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Reclaiming My Childhood

For a long time, my memories of my childhood were vague and felt very, very distant.  In part because I actively shied away from fully remembering.   236 more words


Stuffed and Bloated

My brain is full.  I don’t mean that in an “I’m so smart” sort of way, but rather that I feel unable to consume any more media. 822 more words


The Busy Bee Syndrome

It really has been an activity scramble here, more so than upon arrival “home” in past years. I’ve been reviewing what has and hasn’t worked out well on the road, then researching each area and addressing it in some fashion. 1,968 more words

Mod Squad


For the sixth time (or perhaps it’s the seventh), I’ve been seized by a desire to keep a blog. The one that lasted the longest was an angst-ridden one from my teenage years, but since then, I’ve mostly struggled to keep up with the schedule of blog writing. 515 more words


It’s Time to Treat Your Favorite Bespoke Suit and Couture Jacket Like the Investment Pieces They Are

Chances are that if you’re reading this, you’ve put countless hours—and, let’s face it, dollars—into building a wardrobe of perfectly tailored suits, sumptuous cashmere and vicuña pieces, … 315 more words



Six years ago today the Pater made his last, grand entrance, blown into the crematorium on the shoulders of four sturdy but bedraggled pall bearers, amid a flurry of horizontal rain, hail, wind and leaves. 151 more words

Just Me, Blogging ...

Day 30--nablopomo

It’s the last day of nablopomo and I’ve been absent since 11/17.

I am totally fine with that.

Why? Because blogging is what you make of it. 715 more words