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Best Studios & Publishers on Snapchat

Cover art used pixel controllers by Amaniness.

Snapchat is a marvellous app. Letting friends and family share pictures and videos of what’s going on then and there in their lives is why it appeals to so many. 554 more words

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The Naughty Dog

This is a post that will serve as my first bolg post. It is about a dog. A very large white furry dog who happens to be VERY loud! 34 more words


Feliz Naughty Dog!

Our beagle Sam the geezer dog is very attached to me. Whenever I leave the house without him he gets upset and gets into the kitchen trash. 198 more words


Adventures of a Lifetime - The Top 10 Uncharted Setpiece Moments

For most PlayStation 3 owners, the flagship franchise for the console was Naughty Dog’s Uncharted trilogy. Nathan Drake’s charisma and wonderful cast of characters put the first game on the map, but what really set the games into gaming’s highest regards was  1,428 more words


Game Review: The Last of Us (PS3)

How do you write a review for one of the most awarded video games of all time and one that received universal critical acclaim? What else can realistically be said about one of the most praised pieces of interactive entertainment, ever? 952 more words

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Pile of Shame: The Dark Side (Jak II: Renegade)

Pile of Shame is a series where I attempt to wade through the endless amount of unfinished games in my library, as well as tackling classic games that I’ve never gotten around to. 949 more words


Why Last Of Us Is Still One Of The Best Games Of This Decade

For all the tabloid fueled controversy around video games and whether or not they warp your mind, one thing they can definitely do is give you a definite “woah” moment. 261 more words