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What is the role of interpretive art in right-wing populism?

Does art that uses “problematic” imagery or aesthetics open to interpretation allow far-right populism to flourish? Should we censor art in the name of combating it? 403 more words


The Difference

“What is communism? What is socialism? For me personally, it is worse than Nazism.

Nazism was in plain sight, and communism was covered up. What was done, let’s say, in concentration camps was known to everybody. 130 more words


My Friend the 'Nazi' (Reacting without reason)

Something that has wound me up recently is the treatment of a friend of mine from University. I started my course in 2015 and had to start acquainting myself with new people, and for someone like me, that is very hard, but I made some good friends, including someone I would consider one of my best. 424 more words

News And Views

Les 21 points du S.O.L.

Légion française des combattants et des volontaires de la Révolution nationale.
Contre l’Ancien Régime. Pour l’Ordre Nouveau.

1. Contre la lèpre juive. Pour la pureté française. 283 more words




Hitler wakes up in a back alley in Berlin in 2011; he can’t figure out what is going on. It is too quiet: no shelling, no shooting, no sirens. 166 more words


Op-Ed: "Greek and Polish nationalism is playing with fire"

Places like Greece and Poland are on a slippery slope. By ignoring or not feeling concerned with these issues going on in the world, we turn a blind eye to history and what this has led to before. 861 more words


Museum of International Propaganda

The building that houses the Museum of International Propaganda in downtown San Rafael used to be a children’s store where I would get shoes when I was a little kid. 1,163 more words