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Te hablo en español
Y tu no me entiendes
Te hablo en ingles
Y tu no me entiendes
En que idioma
No es por nada… 8 more words

Written By Amaris Jacobs


In the bubbly nature ,

You were a dinkle ,

In the muggle sphere you were a different a picture ,

You contrast the arrays with a different sprinkle, 291 more words


So nature white ,

We were the snow kites in the wrinkled blanket case ,

Mirror light her white sparkles ,

She was a door to my heart light cavernous space , 287 more words

Great Healthcare Job Openings for RN: Progressive Care Unit - Bismarck, ND

 9 Job Openings for RN: Progressive Care Unit in Bismarck, ND

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Maybe things are quite never the way you see them to be ,

Maybe things are wild and you see them beauty

Maybe leaps of the obsention you had… 349 more words