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When I was an art major a long time ago, I spent a lot of energy worrying about the meaning and purpose of my paintings. Something like that is going on again with my photographs, but this time with no professors asking me to defend my work.   189 more words


Implementing Lessons from the Blue Zones, Inconveniencing Myself, and Other Things I'm Focusing On In 2017

So-called “Blue Zones” are areas of the world in which people have significantly longer, healthier lives than the world-wide average. Blue Zones have been researched and written about pretty extensively and in… 651 more words

Set It Off: My Writing Goals for 2017

It’s that time of year again, never late but right on time! Let me queue up some reading music for you all.

This is my third year doing this type of post, a retrospective navel gaze on my writing output for the year followed by some goal setting. 2,212 more words


Becoming vegan when you love Asian food

One parent is vegan (way before it became trendy) and one is a ‘eat every part of the animal including its eyeballs‘ diner. I was exposed to an extremely eclectic and interesting range of food growing up, notwithstanding the east-west stuff (one area where the ‘best of both worlds’ myth might be based in truth). 113 more words


Francophone writers on identity and mixed marriages

Francophone writers are marvellously philosophical, and I have come across some interesting pieces on identity and mixed marriages in Francophone writing, which certainly gave me food for thought. 821 more words


Strong uneasiness around/dislike of behavior of Asian women as a half-Asian woman


Yet again, as with many topics on this blog, this is going to be controversial, but I don’t want to lie or sugar coat things. 670 more words


The financial fallout of fertility

I’m a child of the 80s, teenager of the 90s, young woman of the noughties, and for My Entire Life the emphasis has been on becoming an independent, empowered woman. 1,101 more words