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Headlines - 9/20/16

Donald Trump Jr. borrowed a political analogy from a Nazi war criminal, Internet trolls are the real winners of the 2016 election, Roger Stone calls Breitbart.com an influential alt-right website, and more. 97 more words


Jared's Articles

 SORHAINDO, Jared. The Question of Uniqueness (HCH 12)

(The gatehouse at Auschwitz-Birkenau, taken from outside of the camp. Photo by Jared Sorhaindo, Auschwitz, October 4, 2014)

Știți cum America a salvat Germania de la foamete și socialism?

by Dorelian Bellu

Ura pe care o vedem că se manifestă la noi împotriva Statelor Unite pare minoră în comparaţie cu cea de pe site-urile publicaţiilor germane. 1,149 more words


A Family's Life Destroyed: The Story of Anna Gross

As I wrote last time, Mathilde Gross Mayer and her three children, Wilhelm, Ernst, and Alice, all safely emigrated from Germany in the 1930s after the Nazis had taken over.   2,648 more words


Election 2016 – Is Trump like Hitler?

(I decided to write a few blog posts about this election, against my better instincts and the advice of my family. This will be somewhat unsystematic and off-the-cuff and probably poorly developed and poorly thought-out. 1,191 more words


Revisiting de Man

As we saw last week, Paul de Man was a revered literary critic – a pillar of the pretentious theoretical approach known as deconstruction – who died in 1983 only to have his reputation destroyed four years later when a young Belgian academic uncovered his pro-Nazi wartime writings.   680 more words