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March 2017 - Developments in the Clinic & Family

This March finds us in a new clinic partnership, where Nick is keen on supporting recent advances in physical therapy education as they roll into patient care practices in the clinic. 991 more words


It's a Roller Coaster

This past week has been a typical week for me as a pastor. A roller coaster of emotions.

I normally love roller coasters. My boys will tell you that I started dragging them on roller coasters as soon as they were tall enough to reach the height requirement. 464 more words

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Back to Christ

It’s time for Christianity to get back to Christ.

I’ve spent this last week at a Youth Leadership Conference in Kansas City. I learned a lot of things this week. 657 more words

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The Why Question

When I picked up my little boy from the sitter today, we had the windows down enjoying the nice breeze as we quickly headed home before church. 977 more words

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Yes, But...What Do I Do?

I don’t tell anybody what to do.

I tell people what I do, and why I think it’s a good idea.  For instance, I sometimes call myself a Messianic Gentile, but more and more I simply call myself a Believer, for I walk in the Way of Nazarene Judaism of the 1st Century to the extent that the Acts 15 Decree requires of me as fully discussed in the Brit Chadashah…the New Testament.  5,864 more words

#BedNaz2Guatemala 2017

The adventure is about to begin!!

Will you pray for us?

Click Guatemala Prayer Calendar 2017 for a downloadable pdf version of the above prayer calendar and distributed in the church bulletin on Feb 19! 183 more words


A Flask of Oil

So sorry that you missed our post last week! Things got a little hectic around here and we just didn’t get one out in time! But we are back at it this week. 730 more words

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