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SS Nazi bolts removed from Toronto home

Two SS Nazi bolts on the front porch of a Toronto home have been removed.

A woman, who wants to remain anonymous for safety reasons and the nature of her work, was walking in the East Danforth area when she noticed the white supremacist emblem in August 2018. 628 more words


Germany to compensate people who fled from country as children to escape Nazis

Children fled to Britain, where they were then sent to schools, farms and hostels.

Berlin has agreed to one-time payments for survivors, primarily Jews, who were evacuated from Nazi Germany as children, many of whom never saw their parents again. 547 more words

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Wunderland by Jennifer Cody Epstein

Wunderland by Jennifer Cody Epstein is an exceptional book, engaging, page turning. And at times terrifying.

I’ve always wondered what types of people followed Hitler, how so many could have shared his thoughts, values. 199 more words



“Picture of Dorian Gray” by Ivan Le Lorraine Albright,

His car belonged to a Nazi.
Not a would be,
Or wannabe,
Or could have been, 128 more words

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German biscuit heiress Verena Bahlsen apologises for Nazi-era forced labourer remarks

The heiress of a German biscuit empire has apologised over remarks she made that appeared to play down the hardship suffered by dozens of people forced to work at the family business under Nazi rule. 524 more words

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Holocaust In Hollow Instagram!

On her 13th birthday, the little girl wrote in a diary that she wanted to become a journalist… and would marry an Englishman! The girl documented her dreams in February 1944, a month before the Nazi forces invaded Hungary. 662 more words


New NATO-approved US monument honors fascist Lithuanian Nazi collaborator as anti-Soviet hero | The Grayzone

The United States is now the site of a monument to a Nazi collaborator.

[…because of a lie called Russia-gate. Congrats, America. We’re now celebrating the very thing George Orwell warned us about. 73 more words

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