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BOSS: Erica Pace of Pretty Packages

PrettyMama Promotions focuses on Small Businesses like my own. On Saturdays, I will be showcasing Small Business Owners and their social media accounts. I’ll highlight what makes them feel successful along with what kinds of failures they’ve experienced. 294 more words

I Want to Scream

I am a person who likes lists, plans, and all signs in order.  I don’t have a major case of OCD, but a small one.  I like the saying, “a place for everything and everything in its  place.”  (I think that is how it goes).   638 more words

My Story

Time Moves Too Fast

Everyone says it, when they have kids, “You are growing too fast, stop it”. I hear it from grandparents, teachers, friends and family we haven’t seen in a while.   490 more words

Thought Of The Day

Losing My Respite Care

The Navy has been good to our family for many years.  However, there is one thing which bugs me quite a bit; the time it takes to get things processed!!   829 more words

Being A Parent

Saying Good Bye to Chapter 1

I took my eldest to the movies yesterday and while waiting for the movie to start, I saw an ad for Prudential.  In the ad an older gentleman is discussing his retirement from one job, he called it his chapter 1.   398 more words

My Story

Thankfulness is a Lifesyle not a Season

Every Thanksgiving I see my social media fill up with a month of thankfulness. It’s beautiful. To see the glory of God shine through numerous optimistic and joyful posts is moving. 551 more words


Safely arrived In Seattle

I had the best of intentions to blog/vlog each day on my PCS road trip… lately it’s been difficult balancing the two.  I did manage to capture it in vlog form for my youtube channel tho, I think because I was doing the majority of driving this just turned out easier.  190 more words