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Is Rape Hysteria Real?

I had a different post planned today, but this wonderful post by Violetwisp quoted someone that alleged so-called “rape hysteria” was jailing people unfairly, leading to all sorts of terrible things for innocent defendants. 819 more words


Is Gun Ownership A Risk Or A Benefit? The VPC Report Says It's Definitely A Risk.

If there is one issue which continues to define the gun debate, it’s whether the 30,000+ gun deaths and 60,000+ gun injuries that occur each year can be justified because guns also protect us from crime. 608 more words


Does A Gun Protect You From Crime? A New Study Says You Should Just Run Away.

If there is one issue more than any other which divides the two sides in the great gun argument, it’s whether guns are an effective deterrent against crime.  638 more words


Reflections on the National Conference on Volunteering and Service

The National Conference on Volunteering and Service, held in Atlanta, Georgia from June 16-18, was an amazing experience that can be summed up in three words: Inspiration. 420 more words


How Many Victims Of Gun Violence? More Than You Think.

Over the last twenty years we have been bombarded with endless noise from the NRA about the value of guns because they protect us from crime.  670 more words


Twitter User Claims It's The Average American Gun Owner That Shoots Up Schools

Well, how is it a good day if you don’t argue with uneducated individuals on Twitter?

First, Twitter user Question Everything states that you are “more likely to kill a family member than a bad guy”. 403 more words

When Is A Crime Not A Crime? Beats Hell Outta Me.

Remember the old doggerel about if a tree fell in the forest and nobody heard it, did it really fall? I’m running into the same kind of problem in trying to understand the data on crime.   647 more words