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Why Don't We Live in a Perfect (Nude) World?

Confession time: I would live naked 24/7, if I could, and I suspect I am not alone in this regard. I hate clothes. They block the sunshine, the air, and most of your body from the sense of touch.  1,747 more words


Clothing: Beneficial or Detrimental?

An old piece I thought well-worth reposting.

Someone I follow uploaded a piece to DeviantArt depicting a character of theirs hunting, with a bow and arrow, naked.  914 more words


Bare Essentials, regardless of background

📷 One great thing about nudism–we may come from different backgrounds, but once we strip down to our… https://t.co/jD6p9cZ74N

— Clothing Optional (@cloptzonebuck) November 23, 2015

Naked Office Day | and great reasons to have one

Looking forward to read this book!  Wouldn’t it be great to have a naked Friday at work?

They are looking for case studies or even an interview so if  someone can help I’m sure it will be appreciated. 39 more words

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