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The beginning of the end (Final chapter)

Day 6

Alexander slowly opened his eyes, as he woke up to the sound of chewing. It sounded like an animal. A hungry animal, devouring something. 1,185 more words

Short Story

Ald Sotha: "We're Not Done Yet"

image credit: Elder Scrolls Online cinematic trailers (video still).

Nothing but the dark of the void. Bodiless, weightless, without emotion nor care.

Where am I? 592 more words


Turning 30

At 8pm this evening, I will turn 30. People are already wishing me a Happy Birthday, of course, but for now, I’m letting it wait until the evening before I have to acknowledge the whole thing. 1,593 more words


The Day I Will Never Forget.(And What It Taught Me To Almost Lose A Loved One.) Part 2

The hospital stay is a bit of a blur. That first night of sleeping in the waiting room left me completely drained. The next day dragged by. 632 more words


Write it Down

It was September 23rd, and I entered the room of the frail German man…

He was declining quickly, not eating or drinking, this man who only weeks before was caring for his wife with Alzheimer’s, and who, now, would not allow himself any care in return. 278 more words

Maternal Grandmother

So… I will share this experience with you, and you make of it what you will…

My maternal grandmother awoke every morning at 4 a.m. She was a pistol with a zany sense of humor. 436 more words

Near Death