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Weekly Watching #2

THE TUDORS S2 Disc 2: Continuing on with my Tudors S2 watch from last week, I watched the next disc that contained episodes 5 through to 7. 309 more words


tv show review: NCIS Los Angeles

This first spin off of the original NCIS is set of course on the west coast in the city of fun, sun and crime. More filled with the spy side of the business you have a ton of action in this fast paced show. 75 more words

Miguel Ferrer, Twin Peaks and RoboCop Star, Passes Away at 61

From movieweb.com – Twin Peaks and NCIS: Los Angeles star Miguel Ferrer passed away today after a long batte with cancer at the age of 61.

Twin Peaks

Sunday's Wisdom #132: Having Nothing to Spare

“Sometimes we make the most out of our time when we have the least to spare.”
– Henrietta Lang, NCIS: Los Angeles
Season 8, Episode 11, “Tidings We Bring” 261 more words

Sunday's Wisdom

May Sweeps In Memoriam: 40+ Deaths From Supernatural, Scandal, Arrow and More — Which Loss Hit You Hardest?

The Grim Reaper certainly made his presence known during May Sweeps 2017, as roughly four dozen characters across the five major broadcast networks met an untimely, often grisly end during the deadly four-week period 219 more words

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Baltimore 7th Grader Cahree Myrick Wins National Chess Championship

by Devin Bartolotta via baltimore.cbslocal.com

Baltimore is now home to a national chess champion.  7th grader Cahree Myrick came out on top last week against hundreds of other students.  229 more words


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Baltimore 7th Grader Cahree Myrick Wins National Chess Championship

National Chess Champion Cahree Myrick (photo via instagram)

by Devin Bartolotta via baltimore.cbslocal.com Baltimore is now home to a national chess champion.  7th grader Cahree Myrick came out on top last week against hundreds of other students. He is the best in the country after taking home a mega-trophy from the U.S. Chess Federation’s National Tournament. Chess is more than just a hobby for Roland Park Middle School’s  Myrick, who has worked very hard for this title. “I expected to do well, but I didn’t expect to win the whole thing,” Myrick said. The Roland Park team practices four days a week after school. Myrick’s coach even gives them homework to stay sharp. “They work hard during the school year and everybody wants to be on the team and wants to go, so we try to take as many as we can,” said teacher Annett Zimmer. Four other students from Roland Park went to nationals. As a team, they placed 13th out of more than 40 teams. Roland Park Middle School has won the national title twice as a team. Cahree, whose been playing since 1st grade, says the strategy is his favorite part of the game.“I think [my favorite part it] practice and studying the board,” Myrick said. “Because in order to be successful, you need to know tactics, you need to know all of the rules.” To read more and see video, go to: Checkmate: Baltimore 7th Grader Now National Chess Champion « CBS Baltimore Also, this: https://theundefeated.com/allday/baltimore-kid-stunts-on-chess-tournament-in-nike-slides/

Baltimore kid stunts on chess tournament in Nike slides

Cahree Myrick is a gawd for this

When I grow up, I want to be like Cahree Myrick. I didn’t know who he was until this morning when this crossed my desk. I have no context for this photo other than what’s tweeted. Alec Ross, by the way, is running for governor in Maryland. But his political career aside, let’s talk about the sport. Chess, for years, was the purview of dudes on park benches and European dudes who took things extremely seriously. Over the past decade, it’s grown quite a bit in the black community, with after-school programs being the primary vehicle. Here’s a story about one in Ferguson, Missouri, for example. As a concept though, the effect of teaching black kids to play chess is such a marvel that it’s been the subject of pretty serious academic study, too. You might be familiar with Maurice Ashley, the first black chess grandmaster, who’s been at the forefront of this movement. But let’s talk about this kid. I have a kid brother in middle school. He dresses exactly like this every day possible. When I was his age, I dressed exactly like this, every day possible. It was my outfit for walking to the gas station to get snacks, maybe hitting the mall with a friend or lounging at my cousin’s house. This young man decided to rock it to a chess championship. And he won. I have no clue what any of his competitors wore, but I like to imagine that they wore the kind of stuff your parents forced you to wear to Sunday school — you know, just in case someone took a picture. My man Cahree rolled up in some slides, banged a couple of checkmates and walked away with a trophy. This is black boy joy.

Quotes of the Week: NCIS: LA, Once, Prison Break, The Blacklist and More

Our DVRs runneth over with seven days’ worth of season (and series) finales — and we’ve got a super-sized Quotes of the Week gallery to match this busy week of television. 149 more words

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