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Reading Up on Argentina, Birthplace of Pope Francis

With the Pope’s visit to the U.S. this week, now is a good time to add a few choice items to your reading list.

Pope Francis is from Argentina, a country in crisis. 327 more words


US paid $20 million in benefits to ex Nazis, state watchdog finds

This is from The Times Of Israel.

I guess I should have rented a S.S. Uniform and goose stepped into my local Social Security office when I applied for disability. 641 more words

Watchdog finds ex-Nazis got $20.2 million in Social Security

WASHINGTON (AP) — Elfriede Rinkel’s past as a Nazi concentration camp guard didn’t keep her from collecting nearly $120,000 in American Social Security benefits.

Rinkel admitted to being stationed at the Ravensbrueck camp during World War II, where she worked with an attack dog trained by the SS, according to U.S. 262 more words

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Vladimir Katriuk, 2nd Most Wanted Nazi, Dies In Quebec At 93

MONTREAL (AP) — The second most wanted man on the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s list of Nazi war criminals — charged earlier this month by Russia with genocide — has died at age 93, his lawyer said. 73 more words


10 Nazi War Criminals Who May Escape Justice Forever

This is from ListVerse.

While these Nazis may escape earthly judgement and punishment they will be punished in eternity.

They will face Jesus Christ as their final judge and he will swiftly administer justice and send them to the fires of Hell. 3,238 more words

Author Stephen Stein, “The Oath”

After the Holocaust, the U.S. actually welcomed some Nazi war criminals to America.

A new historical novel called “The Oath” by Author Stephen Stein was loosely based on the program that made it possible. 33 more words

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Nazi war criminal's past were ignored

This is a subject that is very troublesome–did you know that Werner von Braun supervised a slave labor program in an underground cave to build the V 2 rocket that he proudly rained down on the UK? 367 more words