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Kenney's political action committee to shut down

Jason Kenney’s political action committee is shutting down while a new left-leaning organization is showing some financial muscle amidst a changing landscape for third-party groups on the Alberta political scene. 577 more words


Rural Albertans lose when partisanship outweighs principles

An ongoing concern in Alberta for some time, particularly since the economic crash of 2014, has been rural crime. Those who live outside urban areas are faced with little options when rural police forces are overstretched and slow to respond, and with property crimes on the rise, the United Conservative Party (UCP) has seen an opportunity to advocate for their traditional constituent base in an area the government has been too slow to respond. 317 more words

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Trudeau Liberals face calls to be more progressive on drug policy, prostitution

HALIFAX – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau‘s government is being pushed by backbenchers and grassroots Liberals to take a more progressive stance on issues such as… 959 more words


Should the Canadian Roman Catholic Church lose tax exemption and non-profit status over refusal to abide its own beliefs?

Now I have gone back and forth on taxing the churches my whole life. For me it comes down do they fulfill what their beliefs say, do no promote hatred, and are community involved is really what should allow them the privilege they have. 641 more words


Pick a friend!

If you introduced me to a small group of people and then asked me to pick one as a friend, I would probably look at you rather oddly. 583 more words

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Science has found the cure for stress eating

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The new research provides the simple solution that can stop you from mindlessly eating and gaining weight. 1,969 more words


Alberta reacts to Supreme Court beer ruling

Alberta’s NDP government says it’s too soon to say what effect the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in the so-called “free the beer” case will have on its own battles over beer barriers. 518 more words