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Hitler - A Text From History

“Is there a problem Mein Führer?!”

“I don’t understand it! Why does no-one put LOL in their messages from the Russian Front anymore?!”


Floppy Fascism

Since announcements that the Abbott government will from January 2016 introduce a “no jab, no pay” policy, noting the increasing misuse of particular terms became inescapable. 2,450 more words


#BOOTED! Tila Tequila (@TheRealTila) Loses her "Shot" on Celebrity Big Brother (@bbuk) Over Her Hitler Sympathies!

In the latest news on celebrity antics, former reality television star, Tila Tequila just lost her “shot” at remaining relevant over a past rant about… 270 more words

Hey Mikey

How to turn a thought-bubble into a rumour

In an extraordinary article over at chookwatchcentral, where the chookwatchers amalgamate their various site’s posts, the chookwatchers level an incredible accusation at a highly respected minister as he preached in a large congregation in Singapore. 1,460 more words


Killing Our Own : The Truth About Gulf War Syndrome

PATRIOT NEWS: George Bush’s Hacked and Leaked Painting of Him Trying to Wash the Blood Off of His Hands:

Gadianton Robbers