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Nature will heal your bare skin and soul.

When I say the word ‘Nudity’ what does it make you think of? Pornography, Sex, or Self Love? But honestly, what does it make you think of? 469 more words


One Finger Selfie - Good or Bad for nudism

Is the one finger selfie good or bad for nudism?  From a five for, “heck yes, anything that promotes non sexual nudity is great!” To a one for, “this is not serious and trivializes nudity!”  What say you?

The Beauty of Naturism

Hi friends,

I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but I’ve just been so busy lately. And especially with this time of year, it’s hard to be the nudist I truly am with a busy work schedule and keeping the thermostat at around 70 to keep costs down. 904 more words

It’s interesting to note the Wikipedia entry on naturism. It states

“Naturism, or nudism, is a cultural and political movement practicing, advocating and defending personal and social nudity, most but not all of which takes place on private property. 212 more words


Nudism/Naturism: Not so easy for celebrities and politicians

Imagine if the president of the United States and his wife wanted to be practising nudists. Their lifestyle would be very restricted, to say the least, far more so than the average naturist. 337 more words


The Book What I Wrote

One day, quite a long time ago, I resolved to try my hand as a writer – I decided I was going to sit right down and write myself a book. 1,044 more words


Unmatchable Freedom

I’ve never been one who enjoys the constrictive nature of clothes. This started at a very young age. As I got older, I finally had to keep my clothes on as society insisted however there times I could enjoy naked times. 247 more words