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emmanuel head, lindisfarne

oil on canvas 60cm x 60cm

A navigation daymark built during the Napolionic Wars on the north-east corner of the island. 6 more words


Further knowledge for living in Taiwan

A little while ago I posted two articles on useful knowledge for living in Taiwan, you can find them here and here. Turns out that I have more knowledge rattling around in my head than can be crammed into two posts so I have made a third one. 1,496 more words

Non Fiction

Dynamics 365 - Hiding Navigation Groups based on User Permissions

I thought this would be a straightforward request to deal with – “We need to hide Sales, Marketing and Settings for some users”. But when you actually start to get into it you’ll quickly realise that at least the Sales and Marketing groups both contain ‘Contacts’ as well as a few other shared entities which means you can’t just hide it by not allowing access to the entities shown in the grouping. 361 more words

Dynamics 365 / CRM 2016

‘Passage to Felicity’

by Rory Turnbull

With charts, once showing routes across the sea,
Rejected now (some lost, some thrown away),
And ships exposed upon the ocean grey, 89 more words


Retrotechtacular: Car Navigation Like It's 1971

Anyone old enough to have driven before the GPS era probably wonders, as we do, how anyone ever found anything. Navigation back then meant outdated paper maps, long detours because of missed turns, and the far too frequent stops at dingy gas stations for the humiliation of asking for directions. 232 more words


An amazing new technology that helps blind people navigate

It’s a literal road to nowhere. Stretching out from a roundabout outside the Robin Hood Airport in Doncaster, a small village in Northern England, it’s a wholly unremarkable stretch of slowly cracking pavement, bushes, and weeds, an idle strip of asphalt near long-term parking and a bland business park.

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Huge Apple Maps outage prevents all users from searching, getting directions

”Those who attempted to use Apple Maps this morning during their commutes were met with a frustrating situation — Apple’s navigation app hasn’t been working properly for much of the day. 173 more words