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Band of Brothers Broken

The signing of Kevin Durant to the Golden State Warriors was the most surprising news in sports I have seen recently. Now, Kevin Durant is one of my favorite players, but have people lost most respect for KD because he left the… 224 more words

Toronto Raptors 2016/17 season preview


Congratulations to the Great White North, for making it very far in the playoffs.

*side note, if the Raptors win a championship does Drake have to STOP dick riding his home team? 338 more words


Clark The Cub Could Stop By YOUR Town Today For A Rolling Rally

The Cubs mascot Clark is showing up at random spots for rolling rallies today. He has been in Naperville, Lake Bluff, all over the city of Chicago. 28 more words


Basketball Paper Update

Everyone by now knows about this paper I wrote a few months ago: http://arxiv.org/abs/1604.05266

Using data science / machine learning methodologies, it basically showed that the most important factors in characterizing a team’s playoff eligibility are the opponent field goal percentage and the opponent points per game. 207 more words


4KORNERS: To the ACC and Beyond

Originally published on ByBlacks.com

After a record-breaking season for the Toronto Raptors, their fans garnered a reputation for being  some of the loudest, most passionate fans in the NBA. 2,324 more words


2016 NBA Conference Finals Preview + picks

This has been a great playoff season so far, but there are surprises that no one even thought it was going to happen.

Breaking: Steve Javie Released After Months Trapped in 'Replay Center'

Bristol – An employee at ESPN’s corporate studios found and released former NBA referee, Steve Javie, from a locked closet where he worked during the NBA playoffs as ESPN’s Referee Analyst. 77 more words