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Nazism in Tlon

“Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius” was the most difficult story I have ever read in English. It is philosophical and metaphorical. There are some real things in the story (like Encyclopedia Britannica), but it is more imaginary than most of other stories we have read in the class. 313 more words

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Memo To Romance Authors: Nazis Are NOT "Leading Men"

Our imaginations and personal interests will invariably take us down our own writing paths. It’s any author’s right to invent what he/she wishes to invent. Our creativity means everything. 947 more words


Tweet of the Day: Steven Crowder

Conservative comedian/radio host Steven Crowder must’ve slept through history class, because this is utter nonsense. To be fair, not even his fans were buying it.


My Auschwitz Experience

When I came to the camp, there was no fine ash falling from a leaden winter sky. There were no cries of frightened women and children in the night, nor the menacing barks of dogs and S.S. 1,901 more words

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Universal Monsters in review: The Wolf Man (1941)

The Wolf Man has become over the years one of my favorite Universal monsters. Larry Talbot has to be the single most tragic character to ever grace the silver (no pun intended) screen. 772 more words


Bowdlerizing Mozart

In a passage from Wolfgang Hildesheimer’s biography, Mozart, the author discusses posterity’s attempt to sanitize the composer, including his operatic music, some of which sang out in the sort of joy that stuffed-shirt guardians of society’s morality can’t abide. 511 more words


Tickets to Auschwitz

After discovering that some of my mother’s Dutch family had died in the Holocaust, I felt compelled to see the concentration camps where they were murdered.  1,126 more words

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