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Another Terrible Shooting - Another 'Proof' That We Should All Carry Guns.

You can count on it.  By tomorrow at the latest, whether or not all the facts are known, Mad Dig Lott or one of the other NRA sycophantic jack-offs will be saying that Alison Ward and Adam Parker of… 636 more words


The Florida Campus-Carry Bill Gets Support From A Willing Source.

They say that politics makes for strange bedfellows, but that’s something of an understatement when it comes to the politics of gun violence.  I’m referring to a… 643 more words


Is Rape Hysteria Real?

I had a different post planned today, but this wonderful post by Violetwisp quoted someone that alleged so-called “rape hysteria” was jailing people unfairly, leading to all sorts of terrible things for innocent defendants. 819 more words


Is Gun Ownership A Risk Or A Benefit? The VPC Report Says It's Definitely A Risk.

If there is one issue which continues to define the gun debate, it’s whether the 30,000+ gun deaths and 60,000+ gun injuries that occur each year can be justified because guns also protect us from crime. 608 more words