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The Naughty Vs Maturity

When we are in our youth, fiercely innocent and highly vulnerable we are often encouraged to be a tad mature. Then as we pass into adulthood we have to become grownup. 556 more words

You Naughty Kids

Recently I was browsing in a store (not shopping, but killing time while my wife shopped) and there were a couple children running amuck through the store. 277 more words


I was four when my mother, detained under ‘The Mental Health Act’, was taken to a secure facility for the insane. My brother was eleven. Nanna, who already lived with us, seemed to think it was our fault so I was sorry I’d ever been naughty. 1,438 more words

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Monkfish Nuggets, Chips & Mushy Peas at Cod's Scallops

Now, let’s get one thing straightened out here before we begin. I’ve seen numerous comments from people who don’t live in Britain about how disgusting our greasy fish and chips are. 600 more words


The Power of Smell

As a toddler, most things that happen to you are in the daytime, with mothers being the likely fillers of later memory gaps – especially in the 1950s, when hands on mothering was encouraged. 732 more words

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White  Chocolate Oreo Fudge

This is my idea of perfection because a) white chocolate and Oreos, duh; and b) it consists of 3 ingredients and requires precisely zero faffing around. 297 more words