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Grapefruit Technique - Have You Tried It?

I’d like to try this at some point but I’d like to know your thoughts on this and experiences if you’ve done it or had it done to you. 12 more words

Written by Her : Red lips & Pasta

I swirled the pasta in the boiling hot water. Dipped my finger into the red sauce and put it up to my red lips.

Bellisima I giggled. 488 more words


Nutty Doughnuts!

We all enjoy a little naughtiness now and again. Tonight for me, it’s in the form of these doughnuts in all their beautiful, dark glory! 238 more words


What Do I Like?

It’s a good question and almost every single client asks me this at some point.

I like a lot of different things but one of the things I like best, and I list it on my ‘Talk Nerdy To Me’ profile on Nite Flirt, is DD/lg. 249 more words


The 22 Year Old Virgin

Twenty-two.  Not 40.  But had I not intervened, he may have waited until he was forty.  I did my duty and rescued him from such a fate. 1,845 more words


Cats, Our Furry Friends

Cats are often describes as aloof, independent, and finicky, but the cats in these books will become favorites as their stories share what we love about our feline friends. 400 more words

Picture Books

Beach Bum

wet and
covered in sand
swishing and swaying she smiles
back at the man with the restless