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Clarifying Catholicism

Catholicism is not GOD’s religion. Catholicism originated from Judaism. European jews adopted christianty in the Roman era. The priests were mainly from Ireland and Rome. Although they traveled around the world and practiced in African countries they were not “black”. 597 more words

"We are All Afraid, and it's ALL OKAY"

AngelicView: I ran across this amazing NDE today in a public Facebook Group, and got permission from the experiencer to share here. The message that this woman has… and what she learned during her NDE is one that could be very inspirational to every one of us living this life here on Earth.  2,969 more words

Human Evolution

A Lesson in Stupidity : A Memory

Late October, 2012. We were getting ready for our favorite holiday, Halloween.

We had been operating a small haunted house attraction out of my mother’s house for the past few years and we had all been gathered to have a good time. 1,471 more words


For most of the time, at least a quarter of a century, I lived from the experiences of others. I trusted every other thing except my inner guidance. 1,008 more words

Life In Truth

A Child’s NDE – A Date with Destiny

A five-year-old child drifted off in a coma and journeyed to the spirit world. Years later the little girl grew up and wrote about her episode. 13 more words


and i'm alive

I was sliding. There was nothing to hold onto. The rocks were smooth and wet. No rough edges could stop me from going straight down. I already pictured what would happen. 631 more words

Snitches Get Stitches

Today I was going to post a blog about the goals I’ve set for 2017, but when you’re morning starts out with a trip to the ER, things change. 331 more words