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Breaking Down 2 Read Coverage

2 read coverage, also commonly referred to as Palms, or 2 Trap, is a pattern matching scheme that allows the defense to pattern match route combinations 3 defenders over 2 receivers. 389 more words


Duke Basketball Player Caught Up In Sexual Assault Scandal

When Duke basketball player Rasheed Sulaimon was dropped from the team earlier this year by Coach Mike Krzyzewski, many people questioned his reasoning. The basketball program released a statement saying he was “unable to consistently live up to the standards required to be a member of our program.” But the truth behind the situation has finally come to light. 504 more words

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Pat Narduzzi Scheme Breakdown

Pat Narduzzi breaking down his fronts and quarters coverage schemes.


March Madness!

MARCH MADNESS BABY!! Thats what thousands upon thousands of people are thinking the second that March 1st hit. Offices all around the world are setting up bracket pools and of course there are the multiple brackets that you can do on ESPN and other sporting sites. 792 more words


Eight things that lasted longer than the Rousey Fight

1. The Men’s Basketball team’s hopes of making the NCAA Tournament

2. The return of the hit TV show Scrubs for a ninth season

3. Lindsay Lohan’s attempt at a music career… 34 more words


Penguins and college football make us happy

What’s a top (and acceptable to the NCAA) prize for helping lead your team to a national championship?

You can go to a zoo and see a baby penguin named for you. 112 more words


Highlights: Harvard 17 Quinnipiac 12

Devin Dwyer did his best Cliff Paul impression by assisting on 5 goals and doing it himself once.

Semi junk cut at 0:24. What’s a junk cut? 22 more words