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Where's Your Reality?

As I’ve written previously, the Metatron’s Army series was inspired by what I saw and experienced during an NDE at age 10.  For those interested in what and how I have drawn from the experience, see the News & Notes category on the Metatron’s Army website.

Elizabeth Maxim

Celestial Creatures of the Deep

In addition to time/inter-dimension travel, the primary themes in the Metatron’s Army series have to do with energy; particularly, electrical and magnetic.

Something I happen to be – ahem – … 529 more words

I Died, Was Revived, and Now I'm Seeing Ghosts

This is the post my father begged me not to write.

He’s worried people will think I’m insane. I am not worried about this. There are plenty of people who already think I’m insane, and censoring myself to please them doesn’t appeal to me. 2,335 more words


Bringing a Story to Life - Time Loop

I just finished the first draft of Metatron’s Legacy, a single title follow on to the last book in the Metatron’s Army series.  I thoroughly enjoyed writing this book as it was a return to my writing roots in a way. 1,344 more words

Elizabeth Maxim

Australia's legendary animal kingdom: How dangerous is it really?

We’re lost.
Yeah, the maps aren’t loading.
I think it’s left out of here tbh.

Headlights low and hopes still high, James swivels the stationwagons longdrawn backside round the top of the ramp and we roll toward an utter darkness. 462 more words


2,500 Years in the Spirit World in 8 Minutes

A young man had an asthma attack at 9:15 pm, at 9:23 pm the attack had passed, but only after he had spent 2,500 years in the spirit world. 24 more words