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Reflective Blog, Digital Narrative Analysis

Story elements:

Events – the point at which things transition from one state to another. Events can be causally and/or chronologically related.

Wild Tales (2014), as the name of the film, events for this film are the wild part of human natures, and it causes people kill each other like wild animal. 760 more words

Reflective Blog, Audience Analysis

1Why are you creating this story? Goals, rationale, purpose, premise? What do you want your audience to experience or understand?

I created this story, the documentary series of martial arts because I was a fighter, I knew there are number of interesting martial arts, they have different theory and philosophy, and I’d like to show more details of them to audience. 456 more words

Reflective Blog, Digital Narrative Outline – Fiction TBC  

Generally the story should be completed when we telling people about it, but sometimes people getting board about this all scripted story in present world. 488 more words