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Breitbart, Goebbels and Trump

George Friedman argues on Breitbart.com that nationalism is a positive expression of self-determination that needs to be thought of as distinct from fascism. He propounds the frankly ridiculous notion that the nationalism of Germany and Italy can somehow be separated from their eventual desire to impose their will on neighboring nations. 597 more words


Just like with anything, people take things one step too far. The term “feminazi” refers to radical feminists who preach that women should have superiority over men, that bras symbolises oppression, that if women shave their body hair, they’re letting down the feminists. 311 more words


The Kaiser's Last Kiss (2003)

This beautifully characterised short historical novel depicts a fascinating clash between the elderly Kaiser Wilhelm and the spreading tide of Nazism. 514 more words


Daddy >> Sylvia Plath

You do not do, you do not do
Any more, black shoe
In which I have lived like a foot
For thirty years, poor and white, 496 more words

American Literature

Politisk extremism ökar ofta efter kriser

Publicerad i Dagens ETC 160815

Efter att den grekiska ekonomin gick i kvav 2008 har det politiska landskapet förändrats kraftigt. Grekiska partier som dominerat politiken i decennier marginaliserades till förmån för, först det högerextrema Gyllene Gryning, och därefter vänsterpartiet Syriza. 847 more words