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13. A little bit stronger


There weren’t many cars in the car park yet. There was no training on Mondays, but players came in for team and individual reviews of the weekend’s game. 5,952 more words


12. Against the wind


I am with Carrie. We are having a picnic in a park, a rug beneath us, food and drink spread out on it. I stand up to go, and she looks at me, bright blue eyes begging me to stay. 6,162 more words


11. Pieces of the night


Woke with a start. Daylight. Thumping head. Dry furry mouth. Body aching all over. Still wearing training kit. Still stinking. Still a worthless piece of shit. 10,142 more words


Fiction: ‘Near Death’

She never saw the other car coming. The air was thick with fog and practically ablaze with the rising sun. There was a hideous screech as tyres skidded across wet bitumen, and then one split-second passed that felt like a lifetime before the impact hit. 306 more words


10. Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes


I’ve always fancied writing something. I used to love doing stories when I was younger, but when I started playing rugby, that just took over everything, and I let it slide. 4,988 more words


Finding Purpose, Are You Living Today or Are You Dying Today?


I had the most heartwarming conversation with a lady who suffers with Vascular Dementia. She is very resentful and bitter because she has spent her whole life caring for others, and has worked hard to have a debt free home, and now has been court ordered to stay in a secured community. 468 more words

Near Death

Heart Medicine

She was writhing in pain from 1 a.m. to 9 a.m. In the fetal position. None of the medications were able to touch her pain. I walked in and knew, and I said, “Oh…She needs to be held, like an infant.” The care manager on duty said, “I’ll hold her.” So I bundled her up in my arms, and wrapped her in a soft blanket, and placed her in the care managers lap. 474 more words