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Gord Gillies: 'Live and let live' when it comes to Calgary nude swim

As another week slips away in Calgary, so too, I thought, would slide away another eyebrow-raising story – the naked family swim night.

After days of discussion, some outrage, some buff backers, a protest petition and a petition to stop the petition, it’s a no go. 424 more words


People can be naked.......

…..Without it being sexual !

There has been an awful lot of misunderstanding this past week about the nude wave-pool event at a leisure centre in Canada that was cancelled. 659 more words

Edmonton nude swim sees higher than expected attendance numbers

An Edmonton naturist group, which has hosted nude swim events for decades, saw one of its largest turn outs ever Saturday night.

“Typically one of these events would have about 100 people in attendance and we are capped for tonight due to demand at 160,” Kevin Boldt with CottonTail Corner said.

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Naked and Not Afraid

                                                                 Original photo credit: getnakedwithjoy.com

Do you know what I see in this picture? Fearlessness. What non-naturists do not understand is that it is not the nudity that first touches my senses, it is an aura of ownership that emanates from the photo. 414 more words



Hi folks, not been on here for quite a while!

I am still very much a naturist and now active life model. I like to get naked as much as possible and am fortunate enough to be at my work a good hour or so before my colleagues.

Why Be a Naturist Anyway? Part 1

This site is primarily written for long time nudists/naturists, but I’m sure there are probably a few lurkers aound here that have no idea what nudism is really about. 450 more words


How Sleeping Naked Changed My Life

Malcolm Gladwell pointed out in his book “Outliers” that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert in anything. Sports, music, craftsmanship, whatever your interest, the requirement was the same: 10,000 hours. 564 more words