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Niema Movassat

Der Bundestagsabgeordneter Niema Movassat auf Twitter:
#Meuthen meint, es “eine Groteske”, Mitglieder des “Flügels” aus der AfD auszuschließen, weil man nicht 1/4 der Mitgliedschaft ausschließen kann. 23 more words


Reductio ad Hitlerum

Playing the Nazi card, is an attempt to invalidate someone else’s position on the basis that the same view was held by Adolf Hitler… 153 more words



“I don’t trust anything that popular. It borders on the levels of Nazism or the Macarena.”


Anne Frank in an Archetypal Point of View

I am enjoying reading Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. I have found this book very interesting and hard to put down as I want to know what happens in the “Secret Annex”. 447 more words

Extra Credits Versus The Nazis

Extra Credits is a channel and show I promote often since they have interesting topics for filler posts or occasionally something I build an article and commentary of my own around. 2,274 more words

Video Game Spotlight

A Hero's Death ...

The once sturdy frame, now withered from age, leaned into the wind and he made his way unsteadily down the quiet street. His ninety-four-year-old knees ached. 757 more words

World War II

Everyone a racist now, except actual racists

Thanks to social media and white-guilt, it turns out everyone is a closet bigot or at the very least, a ‘wardrobe Danny Baker’. Unfortunately, the side-effect is that we now ignore anyone burning a cross while wearing a bed-sheet, describing them as a ‘colourful character’ or Katie Hopkins. 198 more words

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