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My childhood was rough but amazing. It made me who I am. Sitting at my grandma’s house and the rooms are full of memories. I feel like here is my happy place. 54 more words

Heart Soul Mind


I was having such a good day yesterday I forgot to post. The hubs returned from his deployment! :) Even though I’m in iowa and he’s in california it was so good to hear his voice. 31 more words

Heart Soul Mind


Being away from the love of your life is hard work. I hate falling asleep alone. I hate not being able to kiss him. I hate not holding his hand. 139 more words

Navy Spouse

California King

Laying here on my California King size bed wishing the love of my life didn’t have to leave and be deployed in a week. Being a… 182 more words

Navy Spouse

Being my Husband's Mistress, because the Navy is his Wife

I knew the day I met my husband that the Navy came first. It took me some time to get used to the idea, but I managed the best I could. 534 more words

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Moving On : The Next Chapter In Our Journey

It has taken me some time to sit and write this post. There has been so many emotions lately ranging from bitterness, sadness, excitement, stress, back to bitterness, nervousness, back to excitement, stress, and ending at just pure exhausted. 2,004 more words


I grew up going to Sunday School every Sunday. I only attended Church when the Sunday School had to sing for holidays. I started going to Church on a regular basis when I was in confirmation because it was mandatory. 950 more words