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Parenting in the Time of Zombies 

I recently finished playing The Last of Us. A writer friend, Mason Thomas, recommended the game to me. Being that we’ve had similar emotional reactions to a number of other games, I suspected I was in for a trip through the “ringer.” I wasn’t wrong. 1,776 more words


Uncharted 2: How to beat Lazarevic on Crushing difficulty

Want to beat Lazarevic on Crushing difficulty? We hear you. It’s not easy. Or is it? Not so tough now Lazarevic. Cue silly music and our guide.


The Motion Capture Pipeline of The Last of Us - GDC 2015

In this 2015 GDC lecture, Naughty Dog’s Damon Shelton explains the design process used to create the motion capture pipeline for the 2013 hit The Last of Us


Review: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune [The Nathan Drake Collection]

Developer: Naughty Dog

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Release Date: November 19, 2007
The Nathan Drake Collection: October 9, 2015

Played Platform: PS4

Things I liked: 119 more words


Gaming’s Most Badass Women - Week Four

NOTE: This article contains minor spoilers for The Last of Us. If you haven’t played it: (1) Why not? And (2) read at your own discretion. 754 more words


Uncharted The Lost Legacy Already Looks Better Than Uncharted 4

The Lost Legacy is a new story set six to 12 months after the events of Uncharted 4. The action kicks off with a search for a priceless relic — the Tusk of Ganesh — and a decidedly unlikely pairing. 844 more words


The Last of Us

The Mona Lisa of the modern gaming generation. It really is an amazing piece of artwork and has one of the most gripping and emotional narrative I have ever come across in a game. 881 more words