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Got a Kinect for Christmas? Here are the Games to Buy… and One to Avoid!

I looked at four recent Kinect games (Angry Birds Trilogy, Fable: The Journey, Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth and NBA Baller Beats) for a recent piece on Starpulse.


NBA Baller Beats Give-A-Way for the Xbox 360 Kinect!

Stay tuned on Wedenesday Dec 12th to GameOnRadio! We will be giving away a copy of Majesco Games NBA Balller Beats for the Xbox 360 Kinect to one lucky caller! 66 more words

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NBA Baller Beats seems to be a slam dunk

Of this year’s crop of dance and exercise games, NBA Baller Beats (Xbox 360 Kinect only) is without a doubt the most different.  It’s like playing Guitar Hero with a basketball:  bounce a ball to the beat of hit songs, following a scrolling guide visual.  159 more words


How to tell when a video game company knows absolutely nothing about video games

Not every idea is a good one. Furbies, the Resident Evil movie series, and Snooki are all prime examples of this. Unfortunately, the video game industry is just as susceptible to terrible ideas as everything else; I mean, look at Superman 64. 537 more words


Deron Williams explains why players flock to major markets

Deron Williams was not trying to make a statement about the balance of small versus large markets in the NBA, he was simply answering a… 257 more words

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