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"If you had waited..."

I shared in a recent blog post that patience isn’t my strongest character trait..Sometimes lacking patience is a good thing such as when a life is on the line. 835 more words

That One Time I Could Have Died

Car wrecks are something that people who are in a car often will more than likely encounter, both as a driver and/or passenger. Some accidents are worse than others. 407 more words

Car Crashes

Life Threatening Experience

When I was born, I had a heart murmur. I was kept in the hospital for months so they could monitor me and make sure I didn’t die. 247 more words

The time I was the sole survivor of a Plane crash.

This is a true story, but to be fair, I was also the only person on board, and I was the pilot.

In early 2014 in the beautiful North Carolina hills, I had one of my closest calls with discovering what comes after this life. 459 more words

Things And Events

The Fear of Waking Up

“I saw the car out of the corner of my eye right before they hit me, and I even had the thought, they’re going to hit me. 139 more words

Just Your Imagination on Steroids

You know those people who say they have absolutely no fear—of anything?  Sorry, but I need to call bullshit on that. While residing in the dorms during my sophomore year of college, there was a guy down the hall who claimed he was impervious to fear. 3,188 more words

Former Super Eagles Player, Pius Ikedia Survives Near -Death Experience

Former Super Eagles star, Pius Ikedia was rushed to a hospital in Amsterdam, Holland after he collapsed. This occured on the field during a friendly match, yesterday 20th August, 2016. 70 more words