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The Ugly Cry

I cried the other day. And it was a strange thing. I didn’t cry because I was sad, I didn’t cry because anyone has betrayed me, or left me when I so wanted them to stay. 574 more words

Serious Stuff

State of the Union (Don't Cry for Me)

I’m 35, single, a relocated Albertan living in Vancouver in a small apartment that rumbles mightily when the 2 roars past my living room, which is also my bedroom and gym and rehearsal space and the only thing I can afford due to pride and habits. 607 more words


vegan pancakes [3]

I’ll get straight to the point. This post isn’t about vegan pancakes. Well it is, but you won’t find a recipe for pancakes at the end of it. 176 more words


I have No Taste: Thoughts on My Less Than Authoritative Book Reviews

There’s something ridiculous about these books reviews. They’re short, for one, and rarely contain any original insights. Indeed, for many of them (especially those dealing with classic works), they tell you next to nothing. 228 more words


Heroin trap, heroin cloud

Many creatives who grapple with growing up find hooks with substances. The out of body, mind expanding opportunities are a cover for the way these things blur the painful memories, the exquisite pain of growing up. 121 more words


Don't Lose That Lovin' Feeling

If I ever become Queen of the World I shall require the following boxed disclaimer be posted above the “how to publish” advice on every site: 978 more words


Just Some Common Sense

While waiting impatiently for the medical bureaucracy to do its thing, I recently stumbled over a worthwhile video sponsored by Patagonia, an unusual clothing company. We spend many millions of dollars each year for products, mostly from China, which include hemp, a very useful fiber that needs nothing but decent soil and water to grow. 987 more words

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