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Axios Review is working; you should try it

A while back I joined Axios Review, an independent editorial board. Axios Review is a service to which ecologists and evolutionary biologists submit their mss. 414 more words

New Ideas

This Years Main Events

Last night, it became official – I’m running the New York Marathon in November. And with that, my racing schedule for the year is pretty much set. 199 more words


What is (or will be) your old school science cred?

When I was a postdoc at the University of Wisconsin, I always loved getting to interact with the geneticist Jim Crow. There was an informal gathering in the department every week after the seminar, and I loved when I got a chance to speak with Crow at that. 605 more words

Just For Fun

The Woes of the Amateur

As I edit and prepare my latest translation project, I worry. Worry about the words and phrases and sentences that I struggled with. Sometimes, in my initial translation, the better part of a sentence is simply left as ‘…’, to be picked apart and analyzed when the bulk of the work is done. 354 more words

Ash's Assortments

Snowed-in thoughts

More snow this morning. The roads have been plowed, but the road condition map is still solid red in our area, so we are all staying home all day. 506 more words


why do I binge watch seven seasons of a tv show, but can't force myself to watch a two-hour movie?

This post started as a note in my journal: one of those things that starts crawling out from your head while you’re in the shower, like a worm on the sidewalk in the rain. 876 more words