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African Americans and The Fictional Racism For Fictional Reasons Culture

We construct our social reality. That is a truth held by Psychologists and explained by Philosophers and scientists alike.

My first point on this air-tight reality is that racism as it is experienced by most is by and far more a perception that serves to validate a deep seated belief. 3,426 more words

History teaches...nothing apparently

At the time of writing there is a 5000 strong migrant camp in France. Full of desperate people who can’t go home (or rather if they go home, are likely to be killed which kind of amounts to the same thing) and are being prevented from going forwards. 191 more words

National Socialist Republic of Germany

Instead of Adolf Hitler, Franz Kirsch takes over the National Socialist party. While the party still has the same attitudes it is not as militaristic as in our world and does not invade Sudetenland or Austria. 285 more words

Alternate Country

Hiding in Plain View

Like movie stars become famous under another name I went to college and became very well-known as Sal Overton. My pictures were posted all over the internet and in fan magazines as a star I was rather worshiped by young girls. 8,220 more words

The Price of Liberty

How do we place a value on life?  I recently saw a video of a little girl in China that was run over and left bleeding in the street.  1,249 more words