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It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question. -- Eugene Ionesco

If a question had a shape, perhaps it would look something like the Fibonacci spiral inside this nautilus shell —  ever-expanding, never fixed, never finished  . 30 more words

Q&A Game

Sea Symphony work in progress

We have moved to ‘s Gravendeel some months ago, and our living room is still wanting something hanging on the wall.

Right now I’m working on my largest piece ever. 171 more words


The Sacred Geometry of the Chambered Nautilus

There is something about the chambered nautilus shell that has always grabbed my attention.  It beckons to my intuition.  It inspires me to think in a new way . 359 more words

Sacred Geometry

A Life to Live

Melody Hendrix

The chambered Nautilus Shell (this one cut in half) has an ancient science in its design called the Golden ratio or golden mean spiral. 96 more words