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This Harrowing Video Reminds You To Never Turn Your Back On The Raging Sea

Before we all start freaking out, no one in the above video died. Everyone made it out of the awful, terrifying situation safe and sound. Yes, they probably haven’t left their cozy beds in the days since, but they lived. 215 more words


The Night Bus

There are almost certainly other effective Philippino torture methods, but the one with which I am familiar is The Night Bus. The Night Bus primarily utilises compression techniques, together with forced aural stimulation to gradually undermine the sanity. 283 more words


The Lord of the cemetery: Afterlife and its laws

You do not know when it comes. So, be prepared, get smart. Always does the right things, to death do not surprise you.  

Die, everyone will!

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Let's Talk!!! Living Beyond Death with HMi Radio

Let’s Talk!!! Living Beyond Death

After attending a Sister/friend’s private screening for an upcoming film called, ” Back From The Light,” I’ve decided to extend the conversation to the many that have had an NDE (Near Death Experience ). 116 more words


Man describes what it’s really like to die after coming back from the dead TWICE

EVER wondered what it feels like to be ‘dead’?  His first ‘death’ came immediately after the incident as his body shut down from the pain and physical damage he sustained to his body.  286 more words


Raymond L. M. Lee "Modernity, Mortality and Re-Enchantment"

Lee, Raymond L.M. 2008. Modernity, Mortality and Re-Enchantment: The Death Taboo Revisited. Sociology 42(4): 745-759.

For Weber, disenchantment inevitably generates a type of cultural nihilism in which strivings for the autonomy of ‘value-spheres’ become less likely to have any inner-worldly meaning for the individual (Gerth and Mills, 1946: 356). 1,181 more words