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How Neanderthals Question our Understanding of Species

A Neanderthal raises objections during a scientific conference on species understandings. Neanderthal Museum by Clemens Vasters. CC BY 2.0

Here’s a cool article from the anthropology website… 487 more words


Neanderthal warband: Bonecarver Mob

Despite their ferocious appearance and reputation, the Neanderthals of the Bonecarver Mob spend a great deal of time caring for each another, a necessity in the harsh times of the Pleistocene. 160 more words


History of the World: BBC Version

Survival: History of the World Episode 1

BBC (2018)

Film Review

This informative eight-episode BBC series is framed as a history of the species Homo sapiens. 409 more words

Hidden History

Who Killed the Neanderthal? (2017)

Who Killed the Neanderthal? (2017)

I love documentaries and specifically ones about scientific topics, so I decided to try Curiosity Stream. While there are many wonderful shows, I was particularly struck by the 2017 documentary… 843 more words

Katy Pontificates

Why did anatomically modern humans replace Neanderthals?

There’s something of Andrew Appleby’s ‘Skara’ books in this one?…….. Bernie Bell

Why did anatomically modern humans replace Neanderthals?


PUBLISHED ON December 4, 2019… 685 more words


Exclusive interview with genomic researcher Davide Piffer

I am extremely honored that Davide Piffer (who has a blog) was kind enough to give our community an exclusive interview. While the leading geneticists in academia have explained only about 10% of the variance in IQ (or its proxy education) at the individual level, Piffer working on his own has reported near perfect correlations between the mean IQs of entire ethnic groups and their polygenic scores, making him… 1,803 more words

Blog tour: The Museum of Second Chances - AE Warren

Disclaimer – I was sent a free copy of this book in return for a fair an unbiased review

‘Elise stared at the Museum of Evolution’s heavy side door as it closed behind her. 1,419 more words

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