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a day.

This is the only photo I took during the day today. (And Mrs. Crappy won’t be happy to see this one.)

It wasn’t for a lack of opportunities. 776 more words


What Am I Doing Here?

What am I doing here?  The truth is, I don’t honestly know what I’m doing here.  I thought for a long time that I would never be one of those people that navel-gazes on the internet.   119 more words

Navel Gazing

Mitchell, South Dakota!

I guess I won’t bother asking for guesses as to where I’m overnighting this evening. Mitchell is a good-sized town and, as there appears to be a Ford dealership a half-mile away, I’m considering a timely oil and filter change. 980 more words

Navel Gazing


I feel like I’m waiting, waiting, waiting.   The requested evals are done.  So I am waiting for some strangers in an office not too far from here to decide if I am broken enough to receive disability. 236 more words


Top 20 Posts and Pages

Milo just went over the 200,000 hit mark, which is pretty cool. By far the most popular section of this sprawling mess is the Boston Qualifier Questionnaire… 481 more words

cigarettes and coffeeshops

Without noticing, I slip into a light yet lingering malaise. Not a depression, more like a fascination for melancholia, which I turn in my hand as if it were a small planet, streaked in shadow, impossibly blue.

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Good Things

Instead of being all sad and mopey and navel-gazing – AND BELIEVE ME YOU DON’T WANT ME TO GET INTO ANY OF THAT RIGHT NOW – I want to shine a light on some good things I’ve recently come across.   354 more words