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The time I nearly pooed myself on the Annapurna Circuit, Nepal.

A Local Encounter I’ll Never Forget.

“Mountainside Safe-side” the locals say.

For emphasis and to try out different writing styles, I’m going to write this in second person as if  542 more words

Erin Reki

The Fracture

Have you ever had that feeling you were going to die? That you would loose everything you loved and worked so hard to achieve?

It was game night for our high school football team. 547 more words


NSFW LANGUAGE: BASE-Jumper Saved Seconds From Certain Death (His Parachute Wasn't Attached)


It’s tough to believe this level of absent mindedness when it comes to a sport with consequences as high as BASEjumping, but here’s the video evidence. 18 more words


Her Sleep

Her voice was hoarse

She felt weak

She was getting tired

But then she heard

So she awoke

And found they were crying

She didn’t understand why… 14 more words


The Wrong Elephant (part 2)

I warned you in part 1 that I was going to describe my ludicrous brush with death in Corbett National Park back in 2005. The whole thing was so absurd that I shan’t be surprised if you don’t believe me. 778 more words

"If you had waited..."

I shared in a recent blog post that patience isn’t my strongest character trait..Sometimes lacking patience is a good thing such as when a life is on the line. 835 more words

That One Time I Could Have Died

Car wrecks are something that people who are in a car often will more than likely encounter, both as a driver and/or passenger. Some accidents are worse than others. 407 more words