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A Short Story – The Masseuse


She worked quietly with a soft sound of ocean and music as background as she worked her hands over the back of the lady who lay on the table. 19 more words

When I’m not wearing anything, am I naked?




    No, I’m normal. When I’m not wearing anything, I’m me. I’m truthful about who I am, and have nothing but my personality to represent who I am.

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gender fluid and clothes free are we ready?


Gender fluidity has been in the news lately. Statehouses are busy drafting laws to prevent individuals with non binary gender identities from using public bathrooms other than that which is designated for their assigned gender at birth. 23 more words

There’s nothing as fun as hanging out nude with your friends in...


There’s nothing as fun as hanging out nude with your friends in the sun and playing volleyball, frisbee, swimming, sunning, reading, joking, and laughing.   65 more words

one-shot-reflects: afrothundrr: “GRAVITY” Muse @afro_thundr/...





Muse @afro_thundr/ @afrothundrr

Sculptor @basil.sculpture

Exhibition runs through February @ LONA GALLERY, Lawerenceville, Ga ‪

…in case, you didn’t know…

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