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Laughter as therapy, not medicine

On world metal health day, I felt it was appropriate to briefly address the relationship between it and comedy. The general thought is that many performers, not just comedians, seek platforms like the stage and screen because they are desperate for attention. 301 more words


Top 3 Netflix Comedy Specials You Have To Watch

I’ve watched a couple live stand-up comedy shows in Vancouver and they’ve all been good for the price of $20 + a beer. When I discovered the world of stand-up comedy on Netflix…BOOM FRIDAY NIGHTS, SORTED! 429 more words


TMS in the news: Neal Brennan has had TMS treatment

As I obsessively google do my research about TMS, I have found a number of news articles about it. One which caught my eye was the fact that comedian and former Chapelle Show writer Neal Brennan had come out in 2016 as having undergone Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). 75 more words


March Favourites

Dear You,

I’m bringing back Favourites, but instead of weekly, I’m going to share my favourites with you monthly. This gives me time to really sift through things and only give you the best. 555 more words


Neal Brennan Seems Perplexed By The GOP's Love For Trump: 'He's Everything You Said You Hated'

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Neal Brennan’s recent appearances on The Daily Show have been wonderful additions to the Trevor Noah era of the show. He can put on quite a show… 287 more words


Mike Birbiglia-Thank God For Jokes

            Especially now, jokes are one of the most important things we’ve got.  Whether the jokes come from a place of brutal honesty like Marc Maron or evil fiction like Anthony Jeselnik, it’s important to laugh.  420 more words


When Life's B.S. Makes Neal Brennan Sick, Jokes Are The Best Medicine

Life is hard. We’ve heard that line before and likely had the sentiment proven true time and time again throughout our days. But how we cope when bummers and rainy days storm on us is either what propels us towards victories or plummets us into incurable depths. 659 more words