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Report: NBA predicts $89 million salary cap in 2016, $22 million jump. And it keeps going up.

Are you ready for the wild, wild West of free agency in 2016 and 2017.

Super Bowl Media Day will seem less chaotic in comparison. 262 more words

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Commissioner talks of expanding All Star roster *catchup*

NBA Commisioner Adam Silver continues to speak of creative and modern ideas that will inevitably reinvent the NBA. The latest talk is of expanding the All Star roster after the commissioner was forced to choose replacement players for this year’s all-star roster. 113 more words



The NBA All Star roster has been announced…FINALLY! The All Stars will be held in New York at both Madison Square Garden & the Barclays Centre on the 15th February 2015. 584 more words


NBPA general counsel says union will fight to lower minimum age in next CBA

Get ready to hear a lot about the age minimum between now and 2017. The NBA has already made it clear that they’re in favor of raising it from 19 to 20, which has been met with strong opposition from the players’ union. 231 more words

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Michele Roberts on age limit: "Be happy with one-and-done, it's not going to be two-and-done."

During the next round of CBA negotiations, the NBA’s age limit is going to be one of the most divisive topics between the owners and players. 301 more words

CBA Negotiations

Report: NBA passes rule raising the bar for team ownership

There will never be another Jay Z, at least in NBA circles. Until he became a certified agent and had to sell his stake, the rap superstar owned a miniscule (like, under one percent) stake in the Brooklyn Nets and was routinely trotted out as the face of the franchise. 267 more words

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Atlanta Hawks owners selling team

Sell while its HOT!

The Atlanta Hawks owners are selling 100% ownership of the franchise. Brings new meaning to sell while its hot as the Atlanta Hawks are doing tremendously well in the Eastern Conference sitting pretty in the no1 seed position despite the distractions. 147 more words