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BBC Arabic misleads on naval blockade of Gaza Strip

COGAT recently announced the extension of the fishing zone along part of the Gaza Strip coastline.

Despite the interest in the Gaza fishing industry shown by the BBC in the past, there was no reporting of this news on the English language BBC News website. 206 more words


Hunger's spread in Yemen: Thousands of infants pointing their fingers to this brutal pre-emptive war

 Hunger’s spread in Yemen:

Thousands of infants pointing their fingers to this brutal pre-emptive war: Infant mortality on the rise exponentially

He vomited yellow fluid from his nose and mouth. 1,565 more words


BBC News website promotes 3 year old inaccurate related reading

On March 27th the BBC News website’s Middle East page published an article about the Israeli High Court of Justice’s decision concerning the government’s natural gas policy which was handed down on the same day. 526 more words


BBC website's flotilla article still misleads on 'humanitarian aid'

Readers no doubt recall that the BBC’s report on the interception of the recent ‘flotilla’ publicity stunt included the following paragraph:

“The activists said the vessel was carrying humanitarian aid, including medicine and solar panels.” 202 more words


BBC News website corrects Gaza Strip naval blockade inaccuracy

Shortly after the appearance of a BBC Watch post pointing out that a June 29th BBC News website report inaccurately stated that the naval blockade on the Gaza Strip began two years earlier than is actually the case, the article was amended to include the correct date. 213 more words


Israel seizes Gaza-bound boat in “act of piracy”

Israeli forces boarded and commandeered the Marianne on Monday, one of four boats that were bound for Gaza in the latest attempt to break the tight Israeli siege of the occupied territory.

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