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How is it already December? How is it that we are in the heat of awards season? It feels as if the Fall festivals were just starting. 258 more words


Hooton lobbying or stirring over National leadership?

When a lobbyist floats leadership change of the governing party I’m naturally sceptical.

Bryce Edwards has tweeted about a paywalled column in NBR where by Matthew Hooton either promotes a National leadership change or is trying to stir one up. 281 more words


These 3 Top Land Drillers Could Rally Big When Oil Rebound Starts

For the energy investors who have suffered for over a year now, it’s probably little solace to them when Tuesday a pundit said oil could hit $80 by 2020. 652 more words

Energy Business

8 Fresh Analyst Stock Picks With 50% to 100% Upside

Did the stock market mark a formal bottom last week? That is what investors are wondering now that the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose more than 1,000 from the bottom just a week earlier. 1,294 more words


EM Trade Idea from 13 August 2015: Short RONHUF

Heightened fiscal and political risks in Romania may lead to RON underperformance vs. HUF. Although both Romania and Hungary have benefitted in the positive aftermath of the Greek crisis, RON has emerged as the strongest performer in EM FX (against USD) since the beginning of July. 391 more words

World Reports

3 Deutsche Bank Oil Services Stock Picks With Over 100% Upside Potential

One thing that is critical for savvy investors is to look at sectors where there is truly blood in the streets. Think back to the financial and home building sectors after the mortgage and housing collapse of 2007/2008. 720 more words

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