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Mark Collins - Boden wenn nicht Blut: Horrible Heidegger, Nazism and Now

Martin Heidegger (more here) truly was a nasty piece of work–with nasty foretastes for today? At the London Review of Books: Great Again Malcolm Bull Ponderings II-VI: Black Notebooks, 1931-3… 12 more words

Human Rights

Leni Riefenstahl, regizoarea lui Hitler, în vizită la București

Nu mică ne-a fost mirarea să dăm în paginile Ilustraţiunii române din 1939 peste vizita la București a regizoarei Leni Riefenstahl, cea care a dus pe noi „culmi” filmul de propagandă în timpul regimului nazist. 636 more words

Will You Be Found Faithful?: Chapter Nine

The Unfaithful Historical Critics Versus the Faithful Confessing Church

Unfortunately, one of the saddest cases of spiritual adultery occurred in the same place where one of the greatest victories over spiritual adultery occurred–Germany. 1,560 more words


Papal Bull; Cum nimis absurdum and the Nuremberg Laws

The Cum nimis absurdum is a Papal Bull issued by the Roman Catholic Church issued by Pope Paul IV on July 14, 1555. As is usual with Papal Bulls it takes its name from the first three words. 1,554 more words


On Europe's Future

I am part of the top-% of the highly educated people. Yet never have I taken one class or seminar on economics, leaving me in the dark about what macro & micro economics look like and how these processes are deeply connected to political history and our future. 847 more words


How the Current Generation Is Dishonoring the Greatest Generation

Today’s guest post comes from Barefoot Boomer. Boomer is a career Army officer and strategist. He is also a historian with an emphasis in American and German military history. 1,469 more words