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Why Are We So Fucking Hard on Ourselves?

“Hey girl, how are you doing?”
“OMG, work has been crazy!  I haven’t worked out in two weeks and I’m literally the most disgusting person on the planet.” 639 more words

Navel Gazing


Do you keep emails? Not just on the server, but in your computer’s documents folder?

I used to and going through them is making for some funny reading… Take this one, from October 2003: 714 more words


Imposter syndrome and cognitive distortions: some thoughts and poorly drawn cartoons

I’ve been thinking a lot about imposter syndrome lately – both because of feeling impostery myself, and because of seeing others who are feeling impostery. I find it helpful to realize how common it is for people to feel like imposters – sometimes I think that pretty much everyone is using the “fake it ‘til you make it” strategy. 626 more words


Minute by minute

Step by step

Ritual by ritual

I live another day

Another rushed breakfast, another drive to work. Another set of academic periods with ELA or math or accompanying a student to inclusion class. 192 more words


A Hot Mess

Or considering my long-running self-esteem issues, maybe an ugly mess? What we can all agree on here is that I’m a mess of some sort worthy of a descriptor. 1,377 more words

General Life

Guilt and Shame in the Colossus of Rhodes

One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World was the Colossus of Rhodes, an iron-framed and brass-covered statue of the titan and sun god Helios, which stood in the harbour of Rhodes, Greece. 2,026 more words

Amateur Philosophy

Reset: diet

Here is what my blood tests, DNA tests, and time on the toilet all tell me:

  • If not entirely allergic to, I am at least highly sensitive to dairy and gluten…
  • 233 more words