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8th February 2016 - Day 39 of 366

The Majestic Morning

Today as I set for Kharghar in the morning, I had a vague plan of visit something really interesting I had discovered a few week back. 62 more words


Restaurant Review: Just Bing'g'e

I am a lazy foodie, in the sense, that while I’m very happy to try out new types of food and check out new eateries, I am rarely willing to travel for the sake of food. 1,188 more words


6th February 2016 - Day 37 of 366

Golden Fields of Dusk

The glass on the undeveloped burnt plots of Parsik Hill had a goldne touch this evening as the sun set. Its really amazing to see such amazing sights in nature each day and I am indeed really grateful about it.

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5th February 2016 - Day 36 of 366

Angry Young Buffalo

I had had been to the Pandav Khada Region as part for my research and was studying the area in great depth today and will be doing so for the future days to come. 57 more words


3rd February 2016 - Day 34 of 366

This image of a Red-wattled lapwing against the warm morning at the Pandav Khada region as a great highlight of the day for me as well as a good start on my latest project on the wildlife in Navi Mumbai

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Piano Practise Charts and independence in practise

Regular piano practise usually happens because of parent support, and then, teachers need to teach students to move on and learn to practise independently. This happens very slowly, and takes years with very many students, but… 154 more words


2nd February 2016 - Day 33 of 366

I was surprised to see this low voltage light today at the basement. And it looked really right for some low light drama. Paired up the 35 1.8 with some insane slow shutter speeds turning all the lights on the vehicle. Looks Great!

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