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My Lucid Death

So today I am sharing probably one of the most pivotal points of transformation that occurred throughout any state of consciousness I have experienced thus far: My Lucid Death. 872 more words

Lucid Dreaming

Part Seven: One Medical Crises, Two Return Charts

In this final section of our astrological exploration of Dr. Eban Alexander’s Near Death Experience we are going to look at the two Moon-Sun Return chart cycles that covered his hospitalization, comatose situation, and his miraculous recovery.   2,101 more words

Near Death Experience with Anita Moorjani

In February 2006 Anita Moorjani had a near death experience.  She had cancer and her family were told she only had hours left to live. They surrounded her as she went into a coma. 180 more words


Consciousness: Spirit, Mind or Brain? (2/2)

I was asked to give a talk on this topic at the University of Birmingham at the beginning of March. I have done this once before (see  1,766 more words

Near Death Experience

Rules Are There For A Reason

I almost died the other day, and this isn’t me over-exaggerating.

I was running late to meet Mason so we could carpool to class together (that’s what we get for signing up for a class at the wrong campus) and I was taking my usual route. 252 more words

Placebo's evil Twin

NOCEBO,  the evil step brother of PLACEBO…What you NEED to know !!!

I haven’t shared many samples of our book…I wasn’t even it sure it was allowed. 9,724 more words

Stream of consciousness March 2017

Came back haunted..

Thats the best way to describe what’s going on with me. While I still retain a vast majority of my personality there is definitely a darker tinge that I can only recognize from earlier versions of myself. 417 more words

Chronic Pain