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Project Novel: Entry 0009

It has been an off week for the editing of #ProjectNovel.  But even though it’s been an ‘off’ week, I don’t consider that a bad thing. 294 more words



Living inside a serious illness puts you, literally, into someone else’s hands. You lose a sense of autonomy and power. You are isolated, sealed into the private rooms of your own mind. 448 more words


Out of Body Out of Time

It is now the day before the deadline to remove me from life support. My body is in the same critical condition. The doctor has told my ex to go ahead and make funeral arrangements. 401 more words


Blog: Train Ride of a Life; shared by a friend, not sure where it originated. I wish I could say this was my original thought, but alas it is not, just a truth of how I view life.

The journey of life is like a train ride, complete with joy, fantasy, expectations, sorrow, hellos, goodbyes, and farewells. The stations change route, sometimes by accident, sometimes by destiny. 201 more words


Misery's Vulnerability

Nothing is improving my condition including time. It’s the third month of the coma and I remain unresponsive. When patients show no improvement they are usually transferred to a nursing home or rehab but there are no nursing homes around that can deal with such an unstable situation. 633 more words



I lie motionless like I have for the last month and will continue for the next two. Several times they tried to make plans to transfer me to the larger and the better equipped Humana in Fort Walton Beach but every movement of my body triggers the alarms that monitor my heart. 584 more words


The Transmigration

“I can’t breathe!” is the last thing I remember saying on January 1, 1989. My left lung had collapsed and my heart was beginning to starve for oxygen. 670 more words