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Nudity and Authentic, Holistic Holiness

I will be shifting gears here for the next while. I will be talking about how naturism and nudity become vital ways of being that allows one to become a more authentic person. 233 more words


Why Tell the Whole World I'm a Naturist? - Nude Psychology 101

More often than not, when I begin to reflect on something I have read from my Buddhist studies, I do so from a deeply personal point of view. 549 more words


Naturism and the Collective Shadow - Nude Psychology 101

Naturism and Nudism are faces of the collective shadow. In depth psychology, shadow is partially defined as those things that we repress, that we deny about ourselves. 685 more words


Shame, Shadow, and Rejection of Our Nude Self - Nude Psychology 101

As I continue this discussion about nude psychology, I want to re-state that the discussion is not about Christianity or religion; nor, is it a critique of religions. 605 more words


Mental Buddhism and Skyclad Depth Psychology

Today is starting off as an introspective day. After my morning meditation along the sea where I could feel the breezes and see the sun rising to bless this body with its first rays. 448 more words


Wreck Beach Swim Night Tonight @ 7:30PM!

Wreck Beach Swim night Tomorrow Night!

  • March 17(Sat.) 7:30 to 9:30PM
  • Lord Byng Pool

What to bring…

  • Towels
  • 25c coin for locker
  • Government Photo ID (Drivers license, Passport etc… )
  • 41 more words

Naked Beneath One's Clothing

I often meditate nude in the garden back home in Canada, so that I could experience the sense of spirit without any constrictions that pulled my attention back into my body. 424 more words