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Tracking Waking Up in the Morning- Step 1

In medical school, we have to practice how to change our behavior in order to one day present the logics and effects to the patients. In the past month, I have tracked… 337 more words

Benefits of Naturopathic Medicine

In an effort to offer solutions to health-related issues to people, medical professionals have made considerable progress in the recent years. Some of such complications such as insomnia and chronic pain now have a range of solutions a patient can consider such as… 423 more words

Naturopathic Medicine

Meanings of genes

I never link the connection between genes and healthy lifestyle. But after reading the Dirty Gene by Dr. Ben Lynch, ND, I was convinced that my tiredness after studying all night long leading to my morning grogginess was due to imbalance gene health. 353 more words

Back To School - Student Self Care and the 3 B's

Happy first week back to school! I’ve been greatly enjoying the kid school pics hitting my facebook homepage (bonus points for the kids rocking their own style… especially if it’s rainbow glitter) and the eclectic array of coloured pens, pencils, markers and planners.  897 more words


Create Conditions for Health! (Part 2)

Last week I introduced and discussed why movement, nutrition, hydration, and sleep are vital as foundations of wellness and wholeness. This week I will talk about a few more determinants of health. 985 more words

Naturopathic Medicine

Create the Conditions for Health! (Part 1)

In a number of my introductory posts I have mentioned that naturopathic physicians aim to create the conditions for health in their patients. In today’s post, I hope to elaborate on what exactly some of those conditions are, and why they are so vital to creating a strong foundation for achieving health, wellness, and wholeness. 1,826 more words

Naturopathic Medicine