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Prisoners of War Database on Find My Past

The battles of World War Two dislocated many people and the Axis (Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan and Italy) and the Allies (Great Britain, France, Soviet Union and France) as they took over land created many prisoner of war camps. 109 more words


Calm Voice of Reason?

Ben Carson, one of the many candidates for the Republican nomination for president, speaks calmly and with supreme confidence. He appears to be every bit the medical doctor dispensing a prescription to a sick nation. 738 more words


Ben Carson’s insane gun control argument points Americans towards armed insurrection

Ben Carson, brain surgeon and presidential candidate, is repeating a controversial and historically inaccurate argument against gun control. In his alternative version of history the Holocaust could have been prevented if regular Germans, or German Jews, had been armed. 736 more words

Spy Game: The Scent of Secrets

You may recall that I’m a big fan of historical fiction but that I’d been having a hard time finding something to really get me excited. 647 more words

Historical Fiction: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Zusak, M. (2006). The book thief. New York: Knopf Books for Young Readers. ISBN-13: 978-0375831003. Hardcover. $12.73.

“She was a girl. In Nazi Germany. How fitting that she was discovering the power of words.” Liesel Meminger survives being taken from the life she has always known, only to be faced with loving a new home and family and friends – which may all be taken from her. 103 more words


Robocop (2014): The Drone Angle

I recently watched Robocop, a 2014 film directed by José Padilha which treats cyborgs and the ascendance of robots in contemporary culture. An earlier film named Robocop was directed by Paul Verhoeven in 1987. 2,041 more words


Writing against the Reich

During the 1930s and 1940s, Germany’s Nazi Party worked to change traditional culture to suit their purposes. Such activities were another facet to the growing dictatorship, as the Party regulated and restricted culture for its citizens and artists, 1,373 more words