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Inspiration: Believing in Santa - It's Simple!

It’s the time of year when children wish and dream and hope that Santa will bring them a gift. But it’s not just any gift, it’s the one thing they want for Christmas. 599 more words

A Year Of Inspiration

Christmas reversed... and revisited... because this another old post I am reusing... HA!

How about if one year, we try being NICE to each other and visit each other and buy presents for each other, and wear festive colors, and sing silly songs, and decorate things and hang colored lights for 11 months, and then treat each other like crap for two or three weeks, maybe in December, I haven’t decided yet. 43 more words


If those Elves go missing...it wasn't me!

Last night SHE decided to go out with friends and as SHE was leaving SHE gave me a hug and kiss and asked me to be a Good Boy and leave all the Christmas stuff alone…truth be told, SHE actually shook HER finger at me and said “Be Good…Got it?”. 63 more words

Be Nice Monday

Being nice can be a double edge sword. There are times when being nice has got me in situations where all I can think was, “Why was I so nice and why am I getting treated so poorly for being nice?” 492 more words