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A confession

I like ironing.

It’s true. I find it soothing and satisfying. I like watching the crumpled mass of fabric transforming into a smooth plane.

I like the sensation of crisp linen against my skin. 70 more words



One of my Facebook friends posted in praise of the dandelion and children gathering bouquets of them because they just knew they were beautiful, not that they were weeds. 278 more words


Good, Bad, Ugly...It's my Life

A person in my extended circle lost their battle with depression.  Thinking about them and about my own battle put me in an very introspective headspace. 479 more words


Fanning Flames, and Soothing Burns

“Anger is like ice in a high ball glass. It’s a good place to start, but it’s not going to do much for you until you start filling in the spaces with something more substantial.”

1,203 more words

To #ad or not to #ad

If you’re a fellow mum blog lurker on the gram, you can’t fail to have picked up on a recent anti-ad mood. I’m not an influencer. 565 more words


Reinventing the wheel

I have at long last given up on Blogger as an appropriate outlet for the things I want to share with the internet and created something new. 150 more words


Weekend Recap: Staking My Claim

I feel like too much of my idle time is spent being annoyed with social media.  It’s impossible to quit, even if the recent Facebook privacy bullshit makes my blood boil.  1,374 more words