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The Bratty Little

Loyalty was murdered in me, I lost all of it’s meaning. Now when I look in the mirror, that’s the only lover I let near. So whip me into shape, be a disciplinary. 51 more words


Nice but naughty

“I’m sorry, you’re too good for me. I’m not the best for you, I hope you can find someone that suit you.”

That phrase. To hear it from someone you love is the hardest.

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Sub World

What you fear, I adhere. What brings you tears, brings me ecstasy. Watch the blood drip, all pain leaves. Bring the whip, and my heart clings. 27 more words


Love Abduction

She’s a demon, his absolute favorite. Her heart’s wicked, but he loves her regardless. He’s in the center of a fairy ring, as she’s dancing and enchanting. 73 more words


I Remember When... 09.24.2011

I remember the very first time with my husband. The week before we had the HOTTEST make-out session of my entire life. We had been in a place where we weren’t able to take it farther than that, but we both had wanted to, so bad. 347 more words


What Parents mean to Children?

Let’s imagine if I say a word ‘child’, what comes to your mind? The possibilities are cute, sweet, smile, naughty, happy and so on. 185 more words


You Didn’t Eat Your Broccoli, Thus...

Satan wants to eat your soul for breakfast.

Yeah, that’s a thing that Satan wants to do.

His mouth’s already watering

At the prospect of slaughtering… 129 more words