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Sheriff David Clarke Jr. of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin:

“The Constitution is being “obliterated,” and “our democratic way of life is being transformed into a socialist agenda, and I don’t know what it’s going to take short of a Lexington-Concord type moment,” Clarke said. 222 more words


August Kubizek, Hitler’s only friend - a summary

August Kubizek provides the only substantial witness account of Adolf Hitler’s early years in Linz and Vienna between 1907 and 1912. Born within nine months of each other they met in their hometown of Linz where a shared love of art and music, especially the operas of  522 more words

Nazi Germany

Review: Alone In Berlin by Hans Fallada

This is one of those books that has been sat neglected on my TBR shelf for far too long. It was actually suggested to me by my GCSE history teacher but , to be perfectly frank , I disliked history. 422 more words


Fury (review)

A hardened war veteran and his crew of five operate an American tank, Fury, through Nazi Germany outnumbered and ill-equipped, in terms of both armoury and personnel. 302 more words


WWII and You

You see, when we defeated Nazi Germany in World War II it wasn’t just the defeat of Germany or the German army.

Oh no, it was much more than that. 955 more words


Saturday Reader: Warsaw Uprising at 71

Today marks the 71st Anniversary of the World War II Resistance to Nazi Occupation in Poland.

Led by the Polish Home Army, the rebellion was the largest military effort by any European resistance group in World War II. 217 more words

Night Train to Munich 1940

20th Century Fox

A dramatic eve-of-war-in-Europe movie starring Margaret Lockwood (Anna Bomasch) and Rex Harrison (Gus Bennett) with Paul Henreid (Karl Marsen) in a supporting role. 527 more words