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I Love Cannabis

There are many reasons why I love cannabis, I smoke it everyday. Weed has become an integral part of my life. The following are some reasons for my cannabis love affair: 318 more words


#NationalSendANudeDay Sees Mass Transit of Naturists via Post

by I. C. Dong

The hashtag #NationalSendANudeDay was more than just a seedy twitter ploy to ogle people’s bits for some people. While these so called ‘National Day’ events seem dreamed up by a variety of perverted marketing executives, because they are, to some they are an important celebration of their cultures and lifestyles. 471 more words


Yes, I'm a Naturist but no, that does not mean I'm sexual. | The Naturist Page


Yes I’m a Naturist. You ask me to get my clothes on like it’s something wrong. It’s not, nudity to me is natural because we were all born this way. 305 more words


First blog post

Dawn Chorus

I went camping with a friend at the weekend, to an off grid location in Devon, joining a group of ladies I had never met before.   295 more words

The natural beauty of the Studland Peninsular

Surveying the natural landscape around the country one can only marvel at how beautiful mother nature can be and just how destructive man is in his pursuit of progress. 621 more words

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