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The Book of Tom

In July 2007, Tom Stenftenagel was a drag race driver involved in a horrific crash, during and after which he died three times…and came back. Each time, he met someone he loved and each time they told him he had to come back “and tell them.” On his final after-life experience, he met Jesus in heaven, who gave Tom the message He wanted Tom to share with the world. 172 more words


Paradise on the Five Year Plan

We slog on, blogging on.

I have written all the blogs I have to write about the 7 books in the Lucy Ripken series. There will possibly be more of these books, I’m not sure right now. 1,159 more words


Happy Anniversary!

My muse has disappeared. It’s all right, I’m not too worried. There’s no need to file a missing person report and certainly no cause for alarm, primarily because she isn’t real. 2,779 more words

Lyor Cohen Recovering After Near Death Caused By Pulmonary Embolism

Saturday (April 9th) legendary rap executive Lyor Cohen suffered a close call after vessels in his lungs became blocked. Lyor has been in the rap industry for decades working with artist such as Jay-Z, Young Thug, Fetty Wap, Redman, Method Man, DMX, Kanye West and countless others. 169 more words


Seven Weeks And Counting

It’s been seven weeks. Life was going along in the usual fashion until seven weeks ago. It was a sunny February day, with no inkling of the disaster that lay ahead. 1,243 more words


Are Near Death Experiences Biblical?

Many today claim they have visited heaven, entered into the “Pearly Gates!” In some cases claiming they actually saw Jesus–– sat on His lap––even testifying they saw their loved one’s welcoming them into the presence of God! 96 more words

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