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Not Your Standard Near Death Experience

(I decided to post this because someone asked why we are afraid to die. I’m not. I’m not afraid of death, never have been actually, though at times the mode of dying made me a bit nervous. 1,967 more words

Musings And Other Shorts

An accident and how everything fell into perspective...

Tuesday started off with a lot of dread and anxiety as I was facing a day that could potentially change things for me. It could go well or it could go not so well. 537 more words

5: On the Road to Willcox

I Hear My Train a’Comin’

You never know what’s around the bend, and sometimes, it could kill you.

It was dawn, and time for me to ramble on. 4,949 more words


Mindfulness for Grief

“I have lived in the shadow of loss – the kind of loss that can paralyze you forever. 

I died—without leaving my body…

But I came back, and now it’s your turn. 677 more words



I have undertaken years of training in Bible doctrines over my lifetime, yet what I have discovered is it is ONLY the workings of the Holy Spirit abiding in Jesus Christ which make it possible to understand what being transformed from a sinner to a saint entails. 1,105 more words

Disciples Of Jesus Christ.

Driving Satan's Chariot

There’s nothing like a near-death experience to make you re-evaluate childhood dreams.

I’ve always had a fascination with golf carts. I mean, they are like some strange hybrid between a car and a bike (or so my younger self seemed to think). 1,170 more words

General Posts

Forgotten Fathers and Families

As I visited a new primary care physician for the first time this week, I cringed as I had to fill out the medical information form. 2,072 more words