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Where has the time for Gaming Gone?

I haven’t written much on Video Games lately and I wanted to run the gambit of all these different topics that I enjoy. Their are currently a ton of games I have yet to play not that I won’t play them, but money isn’t there for me to spend on to many video games this year. 564 more words

Batman Arkham Knight

Jak and Daxter Collection

Jak and Daxter is a pretty unique series in that every game is so very different. As with any series that has major changes between entries, it is hence inevitable that a pretty big part of the fanbase is dissatisfied with one or more of the sequels. 1,126 more words


Crash Bandicoot. Naughty Dog (1996) PlayStation

Remember when Naughty Dog made more than one game series? No me neither, they seem to only make one game series, and from 96 to 99 Naughty Dog bombarded us with release after release of marsupial mayhem. 680 more words


The Top 5 Worst Fat Characters in Gaming

Fat people get a bad rap. We’re not the evil gluttons people make us out to be. We’re cuddly. We offer warmth and security. We can do mind blowing things like balance trays on our bellies, close doors and drawers when our hands are full, and we can even be as graceful as ballerinas! 799 more words

Video Games

The Last of Us 2 - Why I both do and don't want it.


The Last of Us launched in June 2013 to both commercial and critical success, receiving perfect or near-perfect scores from numerous publications. 1,172 more words


Uncharted...As Told by Bethesda

We’ve spoken before about how certain games would look very different if the studio behind them switched place with another. In such a demented universe, our favorite games become completely different, and far more disturbing, than their original incarnations. 1,023 more words

Video Games

[Game] The Last of Us

I might have set my expectations a tad too high, but I found The Last of Us kind of underwhelming. It has little going for itself apart from the well-depicted bonding of the two leading stowaways as it forces you to go through countless dull stealth sequences and an ending twist that’s so obvious the only surprising thing about it is that they thought it’d surprise you. 89 more words