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Google Dorking, cuando el usuario es considerado un actor cibernético malicioso

Si su forma de realizar una búsqueda en Google para realizar una investigación en Internet puede ser calificada como buena, Usted puede ser sospechoso de operar como un actor cibernético malicioso. 366 more words


Remembering Occupy Wall Street: America’s Favorite 'Terrorists'

It has been three years, more or less, since we last heard from the United States’ favorite domestic terrorist cell, the Occupy Wall Street movement. True, Occupiers have popped up here and there for various protests and Walmart has enabled online shoppers to preserve their fond memories of a tented Zucotti Park for… 1,565 more words

DOD shutters two 'influence' websites covering Africa

In the explanation for shutting down the websites, I noticed one word, “effectiveness”.

There is one staffer on the hill, married to an agency “influence” person, who has jealously guarded against ‘other agency’s efforts’.   925 more words

United States Department Of State

God is not in the tragedy, but in its response

Originally I had planned to write today about the great run I had yesterday and how all pistons seem to be firing correctly, but my heart is too heavy to speak of those things. 762 more words

Getting a different perspective on hunting

Today you’re hearing from Christopher DeVore, a contractor for our agency in the Chesapeake Bay Field Office. He leads the office’s Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief activities in the Chesapeake Bay. 1,104 more words

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NCTC Sheperdstown streaming cam up and running!

We’ve only had the still cam snapshots up until now, but happily the Outdoor Channel is now broadcasting the full streaming cam for eagle pair Belle and Smitty (Ben).  26 more words

Bald Eagle