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thanksgiving: i have some concerns

I’ve always had trouble articulating why I don’t like Thanksgiving. It always sounds, well, ungrateful. It sounds like I’m saying I don’t like giving thanks or spending time with my family when in reality those two things are actually the best memories I have associated with Thanksgiving. 1,165 more words

The Oppressed Have Become The Oppressors.


I haven’t written in a while but I made some new changes in my life recently and have been focused on getting A’s in school so that I could hopefully use my education to better the community. 1,257 more words


An Opinion On Offense Against NAT

It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten to rant against Network Address Translation (NAT). At first, I had hoped that was because IPv6 transitions were happening and people were adopting it rapidly enough that NAT would eventually slide into the past of SAN and DOS. 1,624 more words



I can’t tell you what it really is. I can only tell you what it feels like. -Eminem

I know more Lakota than I do my own language. 159 more words

American Nazi Party

I was watching ID the other day and came across something our people should be aware of. It was on the show, I Almost Got Away With It. 615 more words


"All Eyez On Me"

In my world, there are no coincidences. So, naturally, when I found out I was watching Tupac’s movie on the day he died, it felt right. 643 more words