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Hitler’s Finances and the Myth of Nazi Anti-Usury Activism

by Anthony Migchels on September 16, 2013

(Left: the Emperor wears no moustache……)

There is the widespread notion that Hitler was fighting the Money Power and that he was a problem for the Bankers because he created a Usury free economy. 3,258 more words


Max Lingner (1888-1959)

“Mademoiselle Yvonne”, 1939.

The portrait of Mademoiselle Yvonne, painted in 1939 by Max Lingner, a German resident of Paris since 1928, is a striking testimony to the courage of women in the French resistance. 40 more words


Ken Livingstone: antisemitic? just relating history? or just stupid?

Ken Livingstone has been suspended from the Labour Party for making allegedly “antisemitic” statements.  But Livingstone claims that he was not saying anything antisemitic and was only relating historical events when he said Hitler supported Zionism when elected to the leadership of Germany in the 1930s. 559 more words


Nazism, Zionism and Hindutva

To admire Nazism and Zionism simultaneously would be referred to as the highest form of paradox anywhere in the world!
But only when you have no knowledge about both. 126 more words

Alt-Right Columnist Says Electing Donald Trump Could be 'the Greatest Coup in Zionism's History'

It has been well established that many white nationalists have fallen in love with big-mouthed GOP front-runner Donald Trump. From old-school racists like David Duke, who accused Trump opponents of treason to their heritage, to relative newcomers like… 1,710 more words


Günter Grass and Norman Mailer Interview

This 2007 roundtable discussion, featured on C-Span, is quite unusual as far as Grass interviews go.  This two-hour video discussion features Grass and the American novelist, New Journalist and author of… 339 more words

Günter Grass

On the Preparations for the War

Original: Colonel Cassad
Translated by Alexander Fedotov

By the way, about the war, about its beginning. Look at the dates in the screenshots.

Very interesting screenshots I found yesterday on the internet. 270 more words