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Tonight I am going to just not be okay for a little while. I’ve grown used to being okay and it is such a ridiculously great place to be. 526 more words

Navel Gazing

What Is A Friend? (Seriously...What The Hell Is a FRIEND?)

Update #12: Halfway to our goal! Only five more weeks left to the campaign and I want to thank everyone who has already donated to my imaginary Movie Project Kickstarter “I Hate All You Just Give Me Money Please Project Thing”! 936 more words

Talking to Conservatives

I don’t know how to talk to conservatives.

Whew. That was a hard confession but it takes a weight off my shoulders that I can now kick around and try to figure out. 1,622 more words

Navel Gazing

The Land of Honey and Milk

Imagine drinking a nice glass of milk when suddenly, you are trampled by a stampeding herd of angry cows. In a way, that is exactly what happened to me. 524 more words


Endure the Wonder of Survival: A Legacy of Gord Downie

It feels wrong, ghoulish even, to eulogize a man while he is still alive. Still, the painful news that Gord Downie, the singer and lyricist of venerable Canadian rock veterans the Tragically Hip, has been… 864 more words

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Thoughts Upon Turning 50

I recently celebrated my 50th birthday, with adequate hoopla and the requisite teasing from my kids who remind me just how OLD I am now. Fifty feels…well, not all that different from 49 actually, at least not physically. 697 more words

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Hey, So, I'm Back

Hey, so, I’m back. If you read my posts about the recent birth of my daughter, you’ll know that shits been a bit crazy around casa de Milo. 54 more words

Navel Gazing