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Jerseys number series of 0: General love this number to give the legendary

Wearing a No. 0 jersey a lot of people in, but until Arenas, only really pay the legendary color of this number
In the practice of the Indians to create the Arabic numerals, 0 represents nothing, but also to distinguish positive boundaries. 557 more words

NBA Jersey

Jerseys number series of 00: Celtics chiefs love the perfect number

Parrish is an evergreen NBA, his career played a total of 1161 games, no one out of the right

In the NBA, each player’s jersey number, not only is the identity of the identity, more often become a player’s preference, a psychological hint. 618 more words

NBA Jersey

Keep It Vintage

Contemporary  Fashion vs. the 90s Fashion Styles

I  spent most of my teenage years in  the 90s and early 20s. This was also the era when I was being most active as a streetballer. 334 more words

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Dress Up For the Game

What To Put On?

When it comes to a choice of what to wear on the court, you should think of a comfortable outfit that looks good on you.   308 more words

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Another Basketball Jersey!

Another day, another basketball jersey! My oldest participated in a library reading program a couple months ago that sent him to see the Milwaukee Bucks for free. 192 more words