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Can GPS Be Replaced?

Rely on numbers to get around the neighbourhood? Then this one’s for you. A nonprofit called the Mapcode Foundation, has designed a system that assigns a unique and easily remembered address to any spot on the planet, without reference to landmarks or street names. 291 more words


DAY 9 - continued

Is it a tram? Is it a tube? Is it a train?


It’s all three and it’s called the ‘T’.  T for terrific.

The entrance to the station is just around the corner from campus in Harvard Square and it’s one of those ones where you go down the steps into the underground sauna. 1,849 more words


P–11 days: Navigating Pluto

As of midnight beginning the morning of July 3rd on the U. S. east coast, our intrepid New Horizons spacecraft—the long-distance eyes and ears of the human race and our ambassador to the outer reaches of the traditional solar system—cruised along at 13.5 million kilometers from Pluto, looming closer by 1.2 million kilometers every day. 558 more words


User Experience

Designers are tour guides in a sense. The beginning of any design journey is much like the idea of storytelling – a framework must be set. 403 more words


Replace Start Screen with Easier Start Menu

In Windows 8.1, if you press the Windows key and then the first letter of the name of a programme, rather than the cursor moving to programmes which have names that begin with that letter, you will be placed in a search box. 238 more words


Unable to search for pages in SharePoint Online when using Managed Navigation

This is a summary of an issue we have had with publishing pages not being indexed, and then unable to build the search-driven pages we wanted using for example Content Search Web Part. 315 more words