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Being my Husband's Mistress, because the Navy is his Wife

I knew the day I met my husband that the Navy came first. It took me some time to get used to the idea, but I managed the best I could. 534 more words

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Moving On : The Next Chapter In Our Journey

It has taken me some time to sit and write this post. There has been so many emotions lately ranging from bitterness, sadness, excitement, stress, back to bitterness, nervousness, back to excitement, stress, and ending at just pure exhausted. 2,004 more words


Hi and Welcome to Witness God’s Work, It’s Always A Journey. My blog is not to get you to believe if you are a non believer and it’s not to force a bunch of religion down your throat lol. 999 more words


#blogExodus 2: Bless

A couple weekends ago, I was doing rather a lot of the opposite of blessing. My husband’s squadron had decided that it was sending a gaggle of instructors and students out of town in an effort to find better flying weather. 373 more words


Focusing Your Networking

I am awful at networking. It is so awkward and uncomfortable to build out networks of people just so they can help you one day. But it is important.  292 more words

Military Spouse



I am trying to decide between two career paths. The first is one that I know I enjoy and already have experience in. 329 more words

Military Spouse