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Wild Boy.

I am tired of being the Mom of the naughty kid.

honestly, it’s exhausting, phone calls from the school, the others parents who look at me when he’s not being perfect like your children were or are. 497 more words

Mostly good

We’ve had a mostly good week with Maggie this week. There was a day where she seemed a bit down, but Dad gave her her anti-nausea pill that evening and she seemed to perk up a bit. 227 more words

Post-Dental Surgery

My Childhood Trauma

My parents divorced when I was as old as nineteen, so I probably can’t blame that for the way I am. I was a late developer, so chances are I was still a child. 325 more words


Medieval Rumpy-Pumpy... The Video

The chapter from which this excerpt originates is titled ‘Humphrey To The Rescue’, but regular readers will recognise it from previous post, Medieval Rumpy-Pumpy. This isn’t the whole chapter, as I know you are really only interested in the filthy bits. 84 more words

Eager to please

I watch you avidly

You’re so eager to please

As you turn, wiggle

Then drop to your knees

Grasping your buttocks

Pulling them wide

You look at me and giggle

“Wanna cum inside?”


Film Review: Private Lessons

Today is a beautiful day. Not really, it’s raining and it makes me sick tomy stomach to think that somewhere out there is someone getting better head than I’ve got in a lot of years. 591 more words