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First post! It's all about the why

I like blogging. I like to give some insight in my life, what I do, what I love, what I think and what I feel. 101 more words


Go On Judge Me!

Look at me; don’t feel sorry, don’t feel pity, don’t think that I’m not coping.

However go ahead and judge me, for one day you will feel the pain of having kids that don’t listen, don’t behave, don’t even acknowledge you, and then you’ll understand that sometimes despite your best efforts and all the discipline in the world won’t change it. 7 more words


The benefits of having casual fun.

Hey all.

It’s been a while since I have posted anything on my blog. There has been a lot on my mind lately. Mostly negative thoughts. 746 more words

Naughty Adventures

Inappropriate Disney Tattoos

Disney tattoos can be cute, child like, and all-around magical , or they can be like the inappropriate, sexy, and kind of dirty Disney tattoos on this list. 106 more words


Not playing ball...

Yesterday was supposed to be our 20 week scan. This was something that, after looking on the various yummy mummy communities you get sucked into ‘liking’, was supposed to be a breathtaking and magical moment. 473 more words

Wrestling an Octopus 

Each nappy change must burn around 40-60 calories AT LEAST! It’s bloody hard work when you have a baby that detests having his nappy changed. It’s like wrestling an Octopus all wriggly with limbs flying everywhere! 209 more words


The Hooky Protocol

I played hooky yesterday.

Deserted my writing entirely and ran away to the beach.

I should feel inordinately guilty about this, but you know what? I don’t. 18 more words