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Stephen Curry, Warriors lead league merchandise sales. Again.

A few years ago, the Warriors were everybody’s darlings — they were the Brazilian soccer team of the NBA, everybody’s second-favorite squad because they play the beautiful game and did it with flair. 313 more words

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Report: NBA teams now staying away from Trump Hotel properties

NBA players on the road stay in the kind of high-end hotels you don’t tell friends coming to town about because why should they spend that much? 318 more words

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Hottest NBA ticket? Hope in Los Angeles, Philly sells, plus Kobe retirement

“Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.”

Andy Dufresne also could have added that hope sells NBA tickets. 617 more words

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If players thought this year's free agent market was tight, next summer could be "nuclear winter"

Plenty of agents spent this summer trying to explain to their clients that the summer of 2017 was not the summer of 2016 (one I know of even was thanking media members in Las Vegas who wrote about how tight the free agent market had gotten so he could show his clients). 602 more words

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Coach Fiz epic tirade on refs

Memphis Grizzlies Coach Fizdale criticises officials in game 2 of the playoffs  to the Spurs 96-82. One thing that’s official will be that fine.

Fizdale went at the officials in his postgame press conference, pointing out the free-throw disparity and calling the officiating “unprofessional.” 174 more words


Is Paul George ready to move from The Pacers!?

Let’s just say subtly isn’t Paul George’s thing. He wants out. In the 2nd game of the playoffs, George has blasted his teammate Lance Stephenson just days after criticising other teammates CJ Miles and Myles Turner. 464 more words


Courtside seats you can afford: NBA ventures into world of virtual reality

Oklahoma City’s Steven Adams is banging on Houston’s Clint Capela — elbows extended, using those arms, his strength, and his backside to seal off like it’s a box-out. 1,709 more words

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