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A catch-up post: Week Three of the next semester

For a while my agenda read “‘Fall recap’ post” and “‘new semester intro’ post,” but I never actually managed to write either of those posts. Now here’s a “I still want to write on this blog and please forgive me for its unexpected pop-up on your reader” post. 754 more words


Navitas Naturals Organic Cacao Goji Superfood Power Snack, 8-Ounce

Healthy snacking has never been so energizing and indulgent! These delicious grab-and-go snacks are made from some of the most nutrient-dense functional food stars including cacao, maca, chia and camu-camu. 68 more words

Teaching Log: Week Two

Part One:

That was a doozy. I barely made it through my class without losing focus completely or deciding to just leave the room

I’ m realizing more and more that the two classes I teach will need different time-tables and schedules, and that getting through this semester is maybe just a matter of keeping with the flow and not drowning. 716 more words


Teaching Log One: The First Week

When I started this post, I was sitting in my chair during the final office hour of the week and considering how things went. All things factored in, I’d say I didn’t cause any irreparable damage in how I handled the first week, but I certainly needed this weekend to regroup and create a new plan of action. 900 more words


Alumni Q&A Panel

On 31st of July, we were joined by four amazing panel members, Anna McLeod, Dianna Siomos, Roberto Giannetti and Jennifer Botha, each from different industry backgrounds. 493 more words

Professional Development

Immediate Navitas Naturals Hemp Seeds Shelled 8Ounce

1957 – hemp is last grown in the U.S. due to government confusion over hemp and drug varieties of the plant, while new government incentives for industry replace natural fibers with plastics, ultimately bankrupting key… 238 more words

Thoughts Navitas Naturals Organic Protein Superfood Blend 8Ounce Pouches

Goji is arguably one of the most powerful “superfoods” known. These little berries from the Himalayan mountains have more Vitamin C than oranges, more beta carotene than carrots and more iron than spinach, all in 1 little ounce. 209 more words