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Cellphones & Wilderness Travel

More and more people are relying on cellphones and smartphone applications for safety and navigation in wilderness areas.  People seem to push themselves beyond their comfort zone using a cellphone and 3G or LTE driven navigation programs like googlemaps. 327 more words


Listen: Podcast: BossGirl Creative

As a fellow blogger, I am curious when you struggle to gain motivation and topics to blog about, what pushes you through?   Where do you get your inspiration?   498 more words


3.1.1: LMS Tool Categories

The most relevant features of an LMS for effective instruction are as follows:

ePortfolio-gives students a place to collect the body of work they create. They, and the teacher, can track their growth and progress over the course of a semester. 48 more words

2.1.3: Commercial vs. Open Source Forums

After research, it seems the biggest difference between the two types of forum is cost. Both forums seem to be easy to use with tutorials and support, if a user gets stuck. 74 more words

5 Minutes to Made Up

There’s something about the magic of makeup that just makes a girl feel a little more “special.”  Be it the covering of an uneven skin tone (to achieve that “airbrushed at home” look), or just a swipe of mascara on the lashes to elongate and give off that “vixen” vibe, each woman has her own individual and unique reason for wearing makeup.   400 more words


Mixing Blue Hues

Preparing for a baby is more stressful than I thought.  The Mr. and I were laughing the other night:  “Who allowed us to be parents?  We are so immature!”  (As I was covered in sprinkles, eating a chocolate covered banana- he was trying to dab off the chocolate that was melting on my damask printed dress- chocolate on white swirls of damask…).   329 more words


Navigate 2.1.1: Delivery Methods of Synchronous Vendor Market

I had no idea there were so many different vendors for the synchronous delivery of online learning. Many of the programs cost a monthly fee. But, the free programs seem to be less reliable. 101 more words