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Is staying at home the same as having a J.O.B?

“Do you work?”

“Oh, yes. Yes, how about you?”

“Oh I’m a teacher… what do you do?”

“I’m a mum – I have two children.” … 803 more words



Once again,

In my poetry,

I am going to lapse

Into my customary


First, I’ll just throw words

Like popcorn on a stove,

& they’ll expand & burst… 119 more words

being hot-blooded is double-edged

On the one clawed-paw, it allows ma’habocath to bike through even subzero temps as any cardio will produce enough body heat to be like donning a second coat. 226 more words



My Valentine roses have nothing whatsoever to do with the beach. But I think they’re pretty and since I didn’t have my camera last night… 261 more words

The Great Outdoors

my three dads

There is a line in a movie that I am not ashamed to admit I have seen way too many times* which goes:

“Typical isn’t it?

440 more words

the more things change, the more things stay the same

This one’s changes in musical taste have been radical, as a symptom of his equally-radical transformation over the past three or four years according to imouto. 13 more words