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Maneuvering Your Vessel

Small boats are quite interesting vessels because they freely allow to be maneuvered wherever the captain wants to go.  Sometimes they are taken through rough waters where pounding waves and rain threatened to overturn it to the point of capsizing. 168 more words

Finding Balance

Life is busy and there are always a lot of things going on. No matter what we’re facing we can center ourselves and stand strong. The middle of anything must be stable in order to find balance. 556 more words

I've Got Your Back

May 13, 2018
“I’ve Got Your Back”
Navigate : Ancient Wisdom for Everyday Life
Exodus 20:16, James 3:1-12

Pastor Tom Baird




May 6, 2018
Navigate : Ancient Wisdom for Everyday Life
Exodus 20:15, Ephesians 4:28

Pastor Ryan Pedde



How to Navigate the World as a Person Who Feels Too Much and Too Hard


That’s what most people would say if you say that you are feeling too much. That you are too emotional and that you are too sensitive. 707 more words

How Am I Doing as a Mother?

When you think about what kind of mother you are, what comes to mind?

I want my children to see me as someone who deeply loves and cares about their well-being, but am also tasked with teaching them things and keeping them safe. 246 more words


Voters Consider Multi-Billion Dollar Bond Aimed to Protect Natural Resources

On June fifth voters will make the decision on whether to approve or deny a four billion dollar bond that will pour millions into many natural restoration efforts including those at the Salton Sea and open more funding for local parks. 342 more words