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Comparison and Evaluation of Digital Signature Schemes Employed in NDN Network

Comparison and Evaluation of Digital Signature Schemes Employed in NDN Network

Al Imem Ali
H. Sousse University of Sousse, Tunisia


It is well known that Named Data networking ensure data integrity so that every important data has to besigned by its owner in order to send it safely inside the network. 202 more words

Man With a Movie Camera- A Soviet Montage

Sandra Gaudenzi contemplate the different forms of interactivity as either semi-closed- where the user can browse but not change the content, semi-open- where the user can participate but not change the structure of the interactive documentary, and the completely open where the user and the interactive documentary constantly change and adapt to each other, like with the… 379 more words


The Elephant in the room

When you combine elephants with an interactive narrative, the result is apparently quite extraordinary. This is why.

The Grey Tales is a beautiful and important piece of storytelling, created to bring awareness of the quandary of elephants around the world. 370 more words

Less is More

For me, narrative structure relies on a fundamental understanding that more is not necessarily better. If you can understand the simple ways of telling a story, it is easier to progress more confidently with structures that are more complex. 401 more words

February #Culture Heals

These culture classes are a positive thing for our communities and especially our youth! please come out and bring a friend! the classes continue to grow every month and its a blessing! 258 more words


Learn our history.

We go over various crafts, legends, and will soon start to offer powwow songs and dances along with southeastern songs and dances and history. 249 more words

thanksgiving: i have some concerns

I’ve always¬†had trouble articulating why I don’t like Thanksgiving. It always sounds, well, ungrateful. It sounds like I’m saying I don’t like giving thanks or spending time with my family when in reality those two things are actually the best memories I have associated with Thanksgiving. 1,167 more words