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I Nearly Died!

Over the past week, a lot of things happened. I visited my school so my Dad could run a football meeting, and then, a few days later, something amazing happened. 578 more words

Irony of facing "near death" experience is that I now believe there is not life after death yet I am even less afraid of death

After surviving (for the foreseeable future) a potential fatal lung disease, I don’t believe there is an after life. I’ve had too many surgeries where there is literally no passage of time — where I am talking to the nurses on the way to operating room then literally it is suddenly 4 hours later and I am in recovery room but it doesn’t even feel like a moment later — to let me think I’ll be alert after death. 134 more words

Small Victories

Ah, Savannah!  Cobblestone streets which lead to an endless river walk, the hint of hauntings and pirates and…. humidity.  My God,  the humidity!  48 hours spent in 95% humidity and thermometers which race to 98 degrees by 10 am.   1,363 more words

Mid Life

day 27

Make up a near-death experience.

I rolled over and let my arm rest gently on my husband’s chest. I sighed deeply. I loved being married. Having someone to wake up next to every morning, someone who knew me inside and out, and someone I loved wholeheartedly. 343 more words

Live Happy-Die Happy

What would you do if in a week you had a 75% chance of dying?

Random question you might say but not really. I had a conversation with a coworker in regards to a sitcom with a similar scenario. 1,521 more words


A Brief History of Situational Luck (and how I was infected with the Travel Bug)

I’m going to start out by saying something everyone knows already… life is weird. No, like really weird. Ever have those moments when you look back on your life and think “How the hell did I get here?!” This is me right now. 908 more words


It's not that far to Cray-Cray

I have often said that while we are a remarkable species, we’re also delightfully flawed. Among countless other traits that are so uniquely human is our ability to adapt to the unexpected changes life throws at us every so often. 2,949 more words