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Donald Trump: A Stalinist Republican?

People on my side of politics like to call Donald Trump a fascist or even a Nazi, because Trump, Nazism and fascism are all on the right side of the spectrum. 178 more words


American Racism and The Man in the High Castle

Alternate history is fun, no matter the subject, but only the best make us think about our own world in a more complex way. Amazon’s adaptation of Philip K. 500 more words

Media Reviews

History Remembers: the Reichstag Fire, the incident that helped the Nazis establish a dictatorship

 It was 84 years ago on this very day that the Reichstag Fire occurred, an incident which transformed the German nation at that point. On an evening, a week prior to the start of the March 1933 election in Germany, the Reichstag building was in flames, burning away at the building that was the heart of German politics. 799 more words

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The White Rose: Trump's Authoritarianism

History, its documentation and placement in libraries and archives, is often seen as something removed from the now, this moment, contemporary America and the world. Yes, by its very nature history is something separate from the workings of today—but only by definition. 2,479 more words

Who Are the Nazis of Today?

by Lee Hemen

Sadly there is little history being taught in public schools today; not who was the first President, Black History, or other such things but rather why certain things occurred and what differing groups believed and why and what resulted. 381 more words


Four of us total today. This week we took a more informal approach to conversation, first beginning by sharing stories about arguments that had gone sour on Facebook–often ending with one of the parties admitting that he or she had not read the article or viewed the video in the original post. 462 more words


Mein Führer, 2007

Director: Dani Levy

Sorry for the lack of subtitles, but hope your German isn’t too rusty (happily it worked for me).

Also his (and I think we all know of whom we speak) inability to see the demagogic resemblance speaks volumes – rallying, not as part of a campaign, but as a brand “new” way of government. 19 more words