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Mein Trumpf #RacistInChief



Of course he said his racist speech is ok, because many people agree with him, certainly many fine people right?

Yeah, now he is fighting for the fascist 25% to have their voices heard, they are his new minority, his new victim to champion.

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Fighting Fuel

Today’s Poster, an unusual topic for the blog so far, though a common war theme, featuring an exhortation to conserve fuel for the war effort. But here it’s the Nazi German war effort: ‘ 90 more words


I did Nazi that coming...

Donald Trump (r), after yesterday’s Nuremberg rally where he incited the crowd:

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
Just returned to the White House from the Great State of North Carolina.

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Dear Nazi's, I see you

We are living in both a dangerous and fascinating time in history. What happens in the next few years is most certainly going to define our time in history for the next several generations, and it’s strange to see how much damage we are causing along the way. 817 more words


Το άθλιο CNN: Βγάζουν τώρα τον ναζί Spencer για να κατηγορεί τον Τραμπ!

Αφού πρώτα είχαν χρησιμοποιήσει τον ίδιο ναζί προεκλογικά για να συκοφαντήσουν τον πρόεδρο Τραμπ. Μιλάμε για το περιβόητο βίντεο με το χάιλ Χίτλερ, χάιλ Τραμπ, … 33 more words


A dead scientist. A Nazi bunker. And a week-long hunt for the killer

The last time anyone saw Suzanne Eaton, she was playing the piano at the Orthodox Academy of Crete in Kolymbari on July 2.

An American molecular biologist living and working in Germany, she was visiting the Greek island to attend a conference on insect hormones. 733 more words