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Saying Good Bye to Chapter 1

I took my eldest to the movies yesterday and while waiting for the movie to start, I saw an ad for Prudential.  In the ad an older gentleman is discussing his retirement from one job, he called it his chapter 1.   398 more words

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Thankfulness is a Lifesyle not a Season

Every Thanksgiving I see my social media fill up with a month of thankfulness. It’s beautiful. To see the glory of God shine through numerous optimistic and joyful posts is moving. 551 more words


Safely arrived In Seattle

I had the best of intentions to blog/vlog each day on my PCS road trip… lately it’s been difficult balancing the two.  I did manage to capture it in vlog form for my youtube channel tho, I think because I was doing the majority of driving this just turned out easier.  190 more words



My childhood was rough but amazing. It made me who I am. Sitting at my grandma’s house and the rooms are full of memories. I feel like here is my happy place. 54 more words



I was having such a good day yesterday I forgot to post. The hubs returned from his deployment! :) Even though I’m in iowa and he’s in california it was so good to hear his voice. 31 more words



Being away from the love of your life is hard work. I hate falling asleep alone. I hate not being able to kiss him. I hate not holding his hand. 139 more words

Navy Spouse

California King

Laying here on my California King size bed wishing the love of my life didn’t have to leave and be deployed in a week. Being a… 182 more words

Navy Spouse