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Open Letter to Adam Silver: Make the NBA Schedule Like Baseball

April 9, 2015

RE: NBA Schedule Proposal

TO: NBA Commissioner Adam Silver

Dear Mr. Silver,

I have a proposal to improve the NBA’s regular season scheduling. 1,049 more words


Injured Basketball Association

“I personally believe we need changes,” Silver said. This is in reference to the lottery, among many other things. Damn right, we need changes! With all the injuries going on in the NBA, I might go tryout for some of these teams. 470 more words


Steve Kerr Emailed Upset Fans After The Warriors Sat Their Starters Friday Night

On Friday in Denver, Warriors coach Steve Kerr sat Andrew Bogut, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompsn and Andre Iguodala. Bogut and Iggy have gotten breathers before, but to hold out the Splash Brothers, rightfully rubbed some fans the wrong way. 462 more words


NBA Schedule Explained

The NBA Schedule is pretty simple once you get a grasp of it. For European fans 82 games seems like a lot at first but once you understand how it works then you understand why there are that many. 278 more words


The Solution to ending back to back games in the NBA

There has been much debate about the need for an adjustment to the NBA schedule. Back to back games have been a practice that has worn players down, and people are searching for solutions. 535 more words


NBA makes it priority to "dramaticly reduce" four games in five nights, back-to-backs

NEW YORK — If there is one thing that lowers the level of play in NBA games, its players being tired from travel condensed games. … 543 more words

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