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5E D&D Class: Ilmar

The ILMAR (plural) or Ilmarin (singular, descriptive) go by many names: savages, barbarians, wild humans. Though few true Ilmar exist, they are viewed by most civilized people as more animal than human. 1,666 more words


Holiday Time

This time last week we were off on our first naturist holiday in almost three years and to ensure we missed the motorway rush hour we started off as early as we could.The destination for the holiday this time was Cornwall to a naturist campsite in Downderry on the southern coast. 363 more words

Life & Times

Nudist Impacts


I didn’t realize that nudists were going to have an impact on my silly blog.  But they did in a very large way (percentage-wise based on my embarrassingly minuscule successes with Catch a Falling Star). 514 more words


Least Likely to Become a Nudist: A Memoir: Part 6: Finding Love in a Clothes-Minded World

I was born with a cleft lip. If you’ve never seen pictures, let me just say it can get pretty ugly. Basically, it looked like a mugger took a knife to my mouth as I exited the womb. 2,198 more words


Naturism and Body Image

A paper published last January in Britain looked into the effects of naturism on body image and self esteem. They correctly site the problem: “Negative body image in both women and men derives from exposure to, and pressure to achieve, unrealistic ideals of attractiveness.” 425 more words

Body Image

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Typically when I hear rants about body image and naturism I tend to assume those are coming from a female, and appropriately so, given the tremendous pressures of living in a material world. But the author makes an interesting case for males as well.

Becoming a Nudist

I have been to a nudist park and taken all my clothes off one time and one time only so far.  Yesterday was supposed to be visit number two.   486 more words