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Highlighting Productivity Processes in The Civil Service- Civil Status Registry


In previous years, all rectifications to be performed on civil status records were effected at the Adjudicator’s Office which was then located on the William Peter Boulevard.  596 more words


Boost Productivity without Infringing On Your Budget

All managers want their employees to be as productive as possible, a goal that – given the chronically high levels of employee disengagement across the workforce – would seem none too easy to attain.  401 more words


Nature Vs Nurture – Effective Leadership for Improved Workplace Productivity

The topic of genetics continuously presents a fascinating conversation to us. It is one in which perhaps an end may never be determined. Facets of our everyday lives throw us into contact with a potpourri of characters and personalities in the people that we interact with.   631 more words


Competitive Entrepreneurs

In a world of increasing global competition, many businesses are progressively working towards increasing their levels of competitiveness. Competitive business enterprises are those firms that manage all of its resources and competencies to increase profits. 721 more words

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Make Yours a Productive Online Meeting

Business meetings are an important part of any organisations daily schedule. Whether liked or loathed, research shows that senior decision makers spend an estimated 65 percent of their time in mandatory meetings with different departmental heads. 550 more words


St. Lucia Trade Union Federation Productivity Workshop Scheduled For Late February

Continuing their efforts to enhance productivity in Saint Lucia, the National Competitiveness and Productivity Council (NCPC) in collaboration with the Trade Union Federation (TUF) have organised a two day productivity workshop, the objective being to educate members of the TUF on the subject of productivity.  347 more words