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raspberry barn

Thanks for all your kind comments about the indigo adventure! It’s an annual thing since 2011 and I wrote more about the indigo dyeing process… 480 more words


Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

It’s a discouraging thing to realize our heroes and superstars are just. . . human.  They grow and move on and change.  My first lesson in this was when I was a pre-teen.  666 more words


Beauty Navel-Gazing & E’s Scent-It-Yourself Sea Spray (DIY Recipe)

I’ve been paying a lot more attention to my appearance lately.  It started with makeup last year (so late in my life!).  I live in a household where there was like no instruction on makeup.  1,280 more words


Feeling Left Out

I’m not a morning person and my parents were early risers. When I was little, I could hear them having breakfast in the morning, talking at the kitchen table and I thought they were having fun without me.  391 more words

Daily Life

Maximal Minimalism

Having had the opportunity to simplify my life over the last couple of years, the process has revolutionized it. In my stick and brick days, I was a pack rat, you see. 2,916 more words

Navel Gazing

but I'm feeling 22

This whole revival of The X Files has had me thinking a lot about fandoms and nostalgia: my own fandoms, mostly; the ones I loved the best, the ones I hardly remember, and that one strange, lost weekend with “Once Upon a Time in Mexico.”  I’ve been in fandom for fifteen years now.   535 more words