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I’ve loved the parallel story, of the son who lives under the shadow of an elder sibling who did not survive the holocaust, more than the main plot. 60 more words


NASA renames faraway ice world 'Arrokoth' after backlash

OOPS the Nazis Scientist named this Ultima Thule. I Cannot remember Nazis they killed 3 million Jewish people and 2 million Russians well in this day and age it’s not “PC” Politiclly correct to remember such things… the name should be Socially acceptable…



The Persecution of the Roma Is Often Left Out of the Holocaust Story. Victims’ Families Are Fighting to Change That

Kurucz Sándor was around 7 when, in 1938, German soldiers came to his town in what was then Czechoslovakia.

One by one, Sándor’s friends and neighbors, who were members of the Roma ethnic group, were taken away by the Einsatzgruppen, who were Nazi security forces. 2,397 more words

A few thoughts on BBC 'impartiality'

A still showing the wreath the prime minister laid the wrong way round

A still from a clip of the 2016 Remembrance Sunday service the BBC ended up showing… 585 more words


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We well remember the bollocking they gave Michael Foot for failing to imitate the toff style at the cenotaph. Here's Mark Wallace, executive editor of conservative home, echoing Dr Goebbels: "In fairness" the lie worked, and that's all that matters in politics.  

What if hitler had won?

One of the biggest questions of all time is what would have happened if Adolph Hitler and the Nazi party and won world war two. There are several possibilities of the time that would have had to go the way of Adolph… 504 more words

Antisemitic labour? Don't make me laugh!

I’ve been a Labour party supporter all my adult life. Apart from a brief period when Tony Blair took us into an illegal war I’ve been a party member too. 17 more words


Film Review: Jojo Rabbit

There’s the right amount of satire and emotion in this one.

Jojo Rabbit (2019) is directed by Taika Waititi and written by Taika and Christine Leunens. 434 more words