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*Insert "Hump Day" Reference Here*

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Her little naughty eyes were closed

she walked holding something in her hand

All I could do was smile, at her innocense

holding the mobile in her hands, she walked past me… 109 more words

As I walked along ....you followed

As I walked past the roads

I could not see anything else other than you

I closed my eyes when I thought I realized

how much I missed you… 166 more words

At work and unsupervised (Giggle)

Soooo the big boss left right after our afternoon work out time leaving me in charge…WHAT was she THINKING????? ¬†(Giggle)

I have not gotten ANYTHING done, have posted “Hello’s” on all of my friends Fetlife walls and even managed to get some water drinking in on my way to the Pepsi machine…hey don’t blame me….

Little Moment