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Am I dead?

In 12th grade, I was invited to my friend, “Lian’s” birthday party. It was scheduled for the weekend, started in the afternoon, and ran on into the evening.

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It doesn't need a title. And even if it did, I couldn't give it one.

I was talking with an old friend the other day and he reminded me of the time that, as a desperate attempt to offer some shred of therapeutic wisdom while he was going through a rough patch, I shared a rather poignant reminiscence with him. 5,284 more words

Near Death

how I almost died.

It’s the strangest thing to say.  And something I thought I would never have to say.  I look at the title of this post and suspect I am being… 446 more words


Because I Wanted to See What Would Happen.

Before I get started on today’s tangential journey, I want to take a moment to thank everyone for all the wonderful and positive feedback on my previous blog post and for the encouraging support regarding the book. 3,213 more words

Near Death

It's the Little Things...and the Monsters.

I’m the baby of the family.  Most people will say it is the most advantageous position in the birth order hierarchy.  Perhaps that’s true.  It certainly had its perks, but most of those came later, during my teens when the parental rules were rather relaxed because of all the crap my older siblings had put my parents through. 3,273 more words

Near Death

Surviving a Near Death Experience  

I nearly died in an elevator today. I didn’t react well, the other lady did a better job and dealing. I want to share with you how to handle a near death experience so you don’t react like me and just stand there. 68 more words

Life Coaching

Dying To Be Me

I highly recommend EVERYONE watching this interview with Anita Moorjani.  People fearing death or having other fears, people with cancer or healing from cancer, people with other illnesses, please watch all the way through even after the commercial.   22 more words