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Be Nice Monday

Being nice can be a double edge sword. There are times when being nice has got me in situations where all I can think was, “Why was I so nice and why am I getting treated so poorly for being nice?” 492 more words

Dear Santa, I Can Explain

Dear Santa,

Do you really know who is naughty or nice? If you do, let me explain.

I’m not really naughty. I just get caught a lot. 280 more words


A Nice Bribe

In case you’re wondering you do NOT spell extremely with a seven.

You’re welcome.

Comic Commentary

RJ in Kinky Boots

I love RJ in his kinky boots. I see a t-shirt in his future.

Comic Commentary

Christmas Cheer Color Palette

We adore this shoot as we were both able to be a part of it.  So, naturally it was the perfect choice for this morning’s color palette pick! 82 more words


If Father Christmas had a blog...

If Father Christmas had his very own blog, here’s a selection of blog post titles…