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Putting The Puzzle Together:  Too Many Missing Pieces

Sometimes it is amazing to me how much information you can get from one document—an obituary, a death certificate, a news article.  This time it was a document my cousin Wolfgang Seligmann found in a suitcase.   1,801 more words


Welcome to the Fourth Reich-U.K. tabloids resorting to nazi-style propaganda against immigrants

As reported on Russia Today, United Nations human rights chief has denounced U.K. tabloids for resorting to nazi-style propaganda tactics by referring to immigrants and asylum seekers as “cockroaches” and using other derogatory and blatantly racist epithets:


Global Research misses out on Hitler Birthday Conspiracy

Only the greatest thing on earth can become a never ending stone of stumbling and a rock of offence to the houses of Israel, and Nazism turned out to be it. 294 more words


A peek behind the curtain: Why write about White Supremecists?

I’ve often been tempted to read more into my work than is there. Let’s face it, I churn out the blood, guts and cum because I enjoy it and because there’s a certain portion of the population that likes the particular way I manage to mix up a frothy cup of lust, fear and revulsion. 274 more words


Simon Wiesenthal Center condemns Rada bills against USSR and recognition of Nazi collaborators as "freedom fighters"

The Simon Wiesenthal Center on April 12 released a statement condemning the pro-Nazi bills passed by the Rada on Apr. 9, which equate nazism and communism and extend social benefits to the Banderistas of the OUN-UPA. 236 more words

More on Himmler

I have finished reading the book about the Heinrich Himmler and I find that I have a few more thoughts to add to my previous post… 1,149 more words