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St. Lucia Trade Union Federation Productivity Workshop Scheduled For Late February

Continuing their efforts to enhance productivity in Saint Lucia, the National Competitiveness and Productivity Council (NCPC) in collaboration with the Trade Union Federation (TUF) have organised a two day productivity workshop, the objective being to educate members of the TUF on the subject of productivity.  347 more words


Extracurricular Activities- Building Blocks to Productivity

Few would dispute the benefits of a good education. The attainment of high academic achievement helps in furthering careers, aids in informed decision making and allows for the obtainment of better pay. 575 more words


Recomandarile CSM cu privire la conditiile in care poate fi anulata o cerere de chemare in judecata

In Minuta CSM din martie 2014 ( pagina 3) se gaseste recomandarea privind aplicarea dispozitiilor legale referitoare la procedura de regularizare, in special motivele pentru care se pot anula cererile de chemare in judecata. 215 more words


Productivity In Motion – Working Smarter Not Harder

There is no such thing as a non-mobile professional anymore. From lunchtime meetings and conferences to international and regional events, working outside the office is nearly as common as being behind an office desk. 613 more words


Active Workplaces- A New Exercise in Improving Productivity

The Active Working Summit 2015, was recently held in London, England. During the 24 hour event, health care professionals, company CEOs and leading behavioural practitioners made presentations to business professionals, opinion leaders and decisions makers on the relationship between active workplaces and better employee health and productivity. 509 more words


Be A Productive Leader In 2015

Competition in business is ever increasing, and with it comes a demand for the person at the top to deliver. In trying to meet these demands, many supervisors and managers end up under pressure and overworked. 491 more words


Good News for Working Mothers- You Are More Productive Than You Think

A recent report, published as a working paper by the Research Division at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis has stated that parents with two or more children are more productive in the office than those with only one child or no children at all. 448 more words