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Sometimes, Things Suck

I should be a few minutes away from arriving at the dojo, but I’m still at my kitchen table.

I did good today, I got up early, I cooked stuff, I cleaned, but I’m still through-the-roof anxious.   257 more words



Anxiety and I have a long history.  Sometimes it fades into the background, but other times (like all of last week) it rears up and attacks.  345 more words


On want.

I can’t go back and re-feel what’s come before. It’s just not a habit I’m acquainted with. I can’t feel the shock and numbness, damn it, or the fresh loneliness, or the bitter betrayal. 472 more words


Dojo Etiquette

On Tuesday, April 19th I attended another class led by Marsha Turner Sensei.  As before, it was a relatively fast-paced class (though there were only a few attendees) with serious warm-up exercises (which I’m still trying to get the hang of).   363 more words


Third Fridays = Aikido + Potluck!

At Chicago Aikikai there are normally no classes on Friday.  The third Friday of each month, however, there’s a special evening class followed by social time/potluck (I think the term ‘potluck’ is used pretty loosely, here).   404 more words


New dream geography

I’ve been dreaming again. Well, sorta. Since REM sleep research indicates I dream every time I slee, I suppose I’m remembering my dreams again comes closer to what I want. 708 more words

Navel Gazing

On The Ethics of Game Criticism

[This is an IM conversation between me and my buddy Greg, regarding Arthur Gies’ non-review of Star Fox Zero over at Polygon.]

G:  in other news, arthur gies continues to be… 3,127 more words