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main reason this one keeps his mouth shut irl about anime

ma’habocath is very chatty and open about how much he loves the 2D in places like this, and very few select individuals in person. But that is mostly to compensate for how hard he hides his power level at most other times. 374 more words


The epic story of the washing machine

So I realized that the washing machine breaking again–

was a metaphor for my life.

Not because I’m narcissistic–

But because I like to philosophize. 415 more words


Back on the wagon

So it’s taken about a month, but I’ve found a story to write.  I would love to say it came to me in a great moment of inspiration, but the truth is I woke about 1am with my back aching and the thought that someone was lying very close to me. 202 more words


BP #3

I refuse to not get enough sleep anymore.

It’s just not worth it.

It’s not worth the grumpy ass attitude in the morning from me which then radiates out to the rest of the world. 259 more words


Bad poem #2

I used to think that laughter could only happen with someone else
And then I realized there is a way to laugh on your own… 211 more words



Sleep has been elusive but when I do sleep, I dream.  Boy howdy do I dream.  In vivid Technicolor with THX digital sound.  In three-part harmony. 388 more words


>tfw trying to keep blog meme-free but some are just too true

>tfw you want to go out and have fun but remember that you don’t have any friends