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Enhance your wellbeing with the all-encompassing methodology of Naturopathy

Because of the present frenzied way of life, individuals turn into the prey of numerous sicknesses and afflictions. Furthermore, when they have been gotten by a difficult issue, they depend on the medical experts. 435 more words

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Naturopathic Medicine: Principle and Risk Factors

The onset of health issues often starts as simple problems or even “silent” underlying imbalances that continue to influence the body and go undetected or untreated, eventually culminating in more serious problems over time. 434 more words


Acupuncture for Anti-Aging

Facial rejuvenation and cosmetic acupuncture (also known as an acupuncture face-lift) is a natural, safe and less invasive method to slow down and reduce the signs of aging. 304 more words


Why We Love Natural: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Health

Natural medicine is a natural and unique approach to wellness, healthcare, and recovery. Natural medicine looks at the natural functioning of the body, with a deep view to find the main causes of ill health in order to help the body heal and return to healthy function. 958 more words



Perhaps it is time to open our minds to the term ‘natural therapies’ and put this term in perspective, especially when it comes to treating cancer.  305 more words

Naturopathic Medicine

Why I loved 2018

What an exciting and enriching year 2018 has been! I’m bursting with gratitude for the abundance and adventures I’ve experienced, both personally and professionally.

In addition to travelling, skiing, SUPing, lifting weights, cuddling kittens, slaying dragons, planting a garden, getting married :) and then travelling some more, my practice turned 10 years old and enjoyed a record breaking year full of new patients and fully booked weeks that kept me hopping. 598 more words

Healthy Holiday Baking Tips

The Holiday Season is upon us! The holidays can be a tricky time to stick to healthy eating goals, especially if baking is a part of your family’s traditions or you just truly enjoy baking regardless of the time of year! 276 more words