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Conveyor Ocean

Sailing the seas from point A to point B is not the same as walking or driving, because ground itself is moving too. Jonathan Raban writes “it’s like trying to walk in a straight line .. across a giant conveyor belt.”


That's Nuts!

Polynesian Islanders of the South Pacific have a very special navigation tool – their testicles. When sailing a boat, they dip the scrotum below the surface of water to sense the motion of the ocean and navigate to desired location. Who needs a compass?


Estimote uses their new mesh network of BLE beacons to decorate a yuletide tree

Everyone knows the holiday season means three things: family, friends and interconnected low-energy Bluetooth devices connected using a simple mesh network. Estimote, a beacon company, has given us the last thing by creating a small mesh network of wireless beacons that they proceed to hang on a Christmas tree. 153 more words


Research overview: Birds, Bees and Mankind -- Destroying Nature by Electrosmog

Research overview of wireless radiation impacts on bees and birds, originally in German, translated into English in 2009

From Kompetenz Initiative:

Bees, Birds and Mankind… 68 more words

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in sight of front door

navigation through darkness

foot meets hedgehog

Morning Ku

Avian GPS

“‘We think they are using quantum mechanics to navigate,’ said Daniel Kattnig, a researcher in the chemistry department at Oxford University. Kattnig works in a lab that studies radical pairs — a phenomenon in which atoms acquire extra electrons that are ‘entangled’ with one another, each affecting the other’s motion even though they’re separated by space…” 16 more words

Physics, Physics, Physics

When the sun sets and you can’t find the path home

“Seriously Del, we have to hurry up. The sun is setting and I have no idea where the start of the path down Devil’s Kitchen is.” 1,002 more words