indoor Nudism

When most people think about nudism they generally think of sunbathing, volleyball, the beach, or the “colony”. Nudism is usually associated with outdoor activity.

But what happens when the weather, or living situation, won’t allow for traditional naturism? 295 more words



Esta no va a ser una entrada que guste mucho, tampoco será de la más sea compartida, pero les guste o no, es la verdad…. El problema NO es el estigma del sexo, ( que tampoco deja de serlo) tampoco son los gobiernos de derecha que como he escuchado coartan las libertades (no hay y ni ha habido un gobierno de izquierda que defienda el Nudismo-naturismo)…. 840 more words

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Un punto de vista muy válido e interesante.

Summertime’s in Bloom 🌺

“Step outside summertime’s in bloom”

Finally things are starting to grow and for us gardeners it’s a mighty relief that all that nasty cold weather has now disappeared. 313 more words

Naked and Alone - on a nudist island...

I have yet to really comprehend the complexities of the blogosphere. You never really know who your audience is, especially when you include words like… 1,502 more words

Naturist Places

When the Tension is Gone, True Connections are Created

Photo Credit: Unknown

I love this photo. You can see the decades in the skin, the comfort in the act, the partnership in the leap. We never stop being intimate creatures, but we do evolve past the stress of the mating rituals in our complicated society and get to a point of a more basic and true connection. 505 more words


Naked and Afraid... Of Nakedness

Someone made a poll on Facebook recently asking: “If you had to be on Naked and Afraid, which environment would you choose?” It then listed things like “jungle with bugs and humidity” “forest with wolves and porcupines” and even “I would rather drop dead”. 370 more words