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the writing was
on the wall

but you rubbed
up against it
so abrasively
that it
was effaced

for which
you would now
lay the blame
on me
and my forcefulness


Funny Christmas Tank Top Naughty Nice I Tried Candy

This may be the most important step in the cleaning process. It is time to remove the fish from the tank. The first thing to do is make sure that the container in which the fish are being placed has water that is about the same temperature at the tank, other wise your fish will go into shock. 309 more words

Whatever,Whoever, Wherever,Whenever

The experience of being able to do whatever,whoever, whenever and wherever you want is extremely exasperating but the best addictive adrenalin rush that one has to do every now and then. 230 more words



Bacon: (n) cured meat from the back of a pig.

Bacon is the religion of the fast food industry:

  • It is the communion which is needfully placed on the menu of every item.
  • 185 more words

Particularly Delicious Millionaire's Shortbread With Ginger

This recipe makes shortbread with a very mild ginger aftertaste. For a stronger ginger flavour just add a little more ground ginger.

You will need: 556 more words

Dreaming Of Heaven

Today was another terrible day. So ive decided that im going to take the girls out from now on, because then im less likely to say mean things to brooklyn. 380 more words