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Nissan Launches All-New NP300 Navara Pickup in Frankfurt

With a modern exterior design and crossover-inspired refinement, the Nissan NP300 Navara hopes to impress customers by showcasing its new-to-sector technologies.

While the European pickup segment isn’t as popular as most other segments, the Nissan’s NP300 Navara does have a few tricks up its sleeve, both practical as well as refinement-related. 412 more words

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Outback Preparation!

So, I haven’t posted for a while now and that’s because I’ve been busy planning a little outback 4wd camping adventure!

A few weeks back a good friend of mine (Matt) and I came up with the idea of heading to Birdsville for the famous ‘Birdsville Races’. 201 more words

सरळ सोप्प आयुष्य ...! Saral Soppaa Aayushya...!

One day sitting in the balcony waiting for my son to come back from school…saw a young couple…lady pregnant with second child…both waiting to collect the elder child coming by school bus…making me wonder what a nice straight forward life this couple lives…and then compared it with my life…complex ….complicated…unusual…in every aspect…chosen a different path…


All New Nissan Navara NP 300

Akhirnya Nissan meluncurkan All New NP300 Navara di Indonesia,  mobil ini mempunyai desain paling modern di kelas double cabin 4WD, mengusung teknologi paling mutakhir,  dan telah terbukti tangguh di berbagai medan dan sangat efisien. 501 more words


Why You Should Drive A Nissan Navara Today

Want to enjoy the utility, the power and the beauty of a pickup truck? The powerfully handsome Nissan Navara has it all. Know the The Key Advantages To Driving A Nissan Navara.

Why Drive A Nissan Navara?

While a pickup truck is commonly associated with building contractors, outdoorsmen, or adventurers, you can be a regular person and still enjoy the power, convenience, and the beauty of a pickup truck such as the Nissan Navara. 6 more words