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Some simple organ maths

We this week released Elizabeth Prasad’s report looking at the economics of properly compensating live organ donors. Each transplant saves the Ministry of Health about $125,000 because dialysis is very expensive, but the maximum compensation for lost wages paid by Work and Income currently is $350 per week for 12 weeks: $4200. 248 more words


TREAT YO SELF (Or, Issue 5 is Live)

Good tidings to all of you, loyal readers!

By clicking the image below, you are essentially waiving the right to not have your mind blown by 100 pages of literary goodness that permeates within our increasingly growing magazine. 66 more words


6 Oil and Energy Stocks Analysts Want You to Buy Now

Investors, oil barons and wildcatters alike have made and lost vast fortunes in the oil patch. The trends of oil busts to oil booms come and go, and currently the oil patch is in the not-fun part of that boom-bust cycle. 1,259 more words

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3 Drilling Stocks to Buy Ahead of 2016 Recovery

While many have remained hopeful that the damage inflicted in the energy arena would start to reverse course this year, a recent plunge in oil prices to six-year lows has pretty much pulled that off the table. 669 more words

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4 Oil Services Stocks With Potential Upside of 75% or More

The key to investing has always been to buy when everybody is selling and to sell when everybody is buying. Seems simple enough, but as all investors know it is never that easy. 874 more words

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North Borneo Railway

Sometimes, when I am researching/prepping for a holiday, I come across little gems that make me so excited… I worry about if they will live up to my expectation. 838 more words