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Near Death Experiences Really Should be Teachable Moments

It’s crazy how insane the past couple weeks have been. The movers handled the large items and friends carried loads of boxes, but our new townhome sat piled ceiling-high with boxes for a week as we spent time outside with the neighbors and packed up for a beach vacation. 638 more words


The necessity of time and space for growth and wholeness

Time and space feel like limits to this bodily, physical existence, but, in truth, they are but templates on which we create – and their very limits allow us to be integral parts of creation itself. 951 more words

Creativity And Health

Is It My Day To Die??


By Karen Ament

We all know that we are going to die someday. It is inevitable. The problem comes when it is unexpected and there is no warning, no illness, and no indication that today just might be your day to die. 2,748 more words

Finding Light

I drove home today, driving a little more cautious than normal. Checking for the danger points: the blind hills, the children kicking a ball in the grass by the curb, the kid on the bike jamming with his headphones, and, of course, that massive semi-trailer truck, lurching out from an alleyway. 825 more words

Inspirational Stories

The Diary (#2)

“My gosh!” Gertruida takes off her reading glasses to stare at the ceiling. “He’s had an out of body experience!”

“What? They took him to the abattoir?” 758 more words



Take Our PollI was preparing for work last week when all hell broke loose. I felt a warm wave from my head down to my feet and i almost collapsed. 1,502 more words


Of Hospital Emergencies & Coaching Excellencies: The Last Two Weeks

Well, I apologize for the lack of posts lately. But it sure has been an interesting couple weeks.

At this point two Fridays ago, I was on my way to the emergency room with a severe bacterial infection. 511 more words