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Eugenics: The Fungus That Won't Die

Eugenics. The belief  that some people are born with superior genes and are intellectually and/or physically superior is a pernicious and pervasive myth that penetrates the human subconscious. 694 more words

Poverty And Development

Realizing That Hitler Was Right

This is one man’s story of his awakening to the #HitlerWasRight Truth.

Renegade Editor’s Note: don’t get turned off by the cartoon graphics. You don’t even need to watch the slideshow, but just listen to his testimonial to hear what many people around the world are going through as they discover this new information. 21 more words

Historical Revisionism

That whole Trump is like Hitler meme

This mornings article is in reference to this tweet: https://twitter.com/BrandMooreArt/status/780391058358280193 and also this one as well: https://twitter.com/mattgood/status/780412920689754112

I spend a lot of time on Twitter. Far more than I ever did on Facebook. 575 more words

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Battling Indifference- A Replay

A friend of mine posted the quote below, one that I have long admired,  online this morning and it set me off thinking how our indifference to so many things affects us in many ways.   1,058 more words


A Nazi in housewife’s clothing – Jefferson St. Clair

The Stomping Mare, a female guard at several Nazi concentration camps, was known for her exceptional cruelty, even by Nazi standards. She served as an Aufseherin, the German title for a female guar… 10 more words

20th Century

Banned Books Week - Pt. 2: The Problem.

After kicking off Banned Books Week with yesterday’s introduction post on how and where books are being banned, I want to continue this series today by highlighting why banning books is such a problematic issue. 1,148 more words

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