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How to play ARF file on Linux


Cisco Webex stores its video recordings as ARF files with extension .arf. I wanted to play such recordings on Linux.


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Rodney Hide on media influence in climate change debate — Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

Rodney Hide discusses the media influence in climate change debate at NBR: Here’s the New Zealand Herald’s science reporter Jamie Morton describing climate change: “It’s the biggest threat and challenge facing the planet.” Here’s Fairfax’s environment reporter Charlie Mitchell: “I think climate change is inherently apocalyptic.” Here is commenting on his reporting: “If it pressures…

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Anti-Jones petition worse than inflammatory column

Bob Jones wrote a racially inflammatory column for NBR, which was pased by at least one editor who added a subheading ‘Time for a Troll’. 1,033 more words


'Māori Appreciation Day' not appreciated

While Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was doing her best to engage with and improve relationships with Māori at Waitangi, Bob Jones seems to have tried his worst to stir up racial abuse and division in an article published at NBR but since taken down from their online publication. 572 more words


A quick and clean exit

I was off social media for much of yesterday avoiding spoilers for the Royal Rumble (WORTH IT) and missed this rather, um, celebratory article at NBR about… 640 more words


It’s a new year and Bob Jones lets rip against stupid media — Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

Bob Jones must have had a restful holiday break because he is back at the NBR and lets rip with an absolute pearler of a column: A classic front page, “only in the Dominion-Post” heading just before Christmas read, “School to pay $3000 for locking autistic boy in room.” I imagine most NBR readers with…

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