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Provoking Conversation on Community: The Martin Luther Memorial Church and the Nature of Community

“Provoking Conversation on Community: The Martin Luther Memorial Church and the Nature of Community”
Kyle Jantzen, Ambrose Faculty Retreat, September 2015

Along with a faculty colleague, I was asked to give a twenty-minute talk on community from the perspective of my academic discipline. 2,768 more words

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Lotte's Story: A Post-Script

The response I received to the writings of my cousin Lotte was overwhelming.  People were very moved by her life story and by her writing. (You can find her story… 3,463 more words


How Adolf Hitler Tackled Financial and Economic Crisis Within Three Years

To deal with the massive unemployment and economic paralysis of the Great Depression, both the US and German governments launched innovative and ambitious programs.

Although President Franklin Roosevelt’s “New Deal” measures helped only marginally, the Third Reich’s much more focused and comprehensive policies proved remarkably effective. 4,775 more words

Historical Revisionism

How Hitler Defied The Bankers

How Hitler defied the bankers

Many people take joy in saying Wall Street and Jewish bankers “financed Hitler.” There is plenty of documented evidence that Wall Street and Jewish bankers did indeed help finance Hitler at first, partly because it allowed the bankers to get rich (as I will describe below) and partly in order to control Stalin. 1,748 more words

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New review: Secrets of the River by Caroline Ludovici

By Ekta R. Garg

September 2, 2015

Genre: YA fiction/mystery

Rated: Borrow it

Four teens run across a mystery right in their backyard and must work to solve it against an impending celebration and some suspicious men. 556 more words

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Today in History: Invasion of Poland

On September 1st 1939, the military forces of Germany invaded the small country of Poland which is situated in between the mighty country of Germany and Czechoslovakia which had recently been invaded back in March. 276 more words


Oh! The Power I Wield!

Every day, we get an email from the Smithsonian, frequently special updates about articles in the magazine, but often things that are reserved only for the on-line subscribers. 256 more words