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[Trans Fic] Rivaux_ Chap 30: ..... soon I shall become a memory.... waiting to be erased (Final Chapter) [M]

Waring: NC + Dirty!Talk

Chap 30: ….. soon I shall become a memory…. waiting to be erased (Final Chapter) [M]

Vì một vài lí do gì đó, suốt mấy ngày hôm nay những gì Sehun có thể nhớ đến là lúc Kai gọi cậu bằng những cái tên thân mật. 5,098 more words


Why being a hipster will make your life meaningful

You all should be a hipster, because being ordinary sucks. Life authentic, be yourself with overpriced silly clothes and surround yourself with smooth pretentiousness. Why? Because why not. 1,165 more words


Flight of Freedom, Chapter 18

Merlin found that he was humming to himself as he continued to shelve books. Another week had passed and things had changed dramatically for him. Arthur could now move about with far more ease and although Percival was still cautioning him to take it easy, Merlin knew his friend was more than pleased with how well Arthur was healing. 796 more words


[Trans Fic] Rivaux_ Chap 29: Don't Wait For The Perfect Moment. Take The Moment And Make It Perfect. [M]

Chap 29: Don’t Wait For The Perfect Moment. Take The Moment And Make It Perfect. [M]

“Anh không nghĩ đó là một ý kiến hay.” Kai thì thầm, anh mặc để cho Sehun kéo mình vào trong một cửa hàng. 4,172 more words


Happy Early Sunday!

And it’s another Update for Pledge to a Viking!

What can I say, this story has a strong cadence. This tale probably won’t be more than 15 chapters….Maybe less with the amount of words I’m writing per chapter. 140 more words


[Trans Fic] Rivaux_ Chap 28: I Just Wanna Be With You. That's All.

Waring: NC

Chap 28: I Just Wanna Be With You. That’s All.

“Đây. Cậu quả đúng là phiền phức.” Kris hơi đẩy đầu Kai ra phía sau khi đã lau máu khỏi miệng anh. 7,417 more words


After 25 Years, It's Time to Give Up on the NC-17 Rating

This week marks the 25-year anniversary of one of the movie industry’s greatest failures: the NC-17 rating. Designed to allow a special place at the cineplex for explicit movies that had more on their minds than just sex, it has had the practical effect of making such movies very difficult to actually watch. 951 more words