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New Year, New State

Well, here we are.

It’s 2018, we’ve moved halfway across the country, and life is beginning to show the signs of settling back into some sense of normalcy in our household. 395 more words


The Reality of Life as a Navy Spouse

We all knew the day would come. Even as we spent random evenings together playing games, made Waffle House runs, went to Zumba, took spontaneous trips to Tropical Smoothie, and even helped each other stay awake when switching to and living on the night shift. 937 more words


Navy Life in Goose Creek, SC

Last week, I wrote a post talking about what to expect when your spouse is in the Navy, going through the nuke pipeline. It can be a doozy of a time (and feel eternal!), but even in the adversity of nuke school, good things can still happen. 1,391 more words

Navy Wife

Navy Life: So You Married (or are Dating) a Nuke

As a Navy wife, I am a member of multiple Facebook groups for Navy SOs. Some are local to where I am now or where I will be soon. 1,825 more words


Choosing Military Housing


We’re moving back into military housing.

If you remember the last time we did this, you might wonder why we made this decision again, so I’m going to walk you through the thought process. 747 more words

Navy Life

Move.mil and the DPS System Make My Head Hurt: tips for setting up your HHG shipment


We have “Hard Copy Orders” in hand. This means that J is officially set to transfer to….. San Diego! Ta-da!

But this also means that now it’s time to start all of the hoop-jumping that’s involved in actually, y’know, setting it up. 722 more words

Navy Life

How to Make a Kick-ass Halfway Box (Without Breaking the Bank)

You and your sailor have spent a pretty penny at the Nex buying everything he/she needs for underway.
You’ve nagged about how much toothpaste they need and how many pairs of underwear to pack. 1,598 more words