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Day 329

Today I am grateful for quick reflexes and good brakes.

A long stretch of pitch black, night soaked, in the middle of nowhere Texas country road. 182 more words


EYE Protection


A mechanic was using a hammer and a chisel to remove a bit from the blade of a road grader. As he struck the chisel with the hammer, a sliver of metal broke off the chisel and became embedded in the mechanic’s safety glasses. 221 more words


Poem: Near Miss

By: Robert League

almost the bullet
smashed me
almost the world
fell on me
almost I saw my
own death
almost I ran the
course that would… 13 more words


SAFD Close Call Safety Alert Video

Firefighters from SAFD have put together a compilation of close calls to hopefully prevent a close call in your area.

Firefighter Close Call Video

Near Miss Part 1: Mr. Bacchus Took My Virginity

“Ladies, lets hurry up and get to class” I instructed a group of 6th grade girls standing at their lockers. “Okkkayyyyy, Mr. Bacchus” the four girls responded as they continued gathering what they needed for class. 592 more words


Haiku Horizons Between

I’ll meet you halfway

that place close to consensus

between yes and no

Daily Verse